Tom Astor – Leben Pur

www.Tom-Astor.de  Sony Music / Ariola  88697 68661 2

1. Du bist der positivste Schock in meinem Leben 2. Strohblumen (Sunflower) 3. Du hast mich vor mir gerettet 4. Jenseits der Zeit (O Waly, Waly) Tom Astor & Michael Hirte 5. Ich brauch’ das Leben pur (Only The Lonely Know) 6. Ein Leben langTom Astor & Agnetha Bräutigam 7. Sehnsucht 8. Oh, Susanna 9. Dieser Typ 10. Diese Zeit mit dir (Du) 11. Ring aus Feuer (Ring Of Fire) 12. Wenn ich bete 13. When It Comes Down To Us (It’s All Up To You) 14. Auf der Autobahn (On The Road Again) 15. Wer hat ein Herz, das nie bricht (Some Broken Hearts Never Mend) Tom Astor & Günter Wewel

Tom Astor, the winner when it comes to country music. Germany has published “Living Pure”, another new album. The question of whether country music should be sung any better in english, will not be questioned, but the fact is that well-produced albums are country music from Nashville, TN. Where as Tom Astor breaks forth again and again, his albums being mostly played. From the 15 songs on the album project as a whole “Oh Susanna”, “On the Highway”, and the duet “When It Comes Down To Us (It’s All Up To You)” show.

The Special Consensus – 35

http://www.specialc.com  Compass Records  7 4541 2

1. Dusk ‘Til Dawn 3:31 2. Used To These Old Blues 3:18 3. Danny’s Dance 2:58 4. Land Up In The Air 1:57 5. That’s Tennessee 3:38 6. Working On A Railroad 3:04 7. Fourteen Carat Mind 2:59 8. I Cried Myself Awake 3:00 9. I’m a Little Bit Lonely 3:00 10. Have I Loved You Too Late 2:41 11. Silver Dew On The Bluegrass Tonight 2:25 12. Country Boy 3:16

The Special Consensus are celebrating their 35th anniversary with a bluegrass album that the significant title “35”. Home to the band in Chicago, where more is suggested that there comes a completely different style of music. They mark their 25th band anniversary, they released the album “25th Anniversary”, which is the most successful of the band’s history to date. In 1975, they formed the band, and is still has a loyal fan base.

The Halyards – Fortune Smiles

www.TheHalyards.com Cheshire Records  CT 108

1. Welcome Home 4:21 2. Marley’s Lament 3:16 3. Earthbound 4:03 4. Lost in Mexico 3:54 5. Another Night’s Distraction 3:16 6. Best Kept Secret 3:31 7. He’s Walking By 4:11 8. The Streets of Laredo 3:15 9. Delicate Touch 3:12 10. It’s Over Now 3:05 11. Fortune Smiles 3:41 12. Heron Cove 3:48

A compilation of different styles one expects to hear from the album of the band The Halyards. With “Forun Smiles”, the band wanted to put an exclamation point. For an album that claims to be successful in the field of Americana to do that is also very good. Especially the song “Earthbound” and “He’s Walking By” and “Lost in Mexico” reflect the skill of the band.


