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We have added a new feature to the site to help make your browsing easier.  There is a search bar in the top right hand corner to help you search the posts by typing in simple keywords.  Enjoy 🙂

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Bacon Rock Interviews Afresh Anne

In learning about the “behind the scenes” in the world of art, music, and entertainment I stopped in to see my friend “Sprout” who hosts a radio show at “Bacon Rock” in Wichita KS. Sprout is also a fantastic vocalist who has performed with several bands I have had the opportunity to interview and photograph from the Wichita KS area. Thanks Sprout for an amazing time and an incredible day!

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Smoky Hill River Festival 2010–Interview


Joseph Vincelli
Saxophonist, Flutist, Author

Joseph Vincelli’s signature is his passion towards his music. It is evident on the stage, in his recordings, with his speeches and in his books. What sets him apart from other smooth jazz artists is his ability to create music from an array of sources which many others would consider stretching the limits.

Joseph is a native of New Jersey, although the Dallas Morning News has fondly embraced him as a long time resident of Texas. After spending his childhood in Eatontown, a community along the Jersey shore, he studied in Boston at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. It is here that he learned a deep appreciate for the art of improvisation. Joseph took his knowledge and set off for New York City and Los Angeles, giving him many career opportunities.

During this ten year stint, he toured and recorded with Buddy Miles, Ice Cube, Bobby Goldsboro, Jerry Vale, and Burt Reynolds. Also, Joseph wrote for several film scores and movies, commercials, and jingles. Looking for a quieter life, he moved to Dallas, Texas where he currently resides. The desire for Texas did not change his New Jersey dialect, but it did change his career in a big way.

Joseph has recorded ten CD’s in a seven year period. It includes seven smooth jazz albums, two Christmas CD’s and a classic Jazz CD. As well, he recently has finished a fifteen year project, a three volume book series entitled, My Friend, Music. Joseph does not limit his talent entirely to the stage of entertainment. He devotes time to giving master classes to students interested in the industry of music. As well, he continues to write music and books for future recordings and publications.

Here is a list of his Artist Discography:
TOUCHE’ (2006)
THIS LIFE (2001)
TOUCH (1998)

Joseph has toured extensively throughout North America and with visits to Brazil, Venezuela, England, Italy, and South Africa. Joseph’s diversity with the art of music has given him such honors as the 1998 recipient of the Scott Joplin Award for achievement and the 2000 Hall of Fame winner at the Clearwater Jazz Holiday festival.  Other great awards of achievement for Joseph are: Clearwater Jazz Holiday 2000 Recipient of Hall of Fame Scott Joplin Jazz Festival 1997 Artist of the Year AUTHOR of Intimacy with Music (published 2001) AUTHOR of The Art of Tone – Understanding Our Love for Music (published 2003)

Some of the past festivals Joseph has performed are:  Mustang , Jingle & Jazz (Headliner, host) Dallas Arts and Jazz Festival (billed with Bob James) Harvest Jazz Tour (Headliner, host) Newport Beach Jazz Festival (billed with Earl Klugh & Boney James) Bass Performance Hall, (Ft. Worth, TX) Walt Disney World, Pleasure Island, (Orlando, FL) Clearwater Jazz Holiday, October, 1998 & 1999 (Clearwater, FL) Cherry Creek Arts Festival, Denver, CO Cotillion, (Wichita, KS) (billed with Boney James) Red River Revel (performed with Shreveport Symphony Orchestra) Toledo Jazz Festival (billed with Al Jarreau) Genuine Jazz in July Festival July, 1998 & 2000 (Breckenridge, CO) Jazz at the Bend, 1997 & 1999 (billed with Angela Bofill) Opening, “Guitars, Saxes and More Tour” performance, Toledo, OH Big Spring Jam (Huntsville,AL) Toledo Jazz and Blues Festival (Toledo, OH: headliner) Humphrey’s (San Diego) Caravan of Dreams (Fort Worth/Dallas) OASIS, KOAI (Dallas) Listener Appreciation Concert ’96 & 2000 Fourth of July Celebration, 2000 (Headliner) Musical Group for Jay Leno- 2002 Musical Group for Martin Short- 2001 Smoky Hill River Festival Salina KS 2009-2010

