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Smoky Hill River Festival 2010-Interview


Trio Globo has crafted a totally original voice in contemporary acoustic jazz. With roots in jazz, classical and sacred music, rhythmic influences derived from travels in six continents, and a combustible spontaneity, cellist Eugene Friesen, pianist and master harmonica player Howard Levy and percussionist Glen Velez epitomize the quintessential group for the 21st century — true originals re-inventing their instruments in new music both personal and global.  Some call the music “New Age” style with an inspirational uplift!

“Eugene, Howard & Glen are magnificent players with distinct musical voices. Together they have a fresh new sound and offer a unique vision of the world of music.” — Dave Brubeck

“These are true musical citizens of the world. Amidst a pulsing energy and virtuosity, a refreshing and soaring lyricism stands out as perhaps Trio Globo’s signature quality.” — Paul Winte

“Listening to Trio Globo inspired and transformed negativity into hope and pleasant dreams as their music released beauty into my soul” –Anne Shiever

The band’s Indie release in 1994:  Trio Globo by Eugene Friesen, Howard Levy and Glen Velez has a distinct jazz sound. The instrumentation is world music but the composition is jazz. Friesen, Levy  and Velez meld complex and rhythmic musical motifs with Asian and Indian musical overtones for an inventive new sound on their debut album. The musicians share an obvious energetic spontaneity that keeps the sound interesting. ~ MusD, All Music Guide

Improvisation provides the impetus for music of Trio Globo’s music, a spark which combines with the trio’s musical diversity to ignite their live performances. Howard Levy, widely known from his work with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, is a fluent jazz pianist who doubles on harmonica, playing it with a fresh inventiveness and intense virtuosity that earns him ovations wherever he plays. Eugene Friesen, the Grammy award-winning cellist from the Paul Winter Consort, plays cello like a bass one moment and a driving rhythm instrument the next, often doubling melodies with his voice for a haunting visceral effect. Grammy award-winner Glen Velez exudes absolute mastery on a wide variety of exotic percussion instruments, from frame drums of many cultures to the Australian bullroar, the Caribbean steel pan, and buzz sticks from the Philippines.

Trio Globo’s New CD, “Steering by the Stars”, is now available for purchase by STONECUTTER RECORDS!

You can also find their music available at Rhapsody, Yahoo, Amazon as well as Facebook, Myspace, and other social sites too.

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