Oh, Mystical Lady tell me a story As you write your words on paper
Scribbling with your old ink pen Before your thoughts begin to taper

Tell me a story of seduction or romance Or of one that’s sad and blue
I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance To write as good as you do

Write me a delightful sonnet Of the stars out in the sky
Or a dreadful bloody ballad To make me tear, and cry

Oh, My Mystical Lady You can send my every emotion in a whirl
Something about you overwhelms me, but you’re a very mysterious sort a girl

Just write me a wonderful play, Or just write me a verse
Please give me something wonderful today that I may rehearse

Oh, My Mystical Lady, Now just where is your home?
What is your story? Have you been to Paris or Rome?

You tell of traveling the world thousands of times from place to place
You write about the planets, & blue moonbeams from outer-space

Oh, My Mystical Lady, sometimes, I can feel all your pain
But I keep reading your work –Cause you simply drive me insane

Tell me something so horrifying & scary so I won’t sleep at night
Or a suspenseful thriller, so on my fingernails I’ll bite!

A chant, or a little ditty to make me dance and sing
Nothing can ever compare you to the entertainment that you bring

A novel about a long voyage, or the passage about our freedom
All of your magnificent thoughts are posted so others may read them

Oh My Mystical Lady you make all my senses come to life
By your descriptive words of desire, about those intimate tales in your life

Your description of the trees, fruits, or even the petals of a flower
Give my sense of smell, the most amazing power

I can see you in a candlelight, I can smell your sweet seductive perfume
But My Mystical Lady, Sometimes I wish you would simply leave the room!

You make me see the beautiful colors of rainbows and magical fairytale lands
But you just keep on writing. (Please, Tell me) Do you have calluses on your hands?

I’ve got an uncontrollable appetite for your incredible taste
My gosh, do you write everything so your thoughts don’t go to waste?

I’ve got an impulsive desire to be fondled by your touch,
Is there something wrong with me——Cause I love you way too much!

I think I hear you breathing, Or whispering in my ear
Now what is that you’re writing, perhaps another poem, my dear?

What is your body like? Are you soft, fat, or thin?
Please tell me now!!! Do you have any freckles or dimples on your chin?

How do you do it? What is all this— secret?
You’re torturing me by your mystery. Don’t you feel any regret?

Oh My Mystical Lady, Do you already have someone to love?
Music sings joyously from your soul, Whenever, you write of God in heaven above.

A quotation from the bible, Or a piece from the newspaper
Or the mysterious criminals who plan their next caper

Oh My Mystical Lady, I’ve seen you on cards, letters, & more
I guess I’ll never know what you are thinking or what else you have in store.

I’ve read your books–so many of them, Stories for children –to grumpy old men
Though my eyes are weary, I crave to read on as you keep on writing again & again

You write about nature, adventure, plants, animals, and then–
You get another magnificent thought, & start all over again!

You’re so sensitive and sincere, yet Courageous and Bold
Sometimes I wonder to myself, just how many stories you’ve told.

You’re wise, You’re witty, You’re cheerful, You’re pretty, You’re cruel, You’re kind!
I may be confused; I may just be blind, but I just can’t seem to get -cha Out-ta my mind!

You’ve written about history, & families.  You’ve written about many friends,
You write about arguments, pain, & abuse —but, then you make wonderful amends!

You’ve written about the sea, the ocean, ponds, small rivers, and streams
Sometimes, I close my eyes to rest, & you’re right there in my dreams!

There are so many innumerable categories, but you just seem to “FIT IN”
Then just when I think I’m catching up, You write something’ else again!

I can be in the shower, but like a fantasy you might pop into my head
If I’m watching tv, sometimes you climb right into my bed

You just jump outta nowhere, You’re so many places when you search on line
But wherever you come from, to someone in the world–You always look fine

I can be sitting on the porch, driving my car, Or just ridin’ my bike
You’re there like a flash…….Oh sometimes, I wish you would just…. Take a hike!

I don’t understand it, all of those unusual & mysterious things that you do
Now, You REALLY just don’t seem to care, what you’re puttin’ me through!

Oh My Mystical Lady, Please, Tell me now, Oh….  tell me true
The more I read about you, too I want to know now, WHO ARE YOU

So, My enchanting Mystical Lady, Tell me your name so that all the world may see
All your magical, spectacular words on paper, so now………… Please……TELL ME YOUR NAME!

QUIET!!!  ???????   (((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))) Silence—–shhhhhhhhh, I hear her …………….
She’s writing again!!!! …………(((NOW LISTEN)))………………………………..Why?…My name, YOU ASK???… It’s “POETRY”

By KANSAS ARTIST: Rosemary “ANNE” (Befort) “SHIEVER”   Copyright April 3, 2003     All rights reserved!

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