Smoke That Cigarette –

Pleasure To Burn

Bear Family  BCD 16800 AR

1. I Can’t Quit Cigarettes – Martin, Jimmy 2. Cigarettes And Coffee Blues – Robbins, Marty 3. Smoke Rings – Paul, Les & Mary Ford 4. Another Puff – Reed, Jerry 5. One Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette – Glenn, Glen 6. Smoke From Your Cigarette – Leach, Lillian & Mellows 7. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music – Maphis, Joe & Rose Lee 8. Smoking Woman In The Street – Gates, Rev. J. M. 9. While A Cigarette Was Burning – Page, Patti 10. Dad Blame Anything A Man Can’t Quit – Miller, Roger 11. Does Your Sweetheart Seem Different Lately – Inman, Autry 12. Coffee And Cigarettes (Thinking It Over) – Ray, Johnnie 13. Sad Cigarette – Dusty, Slim 14. You’re The Reason – Edwards, Bobby 15. Nicotine Fits – Dolan, Jimmy 16. Don’t Smoke In Bed – Lee, Peggy with Dave Barbour 17. Smoke – Knight, Baker 18. Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray – Cline, Patsy 19. My Last Cigarette – Clayton, Paul 20. Are You Kissing More Now (But Enjoying It Les – Homer & Jethro 21. Down To My Last Cigarette – Walker , Billy 22. These Foolish Things – Sinatra, Frank 23. Cigareetes, Whusky And Wild Women – Sons Of The Pioneers, The 24. Three On A Match – Guitar, Bonnie 25. Caffeine And Nicotine – Gordon, Curtis 26. What Cigarette Is Best – Carter, Wilf 27. The Smoke, The Bottle And The Wine – Mack, Bill 28. Cigarette Milner – Collins, Tommy 29. Twenty Cigarettes – Dickens, Little Jimmie 30. Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) – Williams, Tex and His Western 31. Dragnet Advertisement (March 20, 1952) 32. Richard Diamond Advertisement (February 2, 1951)

30 classic songs from the 40s and 50s on the Title “Cigarettes” is an unprecedented coupling with hillbilly and pop music with some extremely rare titles with original cigarette ads from the golden era of broadcasting and with illustrated information on how the social attitude to smoking compared has changed – since people smoke, they have also written songs about it. Few things have changed so dramatically since then, as our attitude towards smoking and smokers. These changes are in the unique combination of smoke or smoker songs. It is an amazing cross-section, the music comes mostly from the 40s and 50s, with an emphasis on hillbilly and pop. For the first time we meet Frank Sinatra, Rev. JM Gates and Little Jimmy Dickens on the same compilation. And not without reason, Patsy Cline and Homer and Jethro. And what they could combine all light cigarettes as from enjoy it to learn, such as smoking cigarettes and first as a sexy, sophistication, but were now considered somewhat less desirable. Only half a century ago was a cigarette the man into a cool, tough guy, and this attracted the ladies magnetically. And the women themselves smoking made them beautiful, mysterious creatures, if they smoke around her. Cigarettes once were lean times, romantic phallic symbols and are now seen as toxic, even lethal and they are often referred to as cancer stick. All this happened really fast, and there are still a lot of songs that were written. Of the 30 wonderful tracks, we have added classic cigarette ads from the golden age of radio. Not to forget 9 out of 10 doctors agree that smoking once is good …! After all, who wants to be super cool as John Wayne, Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra, creates the fastest with a pack of cigarettes in his hand. And the selected songs to prove this, many of the tracks are relatively rare, such as Peggy Lees original version of their classic “Do not Smoke In Bed” or the extraordinary 1939 recording of Rev. JM Gates sermon on the evils of women in the public puffing. This remarkable coupling also contains humorous and informative comments by the music historian Hank Davis about how the attitude has changed towards smoking, supplemented by carefully selected classic illustrations.

Roland Heinrich – Warten auf den Zug

Bear Family  BCD 17037 AF

1. Vorsätzlich 2. Es ist nicht gut 3. Treib mir die Trübsal aus 4. 400 Kilometer bis nach Essen 5. Für alles was mal war 6. Warten auf den Zug 7. Das Lied vom armen Tropf 8. Betrübter Jodler # 6 9. Ich lauf mir ‘nen Wolf 10. In ferne Länder zieh’n