Joseph Vincelli shares his most personal thoughts:

Insight On Becoming an Artist–I was having a discussion with another artist about what distinguishes an artist from a musician. I explained my thoughts by using painters as my example. A house painter is someone who can do his job well with the skills he has acquired. However, a painter that is painting a picture becomes an artist when he paints what is from within himself. When a person is creating something that comes from his own thoughts and feelings. An artist becomes an artist when the individual expresses himself, regardless of the creative outlet, regardless of the financial rewards.

At the same time, an artist may be expressing himself, but on the whole, is recognized as an artist if those experiencing the person’s artwork sees it as an expression of the persons inner thoughts and feelings.”

How I want to be remembered–‘Not too long ago, I was asked in an interview, “How would you like to be remembered?”. For me, I think the ultimate way to be remembered is to strive everyday to contribute to the betterment of humanity through the instrument I have been given, which is music, and for people to know that it has come from a source greater than I. That is how I want to be remembered.’

More about Joseph Vincelli–

Although, Joseph cooks on stage, his first love at five years of age was a fascination for food. He continues to use cooking and eating fine cuisine as a source of creativity. More recently, he has developed benefit concerts and contests that bring celebrities and top chefs together in order to raise money for young performing artists, including the Kids Who Care Performing Artists Foundation, in Fort Worth, Texas, which raises tens of thousands of dollars every year. More information on Joseph, his music and books, and his cooking ideas are found at his website,

Joseph Vincelli was the “roaming artist” at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina KS.  I can honestly say, “I have never met a more personal and professional artist who shows an enthusiastic and warm-welcoming style of attention to all his fans no matter what age they are.”–Anne Shiever

(I was more than just impressed! Joseph Vincelli really works the crowd with his performance.)

When you are listening to the weather channel on cable television think of Joseph Vincelli as his music may be what is soothing you from behind the scenes.  Get Joseph Vincelli’s new music now available on “Jump Drives”!  It’s the newest concept for digital age in the music industry.

For booking and contact information, please email Joseph at

or call (214) 906-1059.  (If any of Joseph’s opinions are intriguing to you, e-mail him at Joseph would love to hear from you.)

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Smoky Hill River Festival 2010-Interview


Trio Globo has crafted a totally original voice in contemporary acoustic jazz. With roots in jazz, classical and sacred music, rhythmic influences derived from travels in six continents, and a combustible spontaneity, cellist Eugene Friesen, pianist and master harmonica player Howard Levy and percussionist Glen Velez epitomize the quintessential group for the 21st century — true originals re-inventing their instruments in new music both personal and global.  Some call the music “New Age” style with an inspirational uplift!

“Eugene, Howard & Glen are magnificent players with distinct musical voices. Together they have a fresh new sound and offer a unique vision of the world of music.” — Dave Brubeck

“These are true musical citizens of the world. Amidst a pulsing energy and virtuosity, a refreshing and soaring lyricism stands out as perhaps Trio Globo’s signature quality.” — Paul Winte

“Listening to Trio Globo inspired and transformed negativity into hope and pleasant dreams as their music released beauty into my soul” –Anne Shiever

The band’s Indie release in 1994:  Trio Globo by Eugene Friesen, Howard Levy and Glen Velez has a distinct jazz sound. The instrumentation is world music but the composition is jazz. Friesen, Levy  and Velez meld complex and rhythmic musical motifs with Asian and Indian musical overtones for an inventive new sound on their debut album. The musicians share an obvious energetic spontaneity that keeps the sound interesting. ~ MusD, All Music Guide

Improvisation provides the impetus for music of Trio Globo’s music, a spark which combines with the trio’s musical diversity to ignite their live performances. Howard Levy, widely known from his work with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, is a fluent jazz pianist who doubles on harmonica, playing it with a fresh inventiveness and intense virtuosity that earns him ovations wherever he plays. Eugene Friesen, the Grammy award-winning cellist from the Paul Winter Consort, plays cello like a bass one moment and a driving rhythm instrument the next, often doubling melodies with his voice for a haunting visceral effect. Grammy award-winner Glen Velez exudes absolute mastery on a wide variety of exotic percussion instruments, from frame drums of many cultures to the Australian bullroar, the Caribbean steel pan, and buzz sticks from the Philippines.

