Whoever said things happen for a reason needs to shed some light on things!  When you try to stay positive, it can slap you down.  People always want to do things their own way, and when you start something how long will you stick with it if it isn’t fun for you anymore?  Most people don’t have a plan of action when they start something but they end up with a pretty cool project whenever they set their goals high enough!

I’ve been through a controlled environment before where someone always ends up taking total control, tries to degrade you every chance they get by telling lies to anyone who will listen, and goes so far as to steal your own work; but in life you still have to be your own person.  So you have to set your goals high, and dream as big as you can.  Be proud of who you are and all of your accomplishments.  Children say “You are somebody cause GOD doesn’t make no junk” and you need to remember that.   Your best friends will stand beside you always to lift you up when you are down.  They will be proud of what you have accomplished and they will want to see you reach your goals and achieve your own dreams. If you are feeling alone, they will always be there for you and they will eventually share their own dreams with you. They may even include you in their own dreams and goals to help support what you believe in, too.  Friendship can be a powerful thing!

But in a controlled environment there is also jealousy and overbearing human beings that will challenge you every day.  They secretly want to see you fall flat on your face so they can have a good laugh behind your back and they do not care whose coat-tails they are hanging onto to get the job done.  These people believe in total manipulation to control, hurt, and destroy.  Unfortunately so many songs are written over break-ups, sadness and hurt, sorrow and many many tears.  People can relate to a world where someone is always trying to be a step ahead of you, like pushing over a domino it has that impact on all of those around you.

In order to stop feeling like you are in a controlled environment, hold your head up high and be the best person you can be.  Compliment your enemies every chance you get because the more you get your name out there and focus on the positive the more you can allow yourself to grow.  Break free of the ball and chains that drag you down, focus on the impact of your future, and follow your heart to lead you to your dreams.  Keep the faith, because only God knows what lies ahead.  Be proud, stand tall, be free….

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Anne Shiever

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