You’ve lessened my integrity
And stripped me of my pride
My thoughts just aren’t good enough
I’m so deeply hurt inside

You’ve caused me painful suffering
My feelings have tormented my heart
Something I so strongly felt
Has ripped my soul apart

Whenever I try to talk to you
You preach in riddle and rhyme
My visions have been impaired
I’m simply wasting precious time

I ache with every heartbeat
Wounded, damaged, and destroyed
You’ve played games with my soul
And with my mind, you have toyed

Unhappiness and bitter betrayal
Has stabbed me in the back
You won’t budge an inch
Cause trust is what you lack

You’ve bruised my ego
And slapped me across the face
Lashing out isn’t the answer
My spirit’s are out of place

You try to analyze my thoughts
My input and decisions go unheard
Maybe I should simply walk away
Without saying another word

It’s not a competition thing
Teamwork and communication holds the key
But it doesn’t really matter what I think
Cause you’ve disfigured a piece of me

I’m hurt beyond repair this time
A deadly game, you have played
A humanitarian from my lonely heart
I’m hurt, distressed, and dismayed!

Having to deal with this emptiness again
Unveils my heartache, that I can do without
Respect me enough, to stop this game you play
Trust, and forever love; ‘tis lost, beyond a doubt!

HURT–By Rosemary ANNE (Befort) SHIEVER–March 2004

Sometimes we are hurt by our friends and then we find out they are really wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting to take advantage of your kindness.  They will use you for money.  They will make you feel sad because you care so much about them.  They will lie to other people about you, and they will convince them not to like you.  They will accuse you of things that you know are not true, and when you finally break ties with them, they try to make your life unbearable at times.

Rise up, and stay positive.  They will have to pay for everything they have done someday when they stand beside their maker and they are asked why did you do that to so and so…  Believe in yourself and don’t allow them to stand in the way of your dreams.  If you want to know more about why Hurt goes so deep for me, read the story “Bitter Betrayal” under True Views.  Many of you know this person, and many of you still befriend him on social sites.  He won’t stop because all of you will be potential victims of this man, and then one day you will HURT!  I am thankful his children don’t know the beast like I do, but someday they will also know the truth!  Don’t let them hurt YOU next!

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