Trio Globo’s New CD, “Steering by the Stars”, is now available for purchase by STONECUTTER RECORDS!

You can also find their music available at Rhapsody, Yahoo, Amazon as well as Facebook, Myspace, and other social sites too.

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Smoky Hill River Festival 2010 Jam Session

Short interview–Bringing Hip-Hop back to the Midwest Music Scene



In the late 1800’s, a sheriff by the name of Cassius M. Hollister protected the people of a small Kansas town armed with only a six shooter.  The former US Marshall restored order and peace to this once unruly place.

Now entering the new millennium, there is a new sheriff in town. Instead of being armed with a six shooter, this Cashius Hollistah (aka cash) is armed with a machine gun clip of brilliant rhymes, innovated beats and the word of God to restore order to the rap game.

Cash gains musical influence from everyone.  (Winans to Nirvana to Jay-Z) Cash has been able to keep his sound fresh and uplifting. He’s not bringing the traditional bible thumping “turn or burn” message of old. Cash uses his eclectic, fresh, smooth sound to express his profound perspective of the message of Christ.

From Atlanta, Cash is bringing his brand of hip-hop with him, planning to take the game into uncharted waters and show the world how this kid from Salina, KS can rep Christ through hip-hop. There’s a new sheriff in town, so all of the hip-hop outlaws must beware?

Many refer to Cash as “The Mayor of The City”.  Cash is found all over the place from twitter, to face book, myspace, and other social sites.  He has started filming short clips to “bring hip-hop back” as he puts it to the Midwest.  Cash can be found with other Christian rappers, to the underground world of Rap spreading the news of Christ the King!  He has hosted many events at The Blue Goat with the “Move The Crowd” competition.  Check out Cash Hollistah.  His newest CD will be released soon!

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Smoky Hill River festival 2010 short Interview after the Jam Session.


Jimmie Lewin & the Kingtones is a powerhouse trio playing a double-dose of Chicago and Texas-style blues. The group features a vast repertoire of blues and blues/rock selections of: Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King, Albert Collins, Freddie King, Lonnie Mack, Albert King, Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, and many others. Also featured are Jimmie Lewin’s own smoking’ Texas-styled, BBQ’d blues originals. Jimmie’s Stratocaster work is complemented by a rock-solid rhythm section. There is also occasional Hammond organ and piano provided by various keyboard players. You can also find the band at numerous Blues Festivals and other big events!

For Booking and Promo material e-mail: or

Here is an article from the archives of the Salina Journal from August 2009 by Gary DeMuth

