I’m really tired of hurting over you
So I guess this means, we’re through

What’s the meaning of a best ‘friend’
Cutting ties, is this the end

I won’t ride on someone’s name
To take my place with you and fame

Imitation is the greatest flattery
While you sit back and laugh at me

I think that I was just being used
I hate the feeling of being abused

I’m not going to settle a score
Just so you can come back for more

I guess I thought too much of you
Your true colors came shining through

Someday when you walk in my shoes
Maybe you’ll feel the way I do

Now this is goodbye, this is the end
You played your game well my friend

Never again….

Anne Shiever

Copyright June 2010

People come and go in your life without understanding why.  Many people are opportunists and they will use you while they can just for their own personal gain.  Once they have the information they want, they keep you hanging on a string until they finally cut you loose from their world.  They set out to make a name for themselves.  They say that competition keeps people honest.  They also say that imitation is the best form of flattery.  I’ve been through both, and although things get tough, when you reach rock bottom you have to pick yourself up and take a step forward.  Seek guidance to reach your goals and dreams.  God has the answers when nobody else wants to hear you.  Remember he is there for you and things will turn around amazingly for you and those you care for.

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