Why is it, as a human being people are always looking for the spotlight or trying to copy someone else’s gimmick? Why do we let people feed off of each other with negative results? Why do “media wars” exist?

I guess I’m in awe over the fact that people in the art, music, and entertainment industry work harder to work against each other and not smarter to help others become success stories. What a great accomplishment it would be if all media people worked together and stopped bickering among themselves bringing negativity to the industry that has existed since before the time we were born.

Who are these misfits hurting in the long run? Themselves…..nope not in my own expressed opinion; but it’s really the industry, the artists, the fans, and others who end up becoming a victim or their malicious pranks. Thus, they suffer indirectly from negative people who need that glimmer and glam more than the artists who are passionate about the industry they love.

An example of this: I recently heard this comment: “No, you can’t come to our event because of a blog post”, yet nobody had the guts to come forward and relay why or what offended them in the first place! Nobody wanted to get to the root of the problem for a positive solution.

People pass judgment both good and bad because of some idiot running their mouth, telling absolute lies, or spreading half true stories until someone else thinks, “Hey we may need to believe them”. Whatever happened to meeting someone, getting to know them better, and THEN forming an honest and valuable opinion? Why do we allow ourselves to become sucked into the drama, passing poor judgment on the innocent? Why can’t we hold our heads high, and challenge the opponent by staying focused positively in a negative world. Why can’t we welcome the competition with open arms and say, “let’s just keep it honest”. Let’s work as a team doing what we all love with our own voice! Let’s build dreams together for fantastic results.

It seems the media world today is based on a lot of hearsay BS and nonsense the real successful people could care less about. How many people do you know are going to carry all their certificates of accomplishment with them just to impress someone? It doesn’t happen in the real world, yet someone with a degree will tell you, “Let me show you how a professional will do it”, or “based on recent emails from other people you will be getting in our way”. How about this one, “It’s all about the money” or “our reputation is at stake.” You suddenly ask yourself, “What reputation????”

In the past five years, I have seen media people make fake ID badges worming their way into concerts, steal from venues, climb on stages, eat food of the VIP patrons, con innocent people out of time and money just to “act like” they can sell ice cubes to Eskimos. I’ve seen some bad situations that have happened so someone can get an extra media pass, or a souvenir from a show as a form of bragging rights. Who really cares who signed something! Please, get a clue. It’s not all about you, it’s about them!!!

What’s really wrong with these people? Why do they feel as though they need the limelight? So, why do we have media wars? Why can’t they take a look at the big picture and see how crazy it really is for everyone?

Another thing that media people have been doing without realizing the damage they cause is ‘putting an artist on the spot’. Nobody wants to do an interview with media personnel and then suddenly get asked questions about another business or person just to create potentially dangerous or negative results. Absolutely, no artist wants to be put in the spotlight and then have the royal red carpet pulled out from under them with a live audience present. I know this to be true from my own experiences as an artist. No artist wants someone to write an article about them just to focus on possible gossip; thus another huge fear factor for potential harm. Come on, seriously…..just put yourself in their shoes for once. Would you really want someone to poison all your dreams in an instant?

How about letting them “tell their stories” so the passion they feel can bring a positive result for them. Let them focus on the roots and foundation that make them who they are! Don’t ask questions they aren’t going to be prepared for, and if you are going to ask a silly question tell them it’s irrelevant to their interview before you ask something crazy. Humor is a good thing if it is kept in the right context.

If media people worked together and finally realized it was all really about the ARTISTS & THE INDUSTRY imagine the endless opportunities there would be for everyone. The pie is big enough for everyone to get a piece of it. There is no one person or entity that can possibly be able to cover everything in the art industry professionally. It’s virtually impossible. So how do you make people open their eyes, their minds, and their hearts to see that their constant negativity ruins a good thing?

I truly understand that this is why record labels and tour managers have to be so protective of their clients. This is why they may seem to be somewhat rude when you ask them a question. Nobody wants to come out and say on black and white…this is how it must be done, for everyone—with no exceptions! Follow the rules!

How would you feel if you were a fan of an artist and you witnessed them get totally worked over for no valid reason? You would probably be more than just a little upset, and word of mouth spreads like the plague…good or bad! We don’t even want to discuss the topic of dress code, cause who determines how someone needs to look! Who is the official judge here? What makes the artist unique? Are we allowed to dictate to them what we want to see and hear? It’s their life’s dream, so why would you want to destroy it for them when you make the claim to want to help them. It’s no wonder musicians say “broken promises” force them to keep motivated.

Do you know how many people are in the media world today that don’t even have a GED yet? Do you know how many people don’t have any type of degree or college education but they have years of experience? Have you seen the success stories of men and women in the business industry over 25 years? Have you thought about the training that is available on-line these days? Now, have you really opened your eyes to the “BIG PICTURE”! What can we do to promote the growth of the industry in a positive and professional manner? That’s the reality….thus the True Big Picture!!! Now is the time to let the artist shine!!!

Some people thrive on running to what is ‘hot at the time’, thus completely losing focus on doing other great things to help others who are passionate about the arts. While other people focus on copying content to look similar to someone else, flash their ID badges around like law enforcement officers making an arrest, or talk a mile of BS to intentionally cause harm to others, there are still those positive minded people who really do want to help people succeed! Their goal is to give something back to the industry for those who are so strongly dedicated and devoted already! Their dream is to keep moving forward to make a difference, and yes……this does take time!

The great reality is that media wars will always exist in some form or another, so there must be a way to co-exist with these people to keep the industry growing, in the spotlight, where the artists need to be. Open your little minds, see the big picture, and focus on positivity.

Bring new light into the world and a passion for the art that will blossom and grow as it was intended to be. Take one step forward at a time, and never allow anyone to stop you from achieving your own dreams. End the war now, and focus on rebuilding!!!!

Keepin’ it fresh, live, real, & rockin’

Anne Shiever

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