Jimmie Lewin and The Kingtones–Playing their own kind of blues

When Jimmie Lewin wants to go to a good place, all he has to do is pick up his guitar and play some blues riffs.
“It takes me out of whatever I’m going through,” he said. “It’s the feeling it makes for you. Next to my family, music is the most important thing to me.”
For more than three decades, Lewin, 60, has been playing blues and rock music in Salina and the surrounding region. For the last 15 years, he’s fronted his own band, Jimmie Lewin and the Kingtones.
The three-piece band also features bassist/vocalist Tom Cannon and drummer Erick Winebrenner, both of Salina.
The band has made a niche in the blues music scene by playing original songs combined with what Cannon called “obscure B-sides” of records by The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Ronnie Earl, Albert King and B.B. King.
“A lot of B-sides of records were better than the A-sides,” said Cannon, 58. “People haven’t heard them on the radio much, if at all.”
The Kingtones believe their audiences appreciate their eclectic taste in music, Cannon said.
“A lot of people we play for are glad we don’t do ‘Mustang Sally,’ or something like that,” he said. “They’ve heard those songs so much, and they want to enjoy other music.”
The Kingtones have made their reputation flying under the musical radar, building a loyal regional following for their energetic live performances.
“It’s not a mechanical approach,” Cannon said. “We have fun when we play.”
Next stop: Memphis, Tenn.
Their cult obscurity might change soon. On Aug. 2, the band competed with six other blues bands in the Wichita Blues Challenge in the city’s Old Town district.
Last year, The Kingtones took second place. This year they won the competition.
“It feels good to have a little validation,” Lewin said. “It gives us credibility to take the next level up.”
The band’s prize for their victory is a trip to Memphis, Tenn., to participate in the International Blues Challenge in January, an event that will include more than 160 blues bands from around the world.
“In our little blues community, Memphis is a big deal,” Lewin said. “We’ll be playing on Beale Street.”

Taught himself to play
Lewin, who grew up in the Plainville/Stockton area, picked up his first guitar at age 13 and taught himself how to play rock and blues music. Then, at age 17, he stopped playing for the better part of a decade.
After four years in the Navy, Lewin got married and started a family. He began to play again his late 20s, joining regional bands with names like Mod & The Rockers, Rapid Fire and Rollin’ Thunder.
“They were pretty much rock ‘n’ roll and southern rock bands,” Lewin said. “From there, I went right back into playing the blues.”
Lewin formed the first incarnation of The Kingtones in 1994 while living in Stockton.
About 10 years ago, Lewin and his family decided to move to Salina. Lewin said he liked the city and wanted to become involved with Blue Heaven Studio, a former church owned by Salinan Chad Kassem. Kassem had built an international reputation for recording works by legendary and contemporary blues musicians.
Recorded in 1999
Lewin and his band recorded a CD at the studio in 1999. As of now, it’s the only official Kingtones recording, although Lewin said the current band is working on new material for a second CD.
“It’s been 10 years,” he said. “I should have done three more in that time.”
Cannon became bassist for the band about eight years ago. Although he then was playing with a local bluegrass band, Cannon had roots in the blues. While attending Salina High School between 1967 and 1969, he was part of a rhythm & blues band called Disciples of Sound.
Bring on the big boy
Drummer Erick Winebrenner joined the band two years ago at the recommendation of his father Ed, a friend of Cannon’s.
“We were looking for a new drummer, and Ed asked us to try out his son, who he said was a talented drummer but was just playing drums with friends in his garage,” Cannon said. “Jimmie spent time schoolin’ him on the blues, and he had it right from the start.”
At 6-foot 6-inches and 350 pounds, Winebrenner also cuts an imposing figure on stage, Lewin said.
“He’s not only our drummer, he’s our bodyguard,” Lewin said with a laugh.
Winebrenner, at 27, is three decades younger than Lewin and Cannon, but he said he fits in well with the two older musicians.  “They’re veterans, and it’s easy to pick up their cues,” he said. “(Blues) is a natural style of music anyway. You’re able to improvise constantly and feel what you’re playing. It’s a lot more emotional than rock and pop.”
Keep your day job
Although the Kingtones are serious about their music, they’re also realistic. They know they can’t make a serious living playing blues music, especially in Salina, where performance outlets are few and far between, Lewin said.
All three musicians have day jobs: Lewin heads his own local construction company, Cannon has worked in maintenance for 30 years at Salina Regional Health Center, and Winebrenner is a corrections officer at the Saline County Jail.
Lewin said money has never been his motivation for playing in a band. For him, it’s always about the music.
“Music has always been the most important thing to me,” he said. “I wouldn’t have done any of this any other way. I don’t know how to do it any other way.”

