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Traveling tips

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10 Tips to make traveling by airplane easier

1.  SIT AND POWER YOURSELF AND THE CHILDREN DOWN! Yes, we know you are excited about traveling to your destination; but keep the talking to a minimum once you have sat down in your seat after boarding the aircraft.  Excessive noise is annoying to others around you.  Turn off all power equipment including the cell phones!  Listen to the flight attendants and follow their instructions.  If you have small children, bring something small they can do on the plane like a search a word book, or book they love to read.  Keep them occupied and talk with them about staying seated before you board the airplane so they are aware of what is going to be expected of them. Nobody wants to be embarrassed by a screaming child or be reprimanded by the flight attendant.


2.  BRING A SMALL PORTABLE DVD PLAYER When you have children, it’s best to keep them busy or sleeping during the flight if possible.  If you have a small portable dvd player, you will be able to let them watch a movie during the flight.  Headphones or earplugs are another great idea to help block out the noise too.  Remind them of the quiet time and keep their voice to a tiny whisper!


3.  TAKE HEALTHY SNACKS Times have changed and the airlines don’t always give out snacks so pack something that will not make you over thirsty.  Small carrots are a great snack to have with you but not always available.  Pack light snacks, not sweets and you will feel better on your trip.  Some people say if they chew on gum it keep the ears from popping.  Just make sure you don’t toss gum anywhere except the trash can once you are finished chewing on it.


4.  HAND SANITIZER Lets face it, there are lots of germs out there and who wants to be sick when traveling.  Pack a very small container of hand sanitizer and be sure to use it.  Make sure to visit the restroom before your trip to help you so you don’t have to use the facilities on the plane.  if you have small children, this is a must as they can’t always hold their bladder like an adult.  This is also true with the elderly people.


5.  DRINK WATER Stay hydrated!  Pop and alcohol are not going to hydrate you.  They do just the opposite.  You can pack a small empty bottle to fill with water once you are past the check in stage; however you may want to plan to purchase water on the plane.  Keep yourself hydrated and if you can drink plenty of water before boarding the plane.


6.  PAY FOR INFLIGHT WIFI If you need the internet services while on the airplane, pay for this service in advance to save you time and headache.  Many business people use this service so be sure to ask when checking in.


7.  CHECK RECENT REGULATIONS If you haven’t traveled in awhile be sure to check the recent regulations for all carry on luggage.  Be sure to check the sizes of luggage and weight restrictions for carry on and check in luggage!  Each airline may be different and you don’t want to have problems before boarding the airplane.


8.   CHECK CARRY ON AT THE GATE The airlines have an area to check the baggage size so make sure the weight restrictions aren’t going to stop you from boarding the plane.  Check your luggage at the gate.  Follow the guidelines to prevent problems.


9.  KEEP YOUR CARRY ON ITEMS SMALL AND LIGHT! Most airlines want you to check in your luggage and they allow the purse, laptop, small container, etc as one of the bags.  This means only one other bag will be allowed in the overhead compartment, so if you don’t need it with you; check it in before boarding the plane.


10.  SLEEP KIT Take a sweater, shawl or small light weight blanket!  Keep it light.  You may be cold on the airplane and they don’t always hand out blankets or pillows anymore.  Although each flight is different, your comfort is all up to you!   Have a happy and safe trip to your destination!


Contributed by: Anne Shiever

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Orlando Florida or Bust!

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afem csrd best

Orlando or Bust!

Yes, it’s true we’re off to Orlando Florida to visit with the staff at Sea World, and hopefully speak to other agents who run Walt Disney World theme parks as well to include Sea World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, the two water parks and more.  After speaking with a member of the news media on-line via a blog post yesterday, I was told they treat members of media both freelance photographers and writers with great prestige!  So far,  I have had a very difficult time reaching a member of the publicity department as of yet; but I’m not giving up hope.  It is our goal to write stories of events that happen at Walt Disney World both as a travel experience and a dream come true.  I’m praying for a miracle and we haven’t stepped on the plane just yet so there’s always still hope!


Last winter my sister and I saw the movie with Tom Hanks playing the part of Walt Disney as the story of Mary Poppins unfolded.  As we watch the actress visit Walt Disney world, I said…wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday we could go there.  My sister told me how she was there years ago while on a honeymoon and how breathtaking the trip was, the memories, and not being able to see everything and do everything.  Then she made a promise to her two children that someday they could see a real live dolphin.  Instead of driving to Texas this trip, we chose Orlando Florida to make a dream come true.