Bear Family Records released the first CD compilation of Roland Heinrich: “Waiting for the Train” The album closes for the artist, a circle that began with his solo work in 2003. — Roland had sent a demo to the Bear Family – as the artist for a live performance at the 30th Anniversary 2005. Richard Weize liked what he heard and suggested that Roland was to translate the yodeling Jimmie Rodgers-songs into German. This idea led to the Bear Family Album ” Lonely and Blue”. Songs of Jimmie Rodgers and for the concert at the Bear’s birthday party was also a green light. – At the same time sought the American director James Lyons, a musician who was capable in his new play ‘Johnny Cash: “The Beast In Me” to play the role of Jimmie Rodgers. They knew him to the Bear Family, and Richard Weize put you in touch with Roland Heinrich. The play ran successfully from 2004 to 2010 in Berlin and Bielefeld. Since August 2008, also as a musical guest performances of theater management Landgraf – with Roland as a musical director – under the title Johnny Cash “The Man In Black” in Germany and in German-speaking neighbors. That version won the 2009 Prize of the crossover INTHEGA. Overall, Roland has since 2004 in more than 200 performances the Jimmie Rodgers played and helped make the Blue Yodeler in Germany again known. – The cover of “Waiting for the train” Roland shows as ‘brakeman; in “The Man In Black”. The focus of the publication is on danceable grooves and entertainment. It presents some songs of the previous CD “Lonely and Blue” honky-tonk songs of Roland’s Lichterloh” CD (agro berlin) and an unreleased song by Jimmie-Rodgers session, for all that time was (For The Sake Of Days Gone By). There are also two popular cover songs from Henry’s current live show “Cowboy Jazz and tears” I run me a Wolf because of you (Walking The Floor Over You) and it is not good (Right or Wrong). – The impact on Texas “Waiting for the train” is remarkable: In addition to the Jimmie Rodgers-songs are musical tracks by the likes of Bob Wills, Ernest Tubb and Milton Brown recognizable. The laconic word games often resemble Eddie Noack, who is also mentioned in a song by name. All these musicians have passed through the Jimmie Rodgers-school. The circle would be without the influence of Johnny Cash, another admirer of the ‘Singing Brakeman’not quite closed. So on the CD and the previously unreleased trumpets boom-chicka-boom version of 400 kilometers. The CD is available exclusively through Bear Family Mail-order and after the performances of ‘Johnny Cash: The Man In Black’.

Lathan Moore – Love In Your Life

www.lathanmoore.com Blue Steel Records  BSR0002

1. It’s a Feel Thing 3:53 2. Beautiful Girl 3:27 3. You Can’t Leave Me Like This 3:57 4. Shot Down 4:04 5. Cornfield Cadillac 3:41 6. Angel Fire 3:58 7. Love In Your Life 4:06 8. I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good 3:13 9. That’s the News 3:23 10. Even Angels Have Bad Days 3:31

He looks great! He has an excellent voice! He is a great personality! We are talking about Lathan Moore! At Blue Steel Records, has released his latest album “Love In Your Life”. There are 10 great country songs. He grew up in Harrisburg, Illinois. His musical journey took him from Illinois to Texas and from there he moved to Tennessee, where he found a new home. Each of the songs tells a little story. We asked his producer Norro Wilson, then Lathan Moore, what it takes to leave really big tracks in the music business.

Kellie Rucker – Blues Is Blues

http://www.myspace.com/Kellierucker Blues Boulevard Records 250256

1. Mississippi Rain 2. Wild wild West 3. Blues is blues 4. Nothin’ to lose 5. You’re leavin’ me 6. In the meantime 7. Life of crime 8. Love and war 9. Church of Texas 10. Talk to me 11. Kiss me 12. Rollin’ & Tumblin’ 13. Had we not

Kellie Rucker has a raspy voice like Bonny Taylor. In addition to the distinctive voice is also the fact that the woman is an excellent harmonica player. On the album, which is home to a total of 13 songs, she presents a mix of rock, Zydeco, swing and Americana. A very daring blend, which clearly shows how changeable Kellie Rucker and her music is.

Doug Adkins – Waltz Across Montana

http://www.dougadkins.com/ Lyric Mountain Inc

Ain’t Gonna Play, Loved You More, Mary Jane Riley, Why Not, Playin’ To Win, Bismark, One Fine Mamma, Ropin The Wind, Yippee II Yippee AA, Waltz Across Montana, Nothin’ Left, To Santefe

Doug Adkins is one of the artists who made the big leap, but have a loyal and large fan base in Germany and overseas. His latest album, “Waltz Across Montana” is country music from the heart of Montana. Dancers will certainly have their very great pleasure in each song, as Doug Adkins has ensured that almost invite all to dance.

