WARNING: Willie Parks

willie-parks-staff BANNED from AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT Magazine & Affilliates!!!!

–Contributing Photographer

WARNING: William E. Parks (Willie) {Jr} – A Freelance photographer –

Beware:  Also please read the information under the Photo page!

New articles posted as warnings! 


Watch for a New Book to be released in 2015 concerning Cons, Cyberbullies, Posers, and Stalkers!


A very important message for social net-workers: (It’s always best to learn as much as you can possibly learn about someone before your friendship leads you into a world of destruction, terror, or worse from negativity!)  This man posed as an instructor of Crime Scene Photography is the Kansas City area to prey upon female individuals.  Use great caution!



As of November 1, 2009, it is with great sadness to announce that MR. WILLIE PARKS is no longer a volunteer staff member ‘associated or affiliated with AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE in any media form‘; therefore please email the editor immediately regarding any attempt for media admittance or photography opportunities/events representing Afresh Entertainment Magazine under the name of Mr. Willie E. (William) Parks (JR)!

Thank you for your kindness, you are appreciated.

Email:  afreshentertainmentmagazine@gmail.com

Note:  {It is our hope that Mr. William (Willie) Parks will always continue to support the wonderful staff of AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINEvolunteers, as well as the magazine’s best interests with a continuous positive enthusiasm and support!  We hope Mr. Parks achieves what he is so deserving of with warm wishes in finding whatever he is still soul-searching for.  May God guide him to all the right choices.}





Due to fraudulent activity by possible internet hackers, All photography photo/media requests for AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE will come DIRECTLY from these accounts:

afreshentertainmentmagazine@gmail.com or   shutterbunnyanne@gmail.com

If there are any other requests made for photo opportunities to attend any event/show on behalf of AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE, please contact the editor at the above email accounts immediately with a forwarded copy of the email.  Since we run a respectable business built on honor, trust, loyalty and strong ethics of professionalism and friendship, we encourage your help.

Remember:  Our staff members are “volunteer staff members”who dedicate and devote their own time helping all art, music, and entertainment industries in a positive and professional manner to bring out the best for all art, music, and entertainment!

We want to thank those who make this possible as we continue to help others in the growing industry.  WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY UNPROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR or UNETHICAL PRACTICES at this magazine and violators will be banned immediately / permanently as a volunteer staff member for AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE or an affilliated sites!

Criminal cases may also be filed for any breach of contract (both verbally implied and/or written), defamation of character, slander, harassment, libel, or any other form of negative feedback,which include personal posts on social sites regarding malicious intent and/or intentional harm to any staff member, etc!

Remember to spread the good word about: AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE.  Show your support for the art, music, and entertainment industry.

Thanks for reading and keeping that positive attitude that plants the growing seed of spirit!

Keepin it fresh, live, real, and rockin’ TM


EXPERT ADVICE:  Please get to know the path you choose and who you choose to walk with you!  Be sure to choose your true friends wisely. Get to know those they are freely talking about with a negative tongue before you pass harsh judgment on them or get yourself involved in malicious pranks that could cost you your family, friends, and your future; for you too, can become a victim if you do not do all your research first.  You may be making the wrong decisions especially when dealing with a con!

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