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Everyone I know is looking for hot, steamy sex, and here is a surefire way to get some!

Many people at times have fallen into a rut or grind on occasion and wonder why? The lovemaking is okay, but seems a little mechanical, insensitive or obligatory, which is a shame when in our minds we want, crave and desire torrid, steamy, urgent desire, wanting to rip each others clothes off, and do it right now, kind of sex!

The daily routine has gotten the best of us! Shake things up a little bit and get your creative juices flowing and bring the love back in lovemaking!

To get that red-hot lovemaking flame back follow a few romantic guidelines, by getting one area of your house in tip top romantic shape for the sexual encounters you crave and deserve!

The Bedroom is the area of primary concern, since that is where the majority of our sexual encounters happen. Take some time to plan out and prepare your bedroom, making it your personal pleasure pit. All you will then need is your unsuspecting partner and nature will take its course…guaranteed!

Rule # 1: Get The T.V. Out Of The Bed Room!

This is by far the biggest romance killer. Yes, many of us like to watch T.V while resting after a long days work, but it is a huge distraction in the lovemaking process. Though being without the television in the bedroom will not kill you, the overload of sizzling, fiery sex and orgasmic delights just might!

By not being distracted you will inevitably pay much more attention to the issue at hand: lavishing your partner into submission.

Think of it this way: instead of thinking you are missing out on watching television, turn it around and make believe you’re in your own reality TV show with you and your partner as the leading actors and the plot has just gotten steamier!

If you choose rather than “acting out your reality show”, play soft music instead.

Make sure you pick music that suits both of your tastes. Music is a wonderful addition to your new pleasure den. Sexy background music will enhance your mood and help disguise some of the “sounds of lovemaking” if your new sex room is adjacent to another bedroom or apartment!

Some of the bigger department stores carry a large selection of CD’s ranging from new age to instrumental to nature sounds. Just pick something that is not going to be a distraction.

Rule # 2: Create A Sensual And Luxurious Bed!

Imagine the delight you both will surely have when you see your bed inviting you to jump in! The clean sheets drawn back, mountains of cushy pillows piled at the headboard, the feel of your Egyptian cotton sheets so soft and silky.

How could you not be in the mood, especially when you are in the bedroom, alone, with the one you love and lust!

A few additions to consider:

Spray your bedding with “Silky Sheets”, it is a spray that is divinely scented and makes your sheets feel and smell luxurious!

Second, make sure you have enough deliciously-soft pillows! When things start heating up, you are able to make your partner as comfortable as possible when in the positions which are sure to follow!

Pick colors for your linens that inspire love and romance, i.e. reds, pinks, maroons!

Throw in a few scented silk flower petals for good measure!

Rule # 3: Feast Your Eyes On You Partner In Romantic Lighting!

No Harsh Lighting Please! You both are not on an adult movie set; unless that is a fantasy you both want to act out!

Most people find candle light very sensual and adding aromatherapy candles you will double your excitement. I do not know one soul that does not find candle light sexy!

Picture this if you will, the flickering amber glow dancing on your lover’s skin accentuating their every curve! The look on your partners face as they are receiving your affections! Hot I must say.

Key points to keep in mind: keep your candle light lower than eye level, the lower the better. You can place small votive candles on fire safe surfaces throughout the bedroom, depending on how well lit you want your action!

Just be extremely careful with open flames in case a piece of clothing being ripped off happens to land near one of your candles! You do not need to be calling the fire department to put out the flames! You want a different kind of flame in your sexy hot bedroom!

Your other option is to install a dimmer on your light switch. It is a fast and safe way to get the bedroom lighting just right without the hazards. It’s your decision to make, just make the lighting as sexy as possible!

Rule # 4: Feed Your Lovers Appetite With Sumptuous Treats!

This one is a short one, but good one! Have a batch of chocolate covered dried fruits made up ahead of time to feed to your love!

Some fine and scrumptious choices are dried: pineapple pieces, apple slices, cantaloupe chunks, sliced mangos, peaches, pears or what ever else you and your partner love!

Chocolate contains several chemicals which contribute to feeling good! One being, Tryptophan which is a chemical that the brain uses to make a neurotransmitter called serotonin. High levels of serotonin can produce feelings of elation even ecstasy! Second is phenylethylamine. High levels of this neurotransmitter help promote feelings of attraction, excitement, giddiness!

Therefore a few chocolate dipped morsels can lift libido, providing a tantalizing prelude to hot engaging sex !

Another Choice is chocolate covered gourmet marshmallows, my favorite lemon marshmallows. Yum!

I do not know if it is myth or fact, but it has been said that food and sex are closely associated in the brain. No wonder the two go hand in hand! And not to mention, Fun!

Rule # 5: Have Your Supplies At Hand!

Another short tip, but one to consider because it’s better to be prepared than caught off guard, fumbling around looking for things!

What I am referring to is a drawer or cabinet which contains all of your fun and exciting sex enhancing items such as: luscious lubricants, assortment of textured and flavored condoms, erotic toys and vibrators, exquisitely sensuous massage oils and creams, taste bud tickling lotions, body paints, and the list goes on!

Having these things on hand and easily accessible will enhance each and every lovemaking session you both have!

Each time you get together is slightly different, what you like today may not be your favorite next time.

Rule #6: The Most Important Rule of All…communicate!

Communicate, communicate and did I mention, communicate!

Tell each other your wishes. Be respectful and honoring in everything you say and do! Do not coerce your partner into something they are not comfortable with, give and take!

Tell each other your fantasies, needs, desires and make every effort to fulfill each others loves and lusts. By doing so, you will have a happy and fulfilling lovemaking session each and every time without a doubt!

Laugh and love, sex doesn’t need be serious all the time, you can laugh with each other at some of the antics you are bound to encounter. Fantastic sex is not brain surgery!

Most of all love each other! By loving each other you are sure to fulfill your lusts for each other, and will leave the bedroom satisfied and satiated, but a the same time always ready to come back and try some more!

Hot steamy torrid sex is funny: no matter how much you happen to have, you always want more. At least sex is non-fattening so have as much as you want!

Awakening your appetites for hot, steamy sex by getting your bedroom as romantic and inviting as you can!

Remember the initial warning: Caution:  Hot Sex Ahead!

Article by Andre Shiever

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