Audie Blaylock And Redline

– Cryin’ Heart Blues

http://www.audieblaylock.com Rural Rhythm Records  RHY-1060

1. Cryin’ Heart Blues,  2. All I Can Do Is Pretend,  3. Matches,  4. Can’t Keep Runnin’,  5. You Can Keep Your Nine Pound Hammer,  6. Stay Away from Me,  7. Drink Up And Go Home,  8. Troubles,  9. Pray The Clouds Away, 10. Let’s Part The Best Of Friends, 11. Talk To Your Heart, 12. He Is Near, 13. Rummie’s Run

“Cryin’ Heart Blues” is already a somewhat confusing title for an album that is pure Bluegrass. But Audie Blaylock And Redline halted, as so many bands before them simply uses a track from the album as an album title. And honestly, it’s one we really care but in the end is like the title of an album, as long as the music is good. And the music is good on the album by Audie Blaylock And Redline, easily said. Bluegrass Music is one of the few genres where it depends on the quality of the singers and musicians. The quality is reflected in all 13 songs.

Anna Garrott – Only Time Will Tell

www.AnnaGarrott.com Blue Steel Records  AGJV-4808-CD

1. What a Way to Go 3:13 2. Two More Bottles of Wine 3:21 3. Silver Wings 3:20 4. Trouble is a Woman 3:21 5. As Soon as I’m Over You 3:27 6. Pink Roses 4:19 7. To My Heart From Me 3:36 8. Only Time Will Tell 4:18 9. Where We Wanna Go 3:17 10. Get The Hell Outta Dodge 3:22

Anna Garrott, in a fire ignite the passion when on stage. With her passion for country music, she draws rally the people in their spell. With the album “The Only Time Will Tell” her potential shows everything. If you would like to receive more information about Anna Garrott;  www.myspace.com/AnnaGarrott

Bobby Charles – See You Later Alligator

Bear Family Records  BCD 17207 AH

1. Later Alligator (See You Later, Alligator) 2. On Bended Knee 3. Don’t You Know I Love You (You Know I Love You) 4. Why Did You Leave 5. Watch It, Sprocket 6. Why Can’t You 7. Take It Easy Greasy 8. Time Will Tell 9. Ain’t Got No Home 10. No Use Knocking 11. You Can Suit Yourself 12. Laura Lee 13. I’m A Fool To Care 14. Mr. Moon 15. I’ll Turn Square For You 16. Lonely Street 17. Over Yonder 18. Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey 19. One Eyed Jack 20. Yea Yea Baby (Yeah Yeah) 21. Good Lovin’ 22. Your Picture 23. No More (I Ain’t Gonna Do It No More) 24. I’d Like To Know 25. Teenagers 26. Tell Me Baby 27. Hey Good Lookin’ 28. Lovesick Blues

Bobby Charles’ death means New Orleans has lost a legend! Bear Family, found a true Star honors with a complete edition of his Chess recordings. With its original Hits “See You Later Alligator” and “Do not You Know I Love You (You Know I Love You”), which can also be heard in the movie Forrest Gump. Many rare photos and liner notes by journalist Rick Coleman of New Orleans. – Bobby Charles was a true original. A young white Cajun, who sang entirely straight forward R&B. He was a gifted songwriter with writing the notes of the songs, and could not even play an instrument. After a club gig, he wrote “See You Later, Alligator” and a record store owner played the song Len Chess of Chess Records before, gave the Charles contractwith the thought he was a black man. Although Bill Haley did Alligator and therefore had a bigger hit. They helped Charles in the title of his long career in which he also sang original version of “Do not You Know I Love You (You Know I Love You)”, for the Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, was a success and in Tom Hanks film Forrest Gump. – First published all Bear Family Chess Recordings by Bobby Charles. Besides the hits, a New Orleans classic follows the other, for instance, “A Fool To Care” (a hit for Joe Barry) and “On Bended Knee”, call only two. – This CD is a fitting tribute to one of the always underrated heroes of the music from New Orleans. Fittingly, Bobby Charles, Fats Domino, and the classic “Walkin’ To New Orleans” composed it. Bobby Charles is gone, his music will always be remembered.

