Why do we read articles, listen to radio or television, searching over the internet air ways just to find “gossip”? Why do we “dig for dirt”? What prompts us to “add fuel to the fires”? Humans do some pretty strange things without thinking about the consequences at times. Once you have made the mistake of “talking trash” about someone or something, how do you think the public will really react to you later on when the truth turns up on top?

As an artist myself, I have been burned many times and I have many true heart-wrenching stories to tell. There is always something to learn from the mistakes we make, but at what expense! Sometimes, the truth hurts more than we care to speak about, and it doesn’t always help to talk about it. I found that out the hard way more than once.

I believe in order to promote the artists of any form (art, music, entertainment); you must begin with positive feedback! You decide what story needs to be told; then, be sure to tell it honestly. If you are a promoter, then you already know that all the work you do can crumble in an instant with the wrong publicity stunt.

Don’t burn the bridge that you may need to walk on later on!

Working together, we can help each other to accomplish the seemingly impossible. What a wonderful world it could be if everyone would stop arguing about who is right and who is wrong to focus on something positive for a change! Think of how fast the artist could reach the stars with the right type of promotional skills leading them on their journey to success. Think of what we can do for one another if everyone could focus on molding their talents into a great work of art!  Remember the old saying, “Are you going to jump off the bridge just because everyone else does?”  ducks-jumping-1-anne-shievera2It’s ok to be different….and it’s great to be motivated by positive energy!  Stay focused!!!  Climb to the top.

At AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT Magazine, we want to help artists get the “taste of what they crave”. We want to feed off of positive energy, and let the good times roll. Drop us a note, we are ready to promote! Let us hear your story so that others can make their dreams a reality!

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