Orlando Florida or Bust!


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Orlando or Bust!

Yes, it’s true we’re off to Orlando Florida to visit with the staff at Sea World, and hopefully speak to other agents who run Walt Disney World theme parks as well to include Sea World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, the two water parks and more.  After speaking with a member of the news media on-line via a blog post yesterday, I was told they treat members of media both freelance photographers and writers with great prestige!  So far,  I have had a very difficult time reaching a member of the publicity department as of yet; but I’m not giving up hope.  It is our goal to write stories of events that happen at Walt Disney World both as a travel experience and a dream come true.  I’m praying for a miracle and we haven’t stepped on the plane just yet so there’s always still hope!


Last winter my sister and I saw the movie with Tom Hanks playing the part of Walt Disney as the story of Mary Poppins unfolded.  As we watch the actress visit Walt Disney world, I said…wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday we could go there.  My sister told me how she was there years ago while on a honeymoon and how breathtaking the trip was, the memories, and not being able to see everything and do everything.  Then she made a promise to her two children that someday they could see a real live dolphin.  Instead of driving to Texas this trip, we chose Orlando Florida to make a dream come true.


A little girl asked to see a live dolphin, and now that dream of hers is going to come true along with a very wonderful surprise in store for everyone on the trip!  I am excited to be a part of this trip of a lifetime and hope to be able to photograph some of the most wonderful events there to bring you some astonishing news and reviews about one of America’s favorite and greatest theme parks.  It is our hope to visit with the people at Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom,visit Epcot Center, see all the animals in Sea World, visit the water parks and More to share exciting stories from both children and adult view points.


We are encouraging youth to write at Afresh Entertainment magazine, so drop us a line or comment about your dream vacation or someplace special you have visited in the past and how your dream came true!  We want to hear from you as you are the reason for entertainment news.

So Orlando or we come! Off to Walt Disneyworld we will go……







Story by Anne Shiever   Contributing Magazine Freelance Photographer and Review Writer

Fax number is temporarily unavailable–please call us first before sending faxes!  You may also text Anne Shiever at: 785-577-2995


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