Daniel Christian – Hold Your Breath


1. California Song 4:12 2. Deep Breath 5:22 3. Corners 3:38 4. Other Side of the Ground 3:56 5. Flowers & Song 4:47 6. Lover Like Me 3:46 7. Baby Cry 4:06 8. Worse 3:03 9. The Consumer 4:46 10. Summer’s Gonna Roll You 3:48 11. Hymn of the Scarecrow (Peace in this Field) 1:38 12. Neon River 4:00 13. Happy Guy 3:33 14. Autumn Coming Down 3:55 15. California Song (Reprise) 6:01

Singer and songwriter Daniel Christian released the album “Hold Your Breath”, 15 songs into the category of Country – folk. A record set on the fact that he committed a total of 30 guest musicians for the album.

Flynnville Train – Redemption

www.FlynnvilleTrain.com Next Evolution Records

1. Home 3:59 2. Preachin’ To the Choir 3:41 3. On Our Way 3:54 4. 33 Steps 3:42 5. Alright 3:43 6. Friend of Sinners 4:07 7. The One You Love 4:13 8. Tip A Can 2:53 9. Turn Left 3:12 10. Scratch Me Where I’m Itchin’ 3:07 11. Sandman 5:18

The band members of Flynnville Train, are Brian and Brent Flynn, Damon Michael and Tommy Bales. They are proud of their current work. But invested a lot of time and work into this current album “Redemption”. With good reason cannot be argued this is the best album in the band’s history. All 11 songs reveals musical reveals the band entirely. The big question is, can Flynnville Train beat their current album “Redemption”?

Gina Dalmas – Yee-Haw ETC.


1.Live Fast Love Hard Die Young 2:26 2. Honky Tonk Song 2:43 3. Each Night I Try 3:03 4. I’m Ready If You’re Willin’ 3:08 5. Brain Cloudy Blues 3:09 6. I Shouldn’t Have 2:54 7. Smoke That Cigarette 2:42

An album with just 7 songs, few songs you thing. But why should the album appear in a CD rack? Because Gina Dalmas has an unusual voice and the songs are expressive and melodic! A wonderful picture of Gina Dalmas can be found at http://www.myspace.com/ginadalmas1 and more information about them.

Hedy West And Bill Clfton

– Getting Folk Out Of The Country

Bear Family Records  BCD 16754 AH

1. Free Little Bird 2. Maid On The Shore 3. Whitehouse Blues 4. Little Sadie 5. Blow Ye Gentle Winds 6. Curley Headed Baby 7. S-A V-E D 8. Mary Of The Wildmoor 9. Mississippi Sawyer 10. Pictures From Life’s Other Side 11. Pity Me All Day 12. Angel Band

In the 70 years I have booked several American artists in the German folk clubs. Now for the 35th anniversary of Bear Family, I am sentimental and looking back on this days. The artists have included Bill Clifton, Hedy West, Bonnie Dobson, The Strange Creek Singers, Tracy and Eloise Schwarz, Bill Monroe, Ed McCurdy and more. Over the years, Bear Family’s Various productions of Hedy, Bill, Tracy & Eloise Schwarz has been published. Hedy produced for Bear Family LP by Ed McCurdy, which included his first composition, “Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream” sung by him.

In the years before the present anti-war song were interpreted by many other artists, including Pete Seeger and Johnny Cash. They was sung even in 1989 when during Berlin Wall. Ed, who observed the scene on television in Canada, called me and was very excited. In addition to the concerts of the German Bill Monroe (4-CD/1 DVD box), we published the complete studio recordings by Bill Monroe on CD. Several boxes including a fascinating hour of country music star, Walter Fuchs expresses. “Now it is to witness once again, of that memorable meeting of two legends: Hedy West and Bill Clifton, Hedy West, who died in 2005 and Bill Clifton, the 2008 was recorded in Nashville in the Bluegrass Hall of Fame, had 1972 in a studio in London taken to produce an album together. These photographs published in Folk Variety Richard Weize first and shortly afterwards on Bear Family”. The LP caused quite a stir in the scene. Yes, there was even talk of an extraordinary triumph for Country Music. Finally, both artists from every diverse walks of life and different music scenes, Bill Clifton came from the upper class, rather Hedy West from the working class. Both had enjoyed college education, and both are committed to the folklore of the underprivileged.