{Story By GARY DEMUTH from the Salina Journal 08/13/2009}

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Smoky Hill River Festival 2010.  Interview taken after the Jam Session at Eric Stein stage.  A little bit of humor as the crowd kept getting in the way and wrapped in the microphone cords.  Learn more about The Soul Preachers as you read on below:

“Who are the “Soul Preachers” you say.  They are a Kansas based Trio with over 30 year’s
playing experience. Truly a Rock-n-Roll Phenomenon in it’s self  And a live show you do not
want to miss.  This is no cookie cutter operation where they will plan out what they want to play
and or say.  The Soul Preachers are just like life…….  Totally unpredictable.”


A local popular Classic Rock band that will knock your socks off.  The band frequently plays at the Paramount Bar in Salina KS as well as numerous venues around the state of Kansas.  They will be the entertainment band for the 4th of July Skyfire Show this year 2010 in Salina KS.  Get ready to rock, with the Soul Preachers.

Bassist:  Dave Golden-Dave used to tell people that he wanted to be “A Lawyer” but he settled on being the best he could be as himself.  ‘The pay is fine and you get what you put into it‘.  Dave was heavily influenced by his older brothers Bill and Aaron to learn how to play the washtub bass.  Dave as the youngest of the Three Brothers has built a strong music history as an awesome bassist!

Guitar:  Aaron Householter picked up the guitar at age 23.  Eager to start a band before he could even learn the G chord he set out to make musical history!  After a couple of years on the road as N-SYNC lead Guitarist, he was reluctantly let go.  Some say he was stealing the lime light from Justin Timberlake.   Aaron  refers to “Justin as the “Wee One.” Aaron determined to  “Get a leg up on the pile” decided to strike back with his deadly guitar wizardry and precision.  He eventually formed  The Soul Preachers to rock the masses into the next millennium.

Drummer:  Bill Jones  “Bill is the hippest kookiest cat we’ve met in a really long time.  And his drummin’ is pretty hip to”.   Siskel and Ebert

Bill (The oldest of the Brothers) is not your ordinary drummer.  Bill loves to practice and he has played in numerous bands throughout his musical career.  His band history includes:    Voices, Statler Brothers. (yes it’s true, and he “made the band cool“ if you hear the story). Crusin,  and the Fabulous Bill Jones Band.

You can find out more about the band at their home page as well as upcoming events through myspace and face book too.  Make sure to add them to your friend’s list!

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Steve Hanson has owned S.M. Hanson Music Inc. and for over thirty-five years his goal has been to educate and help people discover the excitement of playing and creating their own music. Whether you are a beginner wanting to take that first lesson, or an experienced player needing a refresher course, Hanson Music’s staff can help you keep growing in the world of music. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable with over 75 years of combined teaching experience in the music business.

Steve Hanson formed Hanson & Company band to enhance the music world.  They play many cover songs with their own style and flair.  They are always a hit at festivals.  Be sure to catch a show soon.

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Bill Burrows Band was one of the bands selected to perform at the Annual Jam Session hosted by the Smoky Hill River festival.


The Pipe Creek Bluegrass Band. The local group features musicians John Highkin, Bill Burrows, Don Wagner and Dave Ruble from Gypsum Kansas.  They were one of the 16 local and regional acts to perform on June 10 2010 at the Eric Stein Stage.

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Chic Gamine, the impishly charming Winnipeg/Montreal-based vocal quintet, has been serenading its audiences since the summer of 2007. The group is composed of singers Ariane Jean, Andrina Turenne, Alexa Dirks, Annick Brémault and drummer Sacha Daoud. Over the years, its members have been integral parts of a multitude of projects, notably, R’n’B/Soul sensation little boy boom, Brazilian Funk/Pop flavoured Gaïa and International Independant Music Award laureate, World Vocal ensemble Madrigaïa.

