WARNING:  This piece is quite graphic and it may not be suitable for all ages.  If under the age of 18, parental discretion is advised!  Please talk to your parent or guardian as this is not intended for children…..


They’ll never forget the 1st day they met each other, heartfelt admiration at a distance!
So sensitive & sweet– yet seductive, tantalizing, –rapid pulse, soft voice, throbbing heart.
BUT–Her hazel eyes were those of sadness, of painful emotions–showing ‘hurt from another’,
One glistening look at him, hearing his calming voice, Sparked—- her chance at a Fresh start.

As they now looked with a sincere, wondering fascination & admiration for one another.
Seductive, stimulating, erotic thoughts were racing uncontrollably though their head.
Both of them in a dreamy trance as they gazed deep into each other’s radiant eyes,
Spellbound–She listened quietly to every kind, meaningful word he said.

Although secretly, they both dreamt of that ecstatic, glorious moment of passion,
A heavenly place, that magnificent paradise- where they would hold each other tight;
First as friends, then as lovers they patiently waited; longing to take that first step
For——–Making “LOVE“—when the time was right!

He reached out to her—-to take her by the hand, watching as the sun set.
Sweaty palms, aching body intensely longing for his undivided attention–,
her heart rapidly beating with a burning desire.
That one soft gentle touch when his lips would meet hers,
Would set her whole world in a blazing ring of fire!!!

Then they silently turned admiringly towards one another.
He looked into her loving eyes, as his fingers outlined her ‘voluptuous outward crest’.
From the outside of her tattered old black sweater,
He could feel her intense sensation by the loud pounding of her heart in her chest!

His powerful heavenly body moved in a little closer to her.
Although her legs were silently shaking at the knees;
Underneath her long seductive soft black velvet dress
Her body talk was enticing him, quietly squirming, saying “Oh’ take me please!”

His strong hands moving very slowly down her gorgeous body
He kissed her softly, lovingly, pleasingly on her ruby red lips.
She felt weak, so limp, almost paralyzed; as though she’d drop dead, or faint;
As his warm hands now traveled to her chest again, (pausing to remove her sweater); then continuing, thoroughly researching the intimate map of her curving, beauteous hips.

Looking in her eyes, he kissed her again–this time on the back of her neck, sucking lightly.
Then he whispered words of love and comfort to her, as he nibbled gently on her ear.
Yearning– She began to melt away, soliciting him with a beatific dreamy desire,
As his strong hands delicately squeezed her “simultaneously” on her rear.

Again he kissed her mildly on the neck, gliding his hot tongue down to her luscious cleavage,
then back up to taste her delicious lips –Kissing her “MORE” Passionately this time!
His own trembling hands moving –Oh so slowly down her body
As he said to her, “I LOVE YOU BABY, NOW YOU’RE MINE!”

He continued with his gentle, but intense meticulous exploration–
Covering every inch of her body with all his sweet caress.
The intensity of her body temperature was rapidly rising,
“Don’t be afraid,” he said, as his hand now moved, (determined to discover the aromatic forest,
where the sweet-smelling soft petals of her orchid lie), beneath her long black velvet dress.

Kissing her again and again, his other hand soothingly rubbed her back ,
(Intending to unleash her succulent mounds from their confinement);
now moving back to her shoulders he cleverly slipped her dress straps off her shoulders
Unveiling to his eyes, her soft gorgeous candy-tasting chest;
Craving them anxiously, he gave each generous mound individual attention with his tongue,
as his hand caressed them; Then back up to her warm sweet lips, he suddenly swept.
Both of her moist hands now quivering, She began to wildly explore his rock hard body–
–While strolling into her inner thigh –his other hand slowly crept.

His fingertips gliding gently across her black satin underwear,
He could sense his strong impact of his touch, by her release of moist body heat.
Her body, trembling wildly–(anxiously waiting), in tense anticipation
Of that “Special Place” his fingers would soon meet.

Slightly opening her thighs, he heard a very faint, (Oh, Take Me Please) inviting sigh.
His fingers grazed up and down to locate her passageway to ecstasy.
As his own HOT pleasure seeking (so stimulated by her secretion), pulsating body began to cry.
“It’s Ok, explore away“, he whispered, (breathing heavily) —“That’s it, Baby, touch me!”