Hedy West composer, singer, banjo and guitar virtuoso was moving in the field of American folk songs. Bill Clifton a composer, singer and guitar and Autoharp virtuose for many years with great success led many a bluegrass band, such as the Dixie Mountain Boys. He also organized the first bluegrass festival”.

“In hindsight, it would combine the music of both under the name Singer/Songwriter or under Americana. This legendary album from 1974, two years previously recorded by a happy coincidence, now published with the original layout on a CD again. The voices and the instruments of the two actors are charming blend into a timeless work of art. The songs are mostly traditional such as “White House Blues”, “Curley Headed Baby” and “Pictures From Life’s Other Side”. The title ‘Angel Band’ both accompanied by Bill Clifton’s family. The music forces you to listen, it is simply “cool” the album is a must!”

Pat Boone – The Drugstores Rockin

Bear Family RecordsBCD 16498 AH

1. Don’t Forbid Me 2. I’ll Be Home 3. Gee Whittakers 4. I Almost Lost My Mind 5. Love Letters In The Sand 6. Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love) 7. Without My Love 8. Why Baby Why 9. Bernadine 10. There’s A Goldmine In The Sky 11. From A Jack To A King 12. A Wonderful Time Up There 13. Remember You’re Mine 14. Beg Your Pardon 15. April Love 16. Johnny Will 17. Keep Your Heart 18. For My Good Fortune (mono) 19. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano 20. Moody River 21. Two Little Kisses 22. Jimmie Brown The Newsboy 23. Gee But It’s Lonely 24. Speedy Gonzales 25. Lover’s Lane 26. Delia Gone 27. Rock Boll Weevil 28. For A Penny 29. Walking The Floor Over You 30. Twixt, Twelve And Twenty 31. To The Center Of The Earth 32. A Thousand Years 33. Tonight You’re Mine 34. The Locket 35. July, You’re A Woman

The pop side of Pat Boone! With some of his immortal hits, like “Do not Forbid Me”, “Love Letters In The Sand”, “I’ll Be Home, Speedy Gonzales”, etc. – all in excellent re-mastered sound! The CD also contains rarities. 35 Songs, plus a lavish booklet with many unseen photographs, a meticulous biography and disco graphic information! During his 56 years Pat Boone’s recorded career in the U.S., and 60 Top 100 Hits 1955-1969. In Britain, he succeeded in 1955-1962 over two dozen chart hits. In most of these years, only Elvis Presley fronted him! – Is his best Rock & Roll title is now on a CD with 34 songs in Bear Family’s prestigious Rocks series.

This entire CD – with the emphasis on the ballads and teen favorites and hits. It was an appealing and great listenable compilation of hit singles and rare LP tracks, of which there are many so far only on the two Bear Family box set “The Complete Fifties” and was “The Sixties (1960-1962).

Among the highlights on this CD are “I’ll Be Home”, “Do not Forbid Me”, “Love Letters In The Sand”, “A Wonderful Time Up There” (also known as Gospel Boogie), “Bernadine”, “I Almost Lost My Mind”, “Gee Whittakers”, “Gee”, “But It’s Lonely” , April Love”, “Lover’s Lane”, “Speedy Gonzales”, Johnny and Will Moody River. – With the “Rocks” edition, this CD appears in the fold digi-pack format – as usual with all, for Bear Family obvious marks of quality products, for example with rare photos and all the disco graphic detail about these individual songs.

Ray Taylor Sounds

– Country Birthday Song Album


1. What Can I Do?Rachael Williams 2:59 2. Country Birthday Song (Male)Cal Baker 3:58 3. Loving BevCal Baker 4:07 4. My Sweet Texas BedCal Baker 3:55 5. Designer GirlCal Baker 2:43 6. Country Birthday Song (Female)Rachael Williams

An album with 6 songs. The songs are perfect for a a birthday gift. This CD provides a all-good feel, because who can say to themselves that he has ever received a birthday album titled “Country Birthday Song” Album. No drawback there that the album has only 6 songs.

