Kansas Author’s Club Convention to be held in Topeka Kansas October 2015


The 2015 Kansas Author’s Club Convention will be held in Topeka, Kansas this year on October 2-4 2015 at the Ramada Inn.  The guest speaker for the banquet Elle Lothlorien author of “Kissing Frogs and Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole: The Topsy-Turvy State of Publishing” will share some of her own insight to the Convention Guests.  Elle’s first self-published romantic comedy, The Frog Prince, became an Amazon bestseller in December 2010, and peaked at #1 on Amazon’s Top 100 List for Humor in 2012. She was one of the first self-published authors to take advantage of Amazon’s“ free promo days,” and gave away 45,000 copies of her books on Valentine’s Day, 2012 —catapulting her second novel,  Sleeping Beauty, to Amazon’s bestseller list.  You won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear or see this wonderful woman!

The KAC convention features a Youth Contest night on Friday evening for the youth members and non-members who have entered the yearly contest.  The youth have the opportunity to read their work to the adults that evening.  It is a wonderful way for youth and adults to interact.  Even if you haven’t entered the contest for 2015 but have written a piece of poetry or prose, youth guests are highly encouraged to read to the public audience and share their work.

The Book Room featuring books written by Kansas Author’s Club members is also open to the General Public so it is a fantastic opportunity to meet and greet author’s and have your book signed. Interesting and educational workshops scheduled for this year’s convention are:

2015 Convention Speakers and Topics:
  Know What You’re Doing: Craft, structure, genre, story in fiction writing

Mark Bouton

  Tips for Writing a Novel

Elle Lothlorien

  Dating Your Book: Understanding the Amazon Algorithm Through Online Dating

Esther Luttrell

  Creating Dynamic Dialogue and Believable Characters
  Writing and Publishing an Autobiography That’s More Than A Memoir

Max McCoy

  The Three Keys of Effective Research

Kevin Rabas

  Writing Mediatative Poetry

Kevin Rabas

  Using Decription and Imagery in Poetry and Prose

T. Dawn Richard

  Using Screenwriting Techniques to Plot Your Novel

T. Dawn Richard

  The Butler Did It! Tackling the unique challenges of writing a mystery

Dennis Smirl

  A Century of Science Fiction

Kansas Author’s Club was established in 1904.  You don’t have to be from Kansas to belong to one of the oldest organizations for writers in the world today!  People from other parts of the USA have joined the organization especially for the fantastic encouragement and growth in youth writing, and the KAC Outreach Project called “Writer’s in the Community”.

There is more information about the convention on the Kansas Author’s Club website, but if you want to learn more or join KAC, then here are the answers to a few commonly asked questions?

What is a super benefit of joining the Kansas Author’s Club?  You have the wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with real people just like yourself who have loved to read or write but just needed a little encouragement to keep moving forward.  KAC is a great way to learn new techniques in writing, share ideas and stories, get input from some of the experts in the field, find amazing resources for writers you won’t find anywhere else, learn about self-publishing or going through a Publisher, marketing tips from people who have already been through book tours, signings, etc.  The members of KAC are more than just club members.  They are willing to help each other and it is more like belonging to a family of writers and great friends.  KAC is also on the social site–facebook now so you can go to Kansas Author’s Club and simply like the page to keep updated.  Kansas Author’s Club also has a connection with the Spencer Library and Museum as a part of Kansas History so if you have published a book, you can have your own book placed into the Spencer library too.

Who qualifies for membership? Anyone who is interested in writing. Kansans and any writers with a connection to the state are welcome to join.  So if you lived in Kansas before, or have family ties in Kansas then this may be an organization for you.  If you haven’t ever lived in Kansas but have a Connection to the state in some manner, then join us!  Many photographers and media hosts have also become writers or written blogs before and joined.  People who frequently travel through Kansas and feel a connection should think about the rare opportunity to be a part of a family of writers who love to share and encourage others.

When may new members join? The Kansas Authors Club accepts new members throughout the year. Those who join after October 1 will be credited as paying for the coming year’s membership. Current members must renew their membership by March 31 of each year in order to remain an active member in good standing. Those who allow their membership to lapse may apply to the Financial Secretary for reinstatement before December 31 of the year in which membership has lapsed. Membership year is from Jan 1 to Dec. 31.

ANNUAL DUES Adult: $25.00* Junior (Student through 12th grade): $10.00 —25% of the state dues are returned to the Districts for local expenses

*Members may now pay dues for more than one year, up to a maximum of five years. The dues scale is as follows: One Year: $ 25.00 Two years: $ 47.00 (Savings of $ 3.00) Three years: $ 67.00 (Savings of $ 8.00) Four years $ 85.00 (Savings of $15.00) Five years $101.00 (Savings of $ 24.00)

The best and easiest part is you can now join on-line with payment through Paypal for your convenience so what are you waiting for?  It also makes a wonderful gift too!  As a parent, if you have a writer in your home–then encourage them to join and buy a membership for your child, niece, or young relative today.


For more information, please visit our website at  Kansas Author’s Club is a public charity under IRS code 501(c)(3).  Read about the History of KAC, a downloadable PDF file book.  See you at the convention!!!!!


Anne Shiever–KAC Publicity Chair

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