Callie Brecker

Callie Brecker–contributing writer, poet, promotional expert.

Editor and founder of our sister site:  AFTER DARK SEDUCTION MAGAZINE

Callie Brecker has had a passion for music since she was a teenager. It was her way of “escaping” the drama of the teenage life and dealing with the divorce of her parents. She began writing poetry to express all the emotion and turmoil going on inside being published numerous times.

In August 2006 Callie attended a benefit show for a local DJ named Freak who had a brain tumor and he couldn’t afford the hospital bills so several bands came together to play a show. As she watched the bands perform she welcomed the idea to start her own magazine for musicians that were unknown and unsigned. Callie started an online page with a partner at the time calling the magazine “Panhandle Edge”. Despite a few months of creative disagreements because she wanted to cover all forms of music they split the magazine November of 2006.

Determined to hit the music scene with her talent of promotional skills, she ventured out on her own because she wanted to cover music and unknown bands and give them the coverage they deserve. In her dedication and devotion to the industry, she started After Dark Seduction Magazine the awesome sister site to Afresh Entertainment Magazine. Callie Brecker, Editor and Founder of ADSM and her Co-editor, Anne Shiever have the determination, drive, and the positive attitude to help others by giving something back to an important industry and the artists who keep it growing! Together there is no stopping these exceptional women in following their own dreams while helping others. Please show your support to both magazines!

Callie has become good friends with many wonderful bands, photographers and numerous other people throughout the last couple of years who support the entertainment scene. She has worked with a new country artist named ‘Ryan Weaver’ doing his booking and promoting for local venues in Florida. Callie focuses her energy on doing all she can to help out bands and artists alike.

Callie has been interviewed on THE BIG DUMB FUN SHOW and by a freelance photographer on JPG MAGAZINE. Callie incorporates music into every aspect of her life. She is a high-spirited outdoorsy person who enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, and tubing down the river. She also loves to play sports and ride four wheelers. You can usually find Callie with her daughter’s ipod. Callie loves staying active and trying new things. She recently moved to Oregon so the sky is the limit with music scene. Welcome Callie…there is no limit to sweet success!!!!

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Music brings people all ages together, and sometimes people call it the center to the soul for “WHEN WORDS SPEAK IN A WHISPER, MUSIC SPEAKS LOUD AND PROUD!!!”