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Contributing Writer, Reviewer, Photographer, Interviewer, & Artist.

ABOUT ANNE SHIEVER: For the past 15 years Anne has been leaving her unique touch to the world of ART & ENTERTAINMENT. Due to of her strong drive and dedication, she is rapidly becoming an “ICON” as a fabulous interviewer, publicist, photographer, and review writer especially in the Art, Entertainment, Music, and Travel Industry.   Anne will do whatever she can to help artists and promote business resources for entertainment all ages! Anne’s enthusiasm, devotion, and love for art & music makes her both a “HIT” as an Artist and Promoter for all interests!


When it comes to great photography, Anne Shiever hopes she can help those gifted unsigned musicians since they don’t always get the recognition for hard work,dedication, and their devotion to the music industry like they should! Everyone needs to be heard and noticed for without MUSIC in all types of variety; life would get pretty grim.     Anne’s willing to help out the musicians any way she can with promotional work, press kits, graphic art, and publicity by interviews, reviews, & fantastic live shots.


She is known for International, National, Local and Regional photography and numerous magazines, newsletters, newspapers, promotions, press kits, etc.  Anne also does location and off location photo shoots for all types of photography for portraits as well as landscape, scenery, and travel!  She is noted and has been awarded for her writing skills and was nominated as one of the Best Photographers in the Kansas City KS/MO areas since 2009.


Anne has over 40 + years experience in photography and for the past five years she has been honing her craft in concert photography and travel.  Anne says there is always more to learn as digital age develops new techniques. She has a ‘special gift as an artist’ to see what others may not always see. You can send her a note at:


Serving over five years in Office for the Kansas Author’s Club and three years on the KAC State Board {in existence since 1904}, Anne Shiever is highly respected as a professional artist, jewelry model, journalist, poet, photographer, promotional specialist, and publicity chair!  Out of over 400 members of the KAC, Anne Shiever has served as a Vice-President (3 years), and President for the 2nd term of 2009 in the District4 of the KAC. Anne Shiever is also a KAC STATE BOARD OFFICIAL for the KANSAS AUTHOR’S CLUB as Assistant Recording Secretary for 2009-2014, Publicity Chair for 2013 and 2014 as well as a representative committee member for promotional organizations.


Anne has been published numerous times globally both in print and on-line. She believes word needs to get out throughout the entire globe and the internet has become a wonderful resource for writers and photographers! Anne was also Nominated for “Kansas Poet Laurette”.  Her book Captivated was nominated for BEST POETRY BOOK OF 2005 in Romance Poetry.


Anne currently writes song lyrics, poetry, short stories, entertainment reviews, and is working on three novels. Anne Shiever is both a professional photographer, videotographer, and freelance writer.   While serving as Publicity Chair for the KAC (Kansas Author’s Club) she has been working on video clips and publicity to get the word out to writers of all ages who reside or have lived in Kansas to join KAC one of the oldest established Clubs / Organizations in the world today for writers all ages.


Learn more……   KAC Publicity Chair and Asst Recording Secretary (link)


Note:   Anne Shiever’s Staff contact phone number has been changed to:  785-577-2995


Please leave Anne Shiever a voice-mail message or text regarding any other media credentials needed for photo and/or media passes in the travel / entertainment / art industry!    




Anne received the nickname of ” Afresh Anne” when working with other media resources on-line and in print.  You can see many of her professional interviews now on You tube, and she is working on new interview stories for upcoming artists and events.


Remember if you are a business owner, Anne is a great resource for photo video ads and advertisement on-line!  See photos taken for New2You on her flickr pages as a sample of business journalism.         You can view her sample gallery at:



Here are some of outstanding testimonials / credentials this fine artist has already achieved: 

NATIONAL LEAGUE OF AMERICAN PEN WOMEN INC--Anne Di Bella says, Anne is one who hears the needs of others and will answer it!

LOTUS BOOK PUBLISHER–Melanie Schurr says, Anne is an artist that is a real pleasure to work with and her sweetness is reflected in all of her work!


NEW YORK TIMES AUTHOR–Teresa Riordan says, Anne is an extremely talented lady, a beautiful poet!


SISTERS IN THE LORD MAGAZINE editor–Diane Moore says, It will be a difficult decision for us to chose which poem/song lyrics to publish and they are very inspirational and touching. I hope you will continue to write stories and poems for others to read. We look forward to publishing more of your work in the future, and your book is on my wish list!


STREBOR BOOKS INTERNATIONAL AND SIMON & SCHUSTER Author–Jimmy Hurd says, Nothing is more attractive than a strong woman, independant, free-spirited, intelligent, confident, and arrticulate. What a fantastic recipe! Anne you already own all of these attributes and more. I am honored to be among those you consider dear friends.


HOMETOWN MAYOR–Eleanor Hunter says, Anne I own all of your books and have read them over and over again more than just once. I feel that you write just as well as the great William Shakespeare did for his own time. I look forward to reading more from you. Write from the heart as you do and always be pleased with yourself. You have a gift that is unique.


MUSES REVIEW MAGAZINE–Anne is an astonishing writer.  Her book Captivated for romance poetry was nominated for the Best Poetry Book of 2005 by Muses Review!


PATRICK JONES–an amazing photographer and writer!  Anne will preserve those moments to cherish forever.


Judy Smith–We love your work and the stories you write are wonderful!  I highly recommend this professional.


GAIL MARTIN KAC State Board Archivist–Anne Shiever is one of the most proficient writers I have met.  Her style is unique, heart-warming, and a must read in both children’s books and adult.  Her poetic style is amazing.  See her books at the Spencer Library and Museum archived as a part of our Kansas History.  She is an incredible woman with a heart of gold.  I love seeing her every year at the KAC Convention.



New2You Store Owner T. Henry–Great work!  You have done lots of hard work for us and you are greatly appreciated for all the things you have done for us.


KJAG Radio–Media services–You are one of the finest photographers and professional women I have ever met.  It is always a great pleasure to work with you or have you work for my organizations.  We are honored to have you on our staff.


Lydia Lowe–Writer/photographer–Fantastic photos!   I love the work you do with professional business photos for the artists and writers.  Thanks for doing my photo for my writer’s page.


Scantlin Entertainment–It is always wonderful to see you, have your enthusiasm and professionalism dealing with all the clients in the biz!  You’re a wonderful writer, photographer, and interviewer.  We are pleased to make you one of our honorary board members.


{If you have tours and other events coming up and would like Anne Shiever to attend your event for photos, reviews, interviews, or any other type of promotional activity please be sure to contact her via email with an invitation for your guest list and a photo/media pass so there are no problems once she arrives to the venue.}


Email Anne Shiever:  or


(You can find Anne Shiever on several social networks (facebook, myspace, twitter,etc.) photography sites, and her own personal pages. 

Find her poetry books on line or ask her about a special gift for someone you love with her unique jewelry designs,photography and poetic art!)


    Video from 10 years ago 2004–now visit us on line at the new website coming soon: *

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