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In The Arena with Frank Arena – Volume 2
Saliva and Puddle of Mudd – Kansas City Missouri

Small venues for National Acts are usually a recipe for disaster, much less when you put two of them in the same house along with an opening act.  This is exactly the scenario I imagined with I heard Shaman’s Harvest out of Jefferson City, MO was opening for Saliva and Puddle of Mudd at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City, MO on July 1st, 2010.

Due to the invite to have dinner with Saliva and Puddle of Mudd to start the night at a restaurant in North Kansas City, we totally missed the entire set of Shaman’s Harvest ourselves.  We did not arrive at the Beaumont Club until right when they were pulling the equipment out the back door for the Opening Act.  Talking to several people in the venue, not one person had a bad thing to say about Shaman’s Harvest and all said they brought the rock and hard.  This was the only disappointing thing of the evening, as I really wanted to check out this band and they do not make it to Northern Missouri very often.


Saliva was the second band to embrace the small stage.  Set up directly in front of the headliners equipment (Puddle of Mudd) the stage was very limited as to what room Saliva had to maneuver.  This did not stop the band from constant movement, CD quality sound from all members of the band including the vocalist, and a outright great set list that was put together ending with “Ladies and Gentlemen”.   Josey Scott is a big man, that when you look at him you would never imagine the talent the guy has for vocals, not to mention how limber he can become on stage.  Paul Crosby on drums reminds me of some of the top drummers in the rock business in being able to entertain without saying a word, and almost having his own show in the kit.  My only disappointment was I have not been able to see Saliva before this show as I am a Saliva fan myself, but only listened to them on the radio and on CD’s.  Seeing them live brings a whole new respect forward for the quality they strive for not only in recording, but live also.  Saliva will be returning to Kansas City in September, and I will definitely be taking up Paul’s offer to come and hang out with them again.  Off the stage, this bands attitude is among the best in the business, and probably the single most down to earth group I have ever had the pleasure of talking with.  All of them treated everyone around them like they were friends for a lifetime, and did not hesitate to sign autographs, take pictures, and just be part of the crowd after their performance.

Puddle of Mudd

Last, show headliners Puddle of Mudd took the stage.  When I last saw them perform live, they were on tour with Rev Theory and you could have flipped a coin on who put up the better performance at the end of the night.  This time, even though Saliva had a great show, there is no question Puddle of Mudd brought the better performance and energy to the crowd.  From the word go and the start of opening the set with “Stoned”, they rocked the stage and every inch it had to offer.  They had a constant stream of crowd surfers, included one lady that had to be every bit of three bills fifty floating over the crowd.  Wes Scantlin’s voice was right on key all night long, and I do not know of one note that was played wrong, or one beat missed.  Maybe it was the smaller venue than the last performance, but the energy in the room was easily in the top 5 of all the concerts I have attended.

Getting deeper into their set, I was not sure how they were going to continue to raise the bar to the show as it did not seem possible.  As the band left the stage after playing a cover of AC/DC’s “TNT”, it was obvious there was going to be an encore no matter what happened, and Wes exited stage right directly to a wall in between equipment instead of behind the curtain where the dressing rooms were, or out the door to the busses.  In obvious fashion, music started again, and it was “Psycho”.  Not so obvious is it was 14 year old Jordan Scantlin, Wes’s son, playing the guitar and walking out on stage.  The place erupted into the loudest roar I have heard at a concert since Ted Nugent at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Jordan continued playing with the band through the last 4 songs, including another cover mixed into “She Hates Me” which Jordan played the guitar to completely solo.  Wes, not even holding a guitar (as any Puddle of Mudd fan knows is VERY rare) sang until he threw the microphone over the rafters in the ceiling, creating a rope out of his microphone cable, and proceeded to swing semi-successfully from side to side of the stage before climbing the drum set and attempting a swing outward toward the crowd.  This was the scary swing as gravity won the battle and pulled Wes directly into the stage and a very high rate of speed.

After getting up uninjured, the song was completed and the show was completed in true rock star appeal to every fan in the place.  Equipment was thrown and broken, a microphone stand was thrown into the drums, and a guitar pedal assembly was launched into the rafters, and that microphone still hanging from the rafters was blasted repeatedly into the ground.

Overall there could not have been a better show put together especially for a 1400 person venue.  The entertainment value provided was way above the $25 per ticket price, and it is highly recommended that you catch this lineup as it comes to a city near you soon.

Frank Arena

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