A little girl asked to see a live dolphin, and now that dream of hers is going to come true along with a very wonderful surprise in store for everyone on the trip!  I am excited to be a part of this trip of a lifetime and hope to be able to photograph some of the most wonderful events there to bring you some astonishing news and reviews about one of America’s favorite and greatest theme parks.  It is our hope to visit with the people at Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom,visit Epcot Center, see all the animals in Sea World, visit the water parks and More to share exciting stories from both children and adult view points.


We are encouraging youth to write at Afresh Entertainment magazine, so drop us a line or comment about your dream vacation or someplace special you have visited in the past and how your dream came true!  We want to hear from you as you are the reason for entertainment news.

So Orlando or we come! Off to Walt Disneyworld we will go……







Story by Anne Shiever   Contributing Magazine Freelance Photographer and Review Writer

Fax number is temporarily unavailable–please call us first before sending faxes!  You may also text Anne Shiever at: 785-577-2995


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NYC Vacation Package Experts Reveal

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NYC Vacation Package Experts Reveal

How to Bypass That Statue of Liberty Ferry Line

The staff waited for four hours in the summer sun just to board the ferry to the Statue of Liberty. Not that they needed to – their Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour allows them to bypass this hours-long line and gain access inside the Statue of Liberty.

New York, NY – (PRWEB) – The old saying goes that the best things are worth the wait, but four hours in the hot sun just to get on the ferry to visit Liberty Island, the site of the Statue of Liberty? Paying homage to Lady Liberty is a time-honored tradition, however on a recent trek to Liberty Island, the staff of New York City vacation package experts at spent four hours in the Battery Park ferry line, with the line snaking all throughout Battery Park, as evidenced by the included photos.
Not that needed to do this – their Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour meets at Midtown Manhattan, where an NYC licensed tour guide escorts tour participants into a subway enroute to Battery Park, and upon arrival to the park, grants the tour priority access to Liberty Island Ferry security, and onboard the ferry.
“We’re always looking for ways to better our NYC tours, so we decided to wait in the Battery Park line and see what it’s really like. After standing in the sun for a few hours, we knew that including priority access to the ferry in our Statue of Liberty tour added a great deal of value to the tour,” explains Barry Tenenbaum, of NYC’s Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island tour also includes a Monument Access Pass granting guaranteed entry inside the Statue of Liberty – the only way one can actually get inside the Statue. The NYC tour participants can then re-board the ferry and visit Ellis Island at their own pace.
“The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are such integral parts of American history, and should be on everyone’s bucket list. But who wants to spend hours waiting in line, when NYC has so many other sights to offer? Bypassing the ferry line and having a licensed NYC tour guide on hand to narrate the history really puts your Lady Liberty experience out of the park,” says Barry.
The New York City vacation package experts at have been providing tried and true travel advice since 1983. As the only major independent tour company devoted exclusively to NYC travel, prides itself on offering New York City Hotel Packages, Broadway Show Packages, Tours of New York City, NYC Restaurant Deals, and more. Price your ideal NYC vacation package through their easy-to-use NYC TripQuote Wizard.
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Search Bar added to site

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We have added a new feature to the site to help make your browsing easier.  There is a search bar in the top right hand corner to help you search the posts by typing in simple keywords.  Enjoy 🙂

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Follow the World’s Coolest Travel Guides on Twitter

San Francisco, CA – Planning a visit to one of the world’s coolest cities? Night + Day will tweet you there!
Night + Day writers in the 10 North American cities we cover will are now tweeting on location.
Our on-the-ground experts in Chicago, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New Orleans, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Toronto will put you on the fast track to making the most of your time, whether you’re a weekend visitor or a local.
This is the most efficient way for us to keep readers up to date on breaking news, openings, closings, hot tips, featured destinations, seasonal suggestions, and lots more.
Follow N+D’s coverage of one, two, or more cities:

Visit for the latest on restaurants and hotels, nightlife, shopping, spas, museums, recreation, and more.  Direct-message us @nightdaytravel to let us know what you think! For more information on Night + Day, please contact:

Kim Westerman
Global Community and Marketing Manager
Night + Day Cool Cities Series

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Are you planning a trip?  Want to share your photos and thoughts with us?

Just drop us a line in our comment section or email:

Give us your POV, share your slide shows with us.  Showcase Kansas, and the four surrounding states with photos and short travel stories.  Have fun with it!  Readers this is for you!  (You always get full credit for any photos used in our magazine).  You are protected under copyright laws also.

At Afresh Entertainment Magazine we want to be your #1 resource for art, music, and entertainment in all forms.  Unlike those other entertainment sites, we want you, the reader to be part of our team.  We are here for you because YOU are Appreciated!!!  YOU make the industry, what’s happening now!

Anne Shiever

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