Darlene Ann Mattas

Executive advisor, staff editing & proofreading.

Darlene Ann Mattas loves to read in her spare time.  She has proofread several books by Anne Shiever and other authors.  She loves inspirational books and poetry.  You can find her reading children’s books to her grandchildren when she is not baking cinnamon rolls or kolaches.

Darlene has been a quilt artist for many years creating one-of-a kind quilt designs and hand-painted items.  She has won numerous awards for her painting on cloth as well as 1st Place with quilt design and originality at the Kansas State Fair.  She also won awards for her cake decorating designs.

Darlene has been a cake baker/decorator for over 50 years until her arthritis slowed her down.  Her wedding cakes have been known for the wonderful taste, quality, and beautiful design.  She has made bridal cakes, wedding cakes, groom’s cakes, children’s cakes of all forms and amazing sheet cakes.  Brides have said, “We kept our top cakes for over a year in the freezer.  We were shocked and amazed that it tasted as great as on our wedding day!”  “Nobody else can make a cake like Darlene.”  Her daughters still seek her hidden secret!

Darlene has since retired on the family farm, except for still baking kolaches, holska, and cinnamon rolls which she sells to her family, friends, and life-long customers.  Her kolaches have been sent to numerous states.   People rave that she is the #1 Kolache maker in the state of Kansas.

Darlene is the Executive Advisor and Consultant for her daughter’s magazine site.

Darlene Mattas had a severe stroke on the right side of the brain on July 26, 2011!  She is now handicapped AND resides at the Golden Living Center in Wilson, KS.  Keep her in your prayers.

Darlene Mattas moved to Winsor Estates Nursing Home in January 2016 so her daughter Anne could see her and care for her on a daily basis.  Darlene kept a positive attitude and showed great courage, strength, and love to those who knew her.  She suffered greatly the last 11 months of her life due to a rare disease called Ogilvie syndrome (acute dilation of the colon in the absence of any mechanical obstruction in severely ill patients).  She continued to edit and read stories, blogs, and poetry as well as give her approval for illustrations by her oldest daughter Rosemary Anne until she died on October 9th 2016.  Darlene keep your angel wings wrapped around us for comfort as we re-build what once was lost.

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