Thou created man and woman
He gave them an abundant love
Then he blessed them with a child or two
Thy gift from our heavenly home above

With wisdom, knowledge, and love
Healthy roots formed a strong foundation
With it’s arms stretched out so wide
It welcomes each blessed new creation

Innumerable buds started forming
As more branches began to grow
With the sunlight to warm it’s leaves
Creating more new life to sprout below

Fed by food of pure mind, loving heart, & unity in soul
Then watered by endless, sensitive tears
The family tree just grew larger & stronger
To thrive here on earth for many, many years.

The family tree will keep on growing
As new members are born each new day
Some of them will soon die,
And some of the others may go astray

As the winds blow some of the branches separate
Then they travel in their own direction
Others will sprout new growth of their own
From the roots reaching out to their own destination

Our family tree stands tall, wide and free
Like the vision of a “mighty oak tree”
With all of our many brothers & sisters
There’s a branch for you and one for me

But our branches will intertwine for strength
When they are wildered by emotion, stress, sickness, or disease
A branch may become weak on it‘s own, and soon break
As it falls to the ground, it may lose some of it’s leaves

By forming a blanket of warmth from fallen branches & leaves
This tree is kept safe from all the bitterness of the cold
Giving it the amazing sense of security it needs
As the family tree simply continues to grow old.

Many branches we will never have the chance to know,
Others we may never see again as the winds carry them away
But the unity of our love will keep our tree forever growing
Until on this wonderful earth, by God’s choice we can no longer stay

By Rosemary “ANNE” (Befort) SHIEVER  Copyright 2000  All rights reserved!

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