With a solo percussionist as their main musical support, Chic Gamine use their voices as instruments, effortlessly launching into intricate string arrangements, bass-heavy rhythm sections and lush harmonies. These multifariously talented songwriters create a sound that resonates with soul, passion and an unabashedly random and sometimes downright peculiar brand of humour that reels audiences in and leaves them begging for more. Gospel, Soul, R’n’B, 50’s Doo-Wop, Brazilian forro and French Chanson are infused into the voices and rhythms of these 5 schemers and effervescent songmakers. And the whole is liberally doused with the happy-go-lucky impulsiveness unique to Chic Gamine…

With just two years under their stylishly coordinated belts, they’ve performed all over North America, learned the joys of fly-fishing and recorded and released their first album. Chic Gamine’s self-titled debut has garnered critical acclaim and industry kudos in the form of a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination, a Western Canadian Music Award nomination and also, the 2009 Juno Award for Best Roots/Traditional Album of the Year. Performance highlights include The Winnipeg Folk Festival, The California Strawberry Festival, The California World Fest and opening for the legendary Smokey Robinson at The Festival at Sandpoint, Idaho. Plans for the winter include snowshoeing, relaxing by the fire and recording a second album, due for release in late spring.

“Like an afternoon spent in the harmonious garden of life, Chic Gamine delivers a stellar debut disc, filled with soulful grooves and rich vocal acrobatics.”
-Tony King of CKUA Radio (, on Chic Gamine making it into his Top 10 list of 2008 releases.

“Chic Gamine is the new black.” – Benwah (musician, producer, genius)

“A groovin’ powerhouse of harmonic brilliance and beauty” – Don Benedicson (composer, producer, musician)

“Dynamic, profound and visceral entertainers.” – Leonard Podolak (musician, The Duhks)

Myspace Layouts

When in Winnipeg,MB, Chic Gamine gets their hair cut,coloured and made lovely by:
Menoukia and Andree
Hair Fx
915 Grosvenor Avenue
phone: 204 – 475 – 1442

Andre Bourgeois
Artist Instict Management

Booking in the U.S.:
Herschel Freeman
Herschel Freeman Agency, Ltd

Booking in Canada:
Darcy Gregoire
The Agency Group, Ltd.
Phone: 416-368-5599 x 3247

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THE BREAKPOINT METHOD–Interview by Anne Shiever at the Smoky Hill River festival event 2010


Just shy of one year of their first official show, The Breakpoint Method has already achieved what a brand new band can only dream of.

After just a month of being an official band, The Breakpoint Method hit the studio to record their demo. The 3-track taste of what this band can offer has received an overwhelmingly huge response, from both local fans to national touring acts.

The single, “Enough for Everyone” caught the attention of “Ernie Ball” in the Battle of the Bands contest. Our boys won the contest with authority, and were soon on the road– headed to kick off the “TASTE OF CHAOS” tour in St. Louis MO, where they received a warm welcome, and a very positive response. Not two weeks later, they were sharing the stage with more national acts such as Spineshank and Straight-line Stitch.

The Breakpoint Method is putting the finishing touches on their material for their debut album, which is planned to be released later this year.

Visit their official website:
View the photos by ANNE SHIEVER PHOTOGRAPHY of Salina, KS

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SPLIT DECISION Interview by Anne Shiever–Smoky Hill River Festival Event 2010


Split Decision is one of the most sought after bands in the Philadelphia area and has
been since 1998. With over 250 dates annually, the band has risen to the top of the market by playing the hottest night spots around. Split also tours up and down the East coast from Boston to Virginia and as far west as the Ohio Valley. They also call the shore points between New York and Virginia home in the summer months.


2001 – Featured on VH-1 special with host Paul Schaffer of the Late Show with David Letterman.

2002 – Signed regional endorsement with Bud Light beer.

2003 – Signed National endorsement with Budweiser True Music. Split was picked first in the country out of thousands of bands.
The True Music program only sponsors about 100
bands nationally.

2003 – Split holds the attendance record in almost every major
night club in the area.

2003 – Split releases their new CD, Lost, it is met with
overwhelming response. They are getting airplay on the
top local rock station 100.3 Y-100.

