In life, we have our own ethic standards based upon how we were raised, our religious beliefs, people we associate with, friends, family, and others who have made contact with us. So why are we known by “the company we keep”?

Some people automatically assume that if you are hanging out with someone for even an instant that you have to be like “that person”. Where a few individuals fall wrong with this concept, is first of all they say “opposites attract”; but secondly if you are a journalist, “you may just be doing a brief story” so you find yourself in a place you may already feel a bit uncomfortable!

Although first impressions may have a lot to do with how someone else may sum you up, you have to please YOURSELF first. You are one the paying your bills, living your life, raising your children, and “molding yourself into the “somebody” you are”.chipmunks-1a

I remember my son wearing a t-shirt as a child that said “God doesn’t make junk!” I always thought he seemed more confident when he wore the shirt. Well as I grew older, I eventually realized that you don’t need a t-shirt to remind you that God is with you wherever you go; and he already knows what your life will be like here on earth. How you choose to live, and what you choose to do with each day is your own decision.

So now why do we allow liars, haters, and dictators decide what is “good for us”? Why do we allow someone with a bit of tarnish try to polish us into shape? Wear what you are comfortable in, and walk in the shoes you choose holding your head up high! Walk with gracefulness and pride. It’s your life story so try to be glad in it and have the happy ending you already deserve. Life is too short for negative drama which is usually caused by someone else being angry, jealous, or maybe a little insane.

Just, stay out of their “circus limelight because they feed off the negative garbage”. The more you “vent, rant, blog, etc.” someone is going to take it out of context, and may try to use it all against you. They may go so far as to tape your conversations without your knowledge, or may play it on the air for others to hear. With today’s technology too many bad things can happen to an innocent victim; so beware and be safe! Get to know the company you keep. Find out all you can before you claim the stake of everlasting friendship, and watch what you say while you are still seeking the truth.

My best advice is this: “Silence is always golden, when the truth is just around the corner; so be you and then you can be truly happy! “


Story by The “SILENT ANGEL”

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