He found her hot, sweaty, soft loving hands gently wandering, slithering—
Down his chest——-Then suddenly, (unzipping him) she buried her hands ‘deep below his belt ‘ !
So delighted by her incredible touch, he let out a gratifying moan of joyful satisfaction himself,
As she continued to fondle his love wand, firmly up and down with her delicate warm hands,
Then strolling downward to lightly graze his family jewels –he too, began to melt!

Following her roadmap, he traveled to the “Forbidden Secret Garden”
Where only special sensuous fragrant flowers grow
A place, where many a man had someday hoped to find,
But only HE——–Was ever going to know!

Now more Touching, Kissing, Heavy breathing, Squeezing, Soft Whispers,
Both lovers passionately burning with a raging fire,
With both hearts thumping loudly, and more rapidly
Both bodies were now pulsating with an erotic desire.

She whispered to him how much she loved him, needed him, wanted him;
All those wonderful words he secretly longed to hear
He told her sincerely, “I’ll be with you now, and forever.”
“Never ever leave me,” she answered back with a tear.

With that signal of her approval his own hunger for her saturation overwhelmed him.
He gently lowered her to nature’s bed of flowers and warm blanket of leaves on the ground.
Then he smelled her blossoming flower in the secret garden revealing it to his hot mouth,
Spreading her petals wide, his mouth-watering tongue consumed her sensational dew
viciously lapping back & forth, up & down.

In that blissful moment, her vibrating body scooted and squirmed; swelling with pleasure.
(Frantically working her body to meet his magnificent tongue she arched her back while moaning, craving so much more, both of her hands planted firmly on his head.)
He responded quickly, pulling her body towards his hot mouth again, again, and again.
“OH, TAKE-ME, PLEASE! “ she repeatedly said,
So aroused as he serenely moved his pulsating body into position;  finally at the right moment,
she indicated for him to “plunge into her sea of love” exploring her love chamber wildly within!

Soon they made—heated, intoxicating, extensive –passionate love to each other
Their bodies in rhythmic motion -intertwined-connecting as one.
In the extreme ecstasy of that magnificent highlight–(bodies dripping with love potion),
their ultimate pleasurable stimulation- that heavenly, amazing climatic moment,
Both of their lives instantaneously changed—-Now, their future together had just begun!

Then they laid beside each other, in the light of the pale moonlight.
Her love-lit eyes sparkled like the stars in the sky, as he watched a small tear fell from her eye.
“I want to spend my entire life with you,” he said with a smile, “as we grow old together”.
“If it takes my lifetime to bury all your hurt and pain, I promise; Baby, I’ll try.”

Now very much in “love”, she smiled back at him, so sincere.
“My heart  flutters like a butterfly’s wings, whenever I‘m with you.”
“I, want to spend my life with you, growing old, building a strong foundation having you near.”
“My mind has only loving thoughts of you–My soul complete, as I found my soul-mate, too .”

With tranquility, they listened to their hearts beating together like a set of drums to the romantic music of the leaves rubbing together whispering to each other through the trees.
“Together forever, I give my all to you, Always,  I LOVE YOU,” she said!
“I’m so glad you are my equal–my bride, my wife“, he commanded, Be mine forever, please!”
As two lovers, they both willingly consented to go beyond that first step,
As a loving couple–standing together “IN LOVE” –they said, “I DO!”
Living as one unity–in a lifetime of endless Love, Honesty, & Devotion
Their “Love of Life, & Passion for each other” grows stronger–more powerful each day, too.

Now when they’re together–as the year’s pass by–Still gazing DEEPLY into one another’s eyes
Sweating hands, Throbbing hearts, Love-lit eyes, Heavy breathing, Rapid pulse,
Bodies saturated with exorbitant arousal, swelling, pulsating, burning with fire,
Thirsting, Quivering excitedly in unity, with a weakening of the knees.
Every time, THEIR ‘Love Making’ is more Intense & Explosive than their 1st time,
As they both softly whisper to each other, “OH, TAKE ME, PLEASE!”

Rachel “Anne” Steinbeck
Copyright Date March 19, 2003   All Rights Reserved!

Are you a little steamed up after reading this, if so you will love the book CAPTIVATED.  It was nominated for the best poetry book of 2005 and is only available through Anne Shiever.  The point of this poem is to love each other at all times, beyond the shadow of a doubt.  Let those days of being together make the bond between you stronger and each time you are together may your hearts beat as the first day you met.

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