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HCI Books Presents First Reality-Based Romance™ LIVE Tweetup Event

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HCI Books Presents First Reality-Based Romance™

LIVE Tweetup Event

Reality is Not Just A TV Medium Anymore

Deerfield Beach, FLFree books, free chapters, and free tweets will help launch a new Reality-Based Romance™ line of books at a live Reality Romance Tweetup on Twitter October 5, 2010 at 9:00 p.m. ET. Romance author Judith Arnold will tweet live with romance novel fans, along with Ted Skala and Erika Fredell, the real-life couple whose true love story became the plot of the romance novel, “Meet Me In Manhattan.”

Deerfield Beach, Florida – On Tuesday, October 5,at 9:00 p.m.ET, HCI, the publisher of the original Chicken Soup for the Soul books, will conduct the first “Reality-Based Romance™ Tweetup event as part of the launch of their new True Vows book series. For an entire hour, romance readers will have the opportunity to tweet with the author and the real-life couple who had their true love story featured in the book, Meet Me in Manhattan.
Each of the first three books in the True Vows series matches a real life couple with a real romance novelist resulting in a whole new romance novel category. For the event, tweeters can tweet in a live Q&A session about Meet Me in Manhattan with the author, Judith Arnold and Ted Skala and Erika Fredell, the reality romance stars of the book.
The first 100 to register for the Reality Romance Tweetup event will be eligible to win a complete set of the first three Reality-Based Romance™  books in the True Vows series which include: Meet Me In Manhattan, The Icing on the Cake, and Hard to Hold. By simply registering at, readers and tweeters will get to read the first five chapters of Meet Me in Manhattan prior to the event. Free books will be given away every ten minutes during the Tweetup event.

The True Vows series of “reality-based romance” novels where a real-life love story is paired with a successful romance targets romance novel readers and viewers of reality television. According to the Nielsen ratings, 15 million people watched The Bachelor propose and 11.5 million people watched The Bachelorette get proposed to. The Romance Writers of America reports that over 70 million Americans read romance novels and 29 million Americans read romance novels regularly. True Vows “marries” these two media in this new genre-bending book series. And, all love stories are candidates for the series and readers are welcome to submit theirs on the website:
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A Russian Twist

T.K. Richardson’s novel, Return The Heart coincides with the release of the USA’s Report on Adherence and Compliance with Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments which states that Russia has violated the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.
Although Return The Heart is a work of fiction it touches on some of Russia’s rich history which includes ancient familys, some of which have forgotten the ancient values.  Lilly, the main character, has a special gift of being able to read people’s hearts which places her and her new friends on an underground auction which Russian crime bosses have to outbid each other to win.
On Lilly’s journey she meets four new friends that have the same type of abilities which all five of them will have to combine to bring the crime bosses down and get their lives back to normal.  Lilly, Seth, Claire, Kyle and Andrew realize that they will have to take on the crime bosses with no experience and no help while still keeping their abilities a secret.  The group bans together as they unfold layer after layer of information which they will need to piece together before they can get back to having fun and enjoying high school life. The group has to navigate their way through exciting and dangerous situations as the plot to capture them unfolds frighteningly quickly.  Lilly and the group will have a reader captivated from the very first page, keep the reader curious right to the end, and have the reader living each experience as if it was real.
T.K. Richardson has the very rare ability of being able to captivate the reader’s interest while leading them down a path filled with emotion, love, friendship and adventure.  With every turn of the page Richardson takes the reader deeper into the exhilarating and sometimes confusing emotions that Lilly experiences while trying to decipher who to trust and who to love.
While learning how to use their abilities together, the group uncovers many secrets buried deep within ancient Russian history and realizes how that history is about to be destroyed by unscrupulous politicians.  The CIA and Russian’s have to start working together to orchestrate a rescue attempt across borders that will ensure that the group is moved to a safer place and to keep everyone safe in the future.  The group meets very powerful Russian politicians, including the future president of Russia, who will need all five of their abilities to ensure that Russia falls into the hands of a leader with a good heart.  While the CIA fights an endless war against crime bosses, Lilly and the group use their abilities and their new found knowledge to bring corrupt politicians straight to the CIA’s door.
As an author, T.K. Richardson’s passion and emotion for Russia and her children shine through to her writing.  Her uncanny way of using descriptions of emotions will make the readers heart beat faster, cry tears of joy, and chest fill with a sense of belonging.  Return The Heart is truly an expression of feelings most people have yet to uncover.
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Night + Day Los Angeles guide info

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In Los Angeles for the Year’s

Most Glamorous Weekend?

San Francisco, CA – If you’re in LA when the 82nd Annual Academy Awards show takes the city by storm, be sure to pack your Night + Day Los Angeles guide, one of 15 books in Night + Day’s critically acclaimed “Cool Cities” series. And before you tuck the book into your carry-on luggage, don’t forget to go online and download the free update:
Read up on The Bazaar, Barbrix, and The Waffle, all happening new restaurants since the last time you blew into town. And there are more nightlife tips than you can shake a stick at, the highlights of which are Yardhouse and MI-6. Even if you’ve gotten wind of these openings, you won’t find more detail than in these pages: What’s the hottest new spot in Silver Lake? Where can you get post-clubbing waffles until the wee hours? Who has $15 corkage (unheard of) for BYOB? Get your answers, and then some, at
Oh, and did we mention it’s free? The Top 50 listings for each city are updated quarterly online, so the information in your pocket is not only timely, it’s also trendy. Why spend your downtime trying to figure out where to go and what to do when Night + Day has already done the legwork for you? Our local writers—the inimitable Patrick Green, in the case of Los Angeles—run down every recommendation, every word-of-mouth rumor, every cult-like following to bring you only the absolute top recommendations in three categories: Hot & Cool, Hip, and Classic. So, pick your poison, or mix it up, and land in the city like you know what you’re doing—because you do!
And when you get home, check out our recommendations for Amsterdam, Athens, Chicago, DC, Las Vegas, London, Mexico City, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney and Toronto.
For more information on the website or review copies of books, please contact:
Kim Westerman

Global Community and Marketing Manager
Night + Day Cool Cities Series

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