2004 – On May 11th, Split Decision is nominated for several Philly Music Awards, and wins 4 including Best Bass Player (Walt), Best Male Vocalist (Christian), Best Guitar Player (Ray), and Best Cover Band.

2005 – Split is currently in the studio working on their follow-up CD to Lost.

2006 – On May 19th and 20th, Split Decision released a new 2 song EP. The new songs entitled Sacred and Restless are met with overwhelming response.

2007 – On November 15th, Split performed their new original song Taken live on Radio 104.5 in Philadelphia.

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About The Sometime Favorites
The Sometime Favorites are living proof that accessible music doesn’t have to be boring. Combining diverse songwriting influences with a knack for the infectious hook that just won’t leave your head, the Sometime Favorites have the range and experience to rock everything from a college party to a crowded barroom to a festival main stage.

The Sometime Favorites came along in the summer of 2006, when vocalist James East, guitarist Adam Long, and bassist Matt Chick decided to form a new band with local drummer Ray Szwabowski. East’s wide-ranging vocals quickly synched up with Long’s rock sensibility, with Chick and Szwabowski making up a rock-solid rhythm section. Things took off from there – after a slate of small club and private gigs, the band soon picked up a loyal and vocal following in the Washington DC, Charlottesville and Harrisonburg areas.

Having already opened for such national luminaries as Carbon Leaf, Will Hoge and Virginia Coalition in a scant two years together, The Sometime Favorites are rapidly making a name for themselves in the Mid-Atlantic with their work ethic and nonstop touring. All Along, their first record of pop-rock anthems produced by award-winning Charlottesville producer James Gammon, came out this spring and has received critical acclaim.

As The Sometime Favorites continue to tour the eastern United States with their driving, catchy tunes, their ultimate goal is to bring good music to the ears of many. Check them out touring behind All Along this summer at a venue near you.

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NORTHCUTT BAND INTERVIEW by Anne Shiever at the Smoky Hill River Festival Event 2010

Northcutt is country rock band from Salina, Kansas. Mix known favorites and fresh originals that stay true to the heart and soul of what Country Music is all about and you have a little piece of what you get with Northcutt. True musician’s have been replaced with American Idol’s, but those who love music for what it’s meant to be about will love this band!

The band is manned at the helm by Rob Northcutt who has become somewhat of a local hero in the midwest. When he’s not fighting the blazing fires of the music industry he’s fighting the real fires back home saving lives and being a true American in his job as a firefighter for the Salina Fire Department. Rob’s resume of achievements and notable concerts is too detailed to list but a couple highlights of his music career involves fullfilling a dream of performing on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, TN and more recently being selected the 2003 Colgate Country Showdown Winner for the State of Kansas

But Rob will be the first to say that a lead singer is nothing without the team that surrounds him on stage. Sean Herrington, Nick Lamarca, Kelly Hogarty, and Mike Voelzke each have their own story in the music industry and all the members have put their years and experiences together to form a real treat for all ages of music lovers. The band has been together since 2003 and with a fivesome of seasoned veterans in this business, Northcutt has already put some miles on the old bus treads with shows all over the midwest. Keep checking back as this site will start growing with concert dates, photos, and of course, some Rockin’ Country Music! For Booking or Contact Info Call (785) 823-0849

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More video interviews of the best bands on earth!  Stay tuned in to Afresh Entertainment Magazine for more awesome interviews with the artists.  Follow the drop down links for a directory of videos.

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Want to be an A Feature at Afresh Entertainment Online magazine? Now you can contact us to be considered for the 'ARTIST OF THE MONTH!' It's your time to shine! Be our cover story!


ANNE SHIEVER PHOTOGRAPHY - Specialist in all types of photography from A-Z! _________________________________________ Now see even more photos by Anne Shiever at: Be sure to visit Anne Shiever on facebook & myspace as well as our new AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT On-line MAGAZINE fb fan page too.

Music brings people all ages together, and sometimes people call it the center to the soul for “WHEN WORDS SPEAK IN A WHISPER, MUSIC SPEAKS LOUD AND PROUD!!!”