As she lay in her soft cozy bed
Only loving thoughts were in her head
Saying her prayers, she turned out the light
Off to her dreamland for the night

Then into the shadow, to her room he crept
His unstable eyes watching her as she slept
Then like a spider crawling on her gentle skin
He worked his way over to her, feeling within

Under the covers he lowered his head
To see what lie beneath the feather bed
Slowly his hands crept from side to side
Revealing her innocence, then striping her pride

Shhhh, I won’t hurt you honey,  just let me see
Please little one, don’t be afraid of me
This will be our little secret, there’s no one to tell
That’s it little baby, you’re doin’ so well

Unrighteous acts, she didn’t understand
As he lifted her nightgown up with his hand
Unrelenting, in his unruly behavior
Traumatized, while quietly she prayed for someone to save her

Unsavory acts, Unspeakable thoughts, too
Leaving severe scars, the violated child must learn to work through
When will it be over, why did it happen to them
Let’s stop the insanity, before it happens again!

Rosemary ANNE (Befort) SHIEVER

About this special poem:
So many children become the victims of violation by sex offenders, child abuse, neglect, child pornography, abandonment, and so much worse.  These poor children don’t understand, but they are left with emotional and physical scars that run so very deep.  Each year, there are more reports of rape, sexual assaults, and severe trauma to children.  These children need to feel loved.  What happened to them is NOT their fault.  Please pray for these children and their survival through the pain they have had to endure, so that they may believe in themselves; for they are stripped of their dignity and pride.  It is taken away from them in an instant of terror.  It’s never too late to be there for someone.  Learn life’s lessons through the eyes and hearts of our young.  May these children be blessed with hope, love, and peace.

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