Jiggy Jaguar Show–Included in the book, “Radio wants you an intimate Portrait of 700 Radio Shows that welcome guests.” Past guests on the program include Dean Koontz,William Shatner, and Neil Diamond. Internet talk radio host since 2000 at one time was heard 24-7-365 at point or another on a internet station, world wide.

Podcasting came into the mix and Jiggy kept going with an average download rate of 23,000 per week off one Podcast location. First starting out with Shock talk and now News and Political talk. Not Left or Right and certainty does NOT call it down the middle. Whether it’s news, Music,sports or pop culture. Jiggy is talking about on the BIGG SHOW!

Jiggy Jaguar writes a weekly column online and operates an online magazine called “The MIC” at themic.info, Jiggy also hosts 3 Cable Access TV shows{Jiggy Jag TV-A entertainment and Variety program featuring local and unsigned bands and performances plus adult film stars,etc.} {SAMPLE TEXT: a political and public affairs themed program, featuring guests as Sen. Pat Roberts{Kansas}. Now a monthly round table with every area of Politics covered joined by a Democrat,Republican,Independent, and special guests such as Community leaders and media figures} Finally a soon to be produced M-F 1hr Views/news program called LIVE FROM SALINA.{Call-in and Political talk}.

Jiggy also has hosted a weekly syndicated music program called “Homegrown Half Hr”. 16 years of broadcast excellence and still going strong.  James Lowe (Jiggy Jaguar) works with Afresh Entertainment Magazine as a writer, interviewer, radio show host, and photographer.  He is sometimes found with Anne Shiever doing shows for both organizations.

Jiggy Jaguar and Anne Shiever’s slogan is:  “Anne with the E, and Jiggy with the double G” Together they can be an unbeatable team of professionals.  Anne keeps an even keel with her programming style, while Jiggy has a more graphic approach; but either way the bands love their interviews.  Keep them coming, pumping, and thumping!

Check out the Sunday Radio Show with Jiggy Jaguar.  Due to Adult humor/content, viewer discretion is highly advised.  As of April 2011, we are NOT affilliated with James Lowe and/or ANY of his Media Sites.

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