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10 Tips to make traveling by airplane easier

1.  SIT AND POWER YOURSELF AND THE CHILDREN DOWN! Yes, we know you are excited about traveling to your destination; but keep the talking to a minimum once you have sat down in your seat after boarding the aircraft.  Excessive noise is annoying to others around you.  Turn off all power equipment including the cell phones!  Listen to the flight attendants and follow their instructions.  If you have small children, bring something small they can do on the plane like a search a word book, or book they love to read.  Keep them occupied and talk with them about staying seated before you board the airplane so they are aware of what is going to be expected of them. Nobody wants to be embarrassed by a screaming child or be reprimanded by the flight attendant.


2.  BRING A SMALL PORTABLE DVD PLAYER When you have children, it’s best to keep them busy or sleeping during the flight if possible.  If you have a small portable dvd player, you will be able to let them watch a movie during the flight.  Headphones or earplugs are another great idea to help block out the noise too.  Remind them of the quiet time and keep their voice to a tiny whisper!


3.  TAKE HEALTHY SNACKS Times have changed and the airlines don’t always give out snacks so pack something that will not make you over thirsty.  Small carrots are a great snack to have with you but not always available.  Pack light snacks, not sweets and you will feel better on your trip.  Some people say if they chew on gum it keep the ears from popping.  Just make sure you don’t toss gum anywhere except the trash can once you are finished chewing on it.


4.  HAND SANITIZER Lets face it, there are lots of germs out there and who wants to be sick when traveling.  Pack a very small container of hand sanitizer and be sure to use it.  Make sure to visit the restroom before your trip to help you so you don’t have to use the facilities on the plane.  if you have small children, this is a must as they can’t always hold their bladder like an adult.  This is also true with the elderly people.


5.  DRINK WATER Stay hydrated!  Pop and alcohol are not going to hydrate you.  They do just the opposite.  You can pack a small empty bottle to fill with water once you are past the check in stage; however you may want to plan to purchase water on the plane.  Keep yourself hydrated and if you can drink plenty of water before boarding the plane.


6.  PAY FOR INFLIGHT WIFI If you need the internet services while on the airplane, pay for this service in advance to save you time and headache.  Many business people use this service so be sure to ask when checking in.


7.  CHECK RECENT REGULATIONS If you haven’t traveled in awhile be sure to check the recent regulations for all carry on luggage.  Be sure to check the sizes of luggage and weight restrictions for carry on and check in luggage!  Each airline may be different and you don’t want to have problems before boarding the airplane.


8.   CHECK CARRY ON AT THE GATE The airlines have an area to check the baggage size so make sure the weight restrictions aren’t going to stop you from boarding the plane.  Check your luggage at the gate.  Follow the guidelines to prevent problems.


9.  KEEP YOUR CARRY ON ITEMS SMALL AND LIGHT! Most airlines want you to check in your luggage and they allow the purse, laptop, small container, etc as one of the bags.  This means only one other bag will be allowed in the overhead compartment, so if you don’t need it with you; check it in before boarding the plane.


10.  SLEEP KIT Take a sweater, shawl or small light weight blanket!  Keep it light.  You may be cold on the airplane and they don’t always hand out blankets or pillows anymore.  Although each flight is different, your comfort is all up to you!   Have a happy and safe trip to your destination!


Contributed by: Anne Shiever

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