Dreams Come True


DREAMS COME TRUE   A little girl’s dream comes true…   When my sister told her two children ages 9 & 6 she would take them to see a real live dolphin once she sold her houses, Lauren never thought her dream would come true!  Lauren was always fascinated with dolphins.  She loved watching movies with dolphins, collecting them, and even did a science project concerning Echo Location which she received a Bronze Metal for all because of the fascination and love of dolphins.

Lauren has a very unique collection of dolphin items that she adds items to frequently.  Her mother designed “the treasure box system” as a way to accomplish simple tasks for the children while growing up.  Positive actions are rewarded by collecting marbles and negative reactions cause the removal of the marbles from the children’s jar.  Once a specific number of marbles are collected an item may be purchased from the “Treasure Box”!  The remarkable reaction is children are taught the value of money using the marbles as well as the importance of helping their parents, positive behavior, doing their best in school, and showing concern and consideration of one another (no fighting).  Many of the treasure box items have been dolphin figures.

Once the movie Dolphin Tale was written about a true story–the dolphin named Winter, Lauren became even more interested in learning about dolphins.  The children love the movie and hope to meet Winter in person while they are in Florida.  Winter resides at “Clearwater Marine Aquarium” in Florida.  A surprise for the children has been added to the trip!  Lauren also did a project on Conservation using the Tree as a focal point in building a strong foundation in the family as well as conservation and the roots of where it all began.  Her poster won first place in Russell Kansas and has been submitted for Kansas State contest.  Lauren loves to do projects and she is a very talented little girl.  Now, she has been learning to mimic the sounds of a dolphin.  Lauren has several books on Sea Life, but the Dolphins are her favorite!

Lauren will be headed to Orlando Florida soon with her brother Jonathan, her mother, and her Aunt.  Once in Orlando, Lauren will be writing about her experience seeing a live dolphin for the first time as well as what it is like to have a dream come true.  I will be writing articles of interest from the land of Florida.  Make your dreams come true this summer!  Keep your family roots strong and conserve the love and blessings in your family.


Keep reading Afresh Entertainment Magazine as we bring you updates from Orlando Florida.


Written By: Anne Shiever Freelance Writer, Photographer, and Publicity Chair of Kansas Author’s Club

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