Each morning before people start their day they reach for something they crave.  Whether it is the first cup of coffee, that chocolate craving we love, a bit of sweet honey, or just that hug or kiss from somebody special.  We try to start the day off with the most pleasant thoughts and positive attitude as we embrace the day God has made for us.

Then the “Drama LLama” walks in just begging for food.  Some throw out a few scraps here and there, while others just indulge the beast to feast until he is a huge monster lying around on the doorstep.  llama-drama

Once you have fed him well, he stays parked waiting for more scrumptuous feasting.  The “monster” that you helped create searches for more and welcomes anyone else who is going to feed the starving appetite wetting his whistle until he can sing his own happy tune.

This poor little llama that once remained silent within the flock now preys upon those willing to “talk smack” passing judgment on people  who haven’t had the chance to tell their side of the story before the embellishments have finally adorned the beast.  Here are some keys to keep the “Drama Llama”  from attacking you:

Anticipate the obstacles– Understand the goals, costs, benefits of the project so that you can prepare to overcome the challenges.  Get to know where the food is really coming from, and then cut off that food source.  You will find that you may be the one who is “blocked from commenting” because the den of thieves have already tried to convict you.  Attorneys cost extra money and you have to decide whether the food supply is worth hunting for, or simply cutting it off altogether.  Then you can use the money for something really beneficial to setting your goals.

Connect Signals With Meaning -Recognize what external influences and internal influences mean.  Stay away from negative people, places, things, or their fuel sources.  Don’t add fuel to the fire, and if they are “ranting” then follow the old suggestion of “in one ear and right out the other.”  The comments mean nothing anyway, and there is no use beating the “dead horse”.

Tell Those Affected– Communicate with those who may be affected or who can contribute to a positive solution.  Call them, email them, send a letter, voice mail, etc.; but, try to reach these people as soon as you can!  Tell what you know as true facts, and leave the rest alone.  If you find out they have “blocked you”, “deleted you”, on social sights where the blog wars never seem to cease, or comments continue to be negative and they don’t allow you to speak clearly or defend yourself; then “remove them as trustworthy” because you will be feeding the negative side of the con-game.

Act Immediately– Even if you still need the time to develop a positive strategy to finish other tasks at hand, begin the process of addressing these situations as soon as they come to your attention!  You can always win people over once they get to know you better, but how much time to spend on negativity will eventually bring you down to the level they want preventing you from reaching your own hopes and dreams.  Stay positive!  Try the positive sandwich.  Say something nice about them, and then acknowledge their needs, wants, desires.  Then tell them what bothers you most and how it could be made more positive.  Finally, end on a positive note; even if it is just talk to you soon.  Just remove the negativity from your path, and walk with grace and pride holding your head up high.

Take Time To Analyze– Carefully evaluate events, responses, and results.  If it is broken try to mend it if you decide it might be worthwhile, but if it is beyond repair, just trash it.  Completely forget about it.  Focus on a positive pattern and surround yourself with real success stories from great honest people who are “going places”.  Remember, in the end truth eventually comes right to the surface.

Now that we have said something to spark some alertness, just be pleased with yourself.  Send the “Drama Llama” running back to the herd….

….to all Great things….

Ask Angel!

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