Teeny Tucker – Keep The Blues Alive

www.TeenyTucker.com TeBo Records

1. Ain’t That the Blues 4:13 2. Make Room For Teeny 3:39 3. Daughter To the Blues 4:56 4. Old Man Magnet 4:23 5. I Wish We Could Go Back 6:57 6. Keep the Blues Alive 3:56 7. I Live Alone 3:16 8. John Cephas 4:07 9. Heartbreak 3:36 10. I Got My Mojo Workin’ 4:00 11. Respect Me and the Blues 4:21

No Country but great blues! That’s for sure. And who of blues music can actually do something with the album “Keep The Blues Alive” from Teeny Tucker. Strong voice, very good songs, and the certainty that this album does not stay on the shelf too long before on the way into the CD player creates.

The Big Bopper – Hellooo Baby

Bear Family Records  BCD 17209 AH

1. Chantilly Lace 2. Little Red Riding Hood 3. Big Bopper’s Wedding 4. Pink Petticoats 5. Strange Kisses 6. Preacher And The Bear 7. It’s The Truth Ruth (version 2) 8. Walking Through My Dreams (version 2) 9. Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor 10. White Lightning 11. The Clock 12. Old Maid 13. One More Chance 14. It’s The Truth Ruth (version 1) 15. Walking Through My Dreams (version 1) 16. That’s What I’m Talking About 17. Someone Watching Over You 18. Monkey Song (You Made A Monkey Out Of Me) 19. A Teen-Age Moon 20. Beggar To A King 21. Crazy Blues 22. Someone Watching Over You 23. Bopper’s Boogie Woogie 24. Gordon Ritter: Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor 25. Donna Dameron: Bopper 486009 26. Ray Campi: The Man I Met (A Tribute To The Big Bopper) 27. Eddie Cochran: Three Stars 28. Jayne Mansfield: That Makes It 29. Don Terry: She Giggles 30. Bill Kimbrough: Egg Head and Chantilly Lace Cha Cha 31. Gordon Ritter: Sweet Lips

The best tribute to the artist, who perished with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens’ on “The Day The Music Died” With the unforgettable giant hit “Chantilly Lace”. With Big Boppers original version of “White Lightning”, hit by George Jones made a hit! The CD also contains extremely rare Big Bopper titles and Tribute and response songs by Eddie Cochran, the rockabilly legend Ray Campi and Jayne Mansfield (yes, from the Jayne Mansfield!) The Big Bopper, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens in the same plane crash, post up to, then only, two hits. His tragic death on the day the music died provided both for his artistic immortality. And in fact, his career was much more interesting than the comparable one or two hit wonder. For example, he composed many hits. His own version of ‘White Lightning’ is included here (he wrote the track, which became the # 1 country hit for George Jones), also Johnny Preston’s # 1 pop hit “Running Bear” for never taking the credit.

Unfortunately, he has not seen how these songs were great successes. Of course, this well-featured CD “Bopper Satt” sent to him as his very first recording from 1954 (which was at that time unpublished). It is extremely rare early Rock n roll singles for Mercury. His original recording of “Chantilly Lace” and its original LP , but the offer is even greater: The Tribute and response songs including Eddie Cochran’s “Three Stars”, Ray Campi “The Man I Met” (A Tribute To The Big Bopper), Donna Dameron’s Bopper “486009” and even makes ‘Chantilly Lace’ derived by Jayne Mansfield. There are also rare in the booklet; unreleased photos from the estate of Big Boppers Family and the first comprehensive biography, written by Johnette Duff.

Urbain Lambert – La Nuit Nava Jo

www.UrainLambert.com Caroline Productions  UP2LOR8/6

1. Le prix d’Amérique 3:53 2. L’impossible 3:49 3. La nuit Navajo 4:11 4. Juste mariés 2:43 5. L’orang-outang du zoo de Vincennes 3:35 6. Madeleine 3:33 7. La cité des fleurs 3:46 8. Rendez-vous 2:16 9. Sens dessus dessous 3:02 10. Le café de l’univers 3:33

The name Urbain Lambert is in many of country music not as well known, but he does have a influences of pop and rock music. “Unforgettable” is his double live album “Up” from 2003, which shows his enthusiasm and ability. he answers back now impressively. With 10 songs, all sung in French, instrumental backed vocally very good by Urbain Lambert.


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