Kansas Author Releases New Coloring Book


Kansas Author Anne Shiever is one of the first Authors in Kansas to release a New Coloring Book for all ages on Amazon just in time for Christmas 2017!  Order you book now!  Just click on the red link here:




LOVE OWL WISE features fantasy, fun, and real owl illustrations to color as well as uplifting poetry and inspirational quotes in one magnificent book! Anne wrote the poetry and illustrated all of the Owl images while caring for her mother through one of the most difficult times of her life before her mother died.  She promised her mother would she would continue using the talents God blessed her with and she would publish her drawings someday.  After making several hundred images, she chose to do a series of four Owl Coloring Books as well as others in the near future.  Be sure to get your Love Owl Wise Coloring Book for this holiday season. The book makes a wonderful stocking stuffer idea especially for someone who loves OWLS!

Create an amazing gift under the tree with a great coloring book, and some accessories.  Add an awesome t-shirt by Anne or a pair of leggings you can find at Etsy by the artist and her husband Zane, and you have a cute outfit to wear anytime, too.

Everyone knows coloring is one of the best ways to relax and relieve some stress in every day life so hurry and spread the word. You’ll want to buy two or three to keep one for yourself. Enter a mind-scaping adventure to relaxation and mediation to motivate and inspire the spirit.  Feel the love the artist felt as she drew each piece of art for her own mother’s approval.  Share a piece of the artist’s heart and friendship in every page.

Remember free shipping at Amazon on orders over $35 so buy three and take advantage of the free shipping! This book is simple Amazing!  Anne also illustrates her drawing skills in her wearable art on Amazon.  Be sure to check out the brand A&Z Fun-time Designs T-shirts found at Amazon and Etsy and enhance your wardrobe all throughout the year with t-shirts to make someone smile.



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