NO MORE DRAMA!!!!  Can publicity be your friend or foe???

Now here’s a concept I usually don’t write about, but for a change I decided it’s time to stick up for others who fall into the “negative-positive” side of publicity. Someone is always trying to “get their name out there”, that’s the great thing about Publicity. Does it matter who gets used to get the name out there? Too many people become a victim because of ‘hearsay BS, basic venting, more Drama’ because some people have nothing better to do than get some juicy gossip going for Free Publicity!!!

So I took time to ask a few writers, promoters, musicians, photographers, and models recently to see what they had to say on the subject of good and bad publicity! I was shocked at how many “victims” there were in the public eye! For the one seeking Publicity, they say the “negative drama and the on-line blog wars get people curious and the ratings go way up”. This statement actually came from a college law student after learning about such legal terms.It’s great for them because people want to see someone argue a debate over defending themselves.”

If someone saves a life, they get a little publicity, maybe even an accommodation, or some television and radio exposure. Then it becomes history.  Soon they are forgotten.  But let a lady show cleavage, a few curves, dress like they walked on the red carpet, or wear those tight fitting jeans (yeah, guys you do it too) and the next thing you know questions get asked, rumors get started, and WOW here’s the best part…..Free Publicity!!!

Eventually someone is going to dictate what you should be wearing, when you should wear it, tell you how to be professional in their own opinion even if they haven’t had the experience, expert training, education or degree you have; all while using “negative exploitations” yelling their lungs out so you can’t get a word in!  Do they think the professionalism they are demonstrating is going to be someone you are going to look up to later on? Are you going to say “good things” or let the sleeping dog lie?  More publicity happens when you decide to discuss the incident with someone else.  Remember, if you keep quiet someone on the other end is still going to be talking….and maybe embellishing the story just a little bit.  They have already established their own opinions without giving you the benefit of the doubt so “why do we throw our pearls before swine?”

Most people don’t really appreciate living through someone else’s lie, but the worst part of life is when you suddenly feel like sticking up for yourself; then ‘you’ll get it stuck to ya even harder’! Does this have a slight sexual innuendo? Sure it does, because that’s the first thing people want to focus on whenever they get the “drama” started.

Anyone with a little sensitive side should just lock themselves in the closet for this next one; because what is age ‘suppose’ to look like??? They say 50 is the new 40, and 40 is the new 30, and so on…. How we choose to dress, walk, talk, mature gracefully can end up as “Free Publicity”.  Too many people have camera phones and they love to contribute something, somewhere, sometime, and the somebody can be you.

If you find out the person may be some particular celebrity, artist, or media person; then there’s even more drama for them to deal with because someone will take what you said completely out of context for …FREE PUBLICITY. Unfortunately, everyone wants to get ahead these days, and if a guy gives a woman a compliment; someone out there is going to wonder if they are sleeping with them, groping them, flashing them (sneak preview) or visa versa;…good grief people, do a reality check—who has that much time!!!

Next time you are ready to open your mouth just to stick your foot in it, you may want to think about who is wearing the shoes; then walk a mile a mile in them. Also think about who you are trying to stir the pot with, because you may get a very rotten smell in your soup! Remember, some things may appear great for FREE, but who is really paying the price for it all in the end. Free publicity can be great for you, just make sure you are dealing with a trustworthy source.

….All Great Things….

Anne Shiever

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