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The past is simply the past. Cherish those great times, magical moments, fond memories, precious photos, and the beating of the heart! But dwelling on some incident from 5, 10, or 20 years can leave you nothing but grudge holding– wasting away good living on a daily basis! There is too much pain and suffering in the world to let something eat at you for decades but you never tell the person until years later when they tell you how much they love you so you just slap them in the face with the mere “acquaintance saga”. You may have tears, you may be hurt beyond the normal. But it’s better the truth has finally surfaced and you know who you friends really are, or who may be a sheep in wolves clothing; so don’t throw your pearls before swine anymore–time to let it go!

Would you want to strengthen a friendship when there is so much bitterness hidden in the cracks? Where would you try to begin again and would it really be wise? Would you be able to form a mutual trust after being told you are really nothing to them so to speak? How do you feel after you poured your heart and soul from your feelings to them? Where do you go from there. Reality just set in–it is Not beautiful like you hoped for. It hurts even worse when they were once family to you, now doesn’t it?

In today’s world when you see an old friend who you haven’t seen in years and you hug them with tears forming in your eyes, you know you have found a true everlasting friendship!. When you can pick up the pieces where you last saw each other, and talk about everything in between there’s a closeness that’s so remarkable you embrace it. love it, feel it deeply within and you know that’s what real love and friendship is really all about. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed– the feelings of love rise above all. No words even have to exchange when the smiles or tears say it all. It’s called living life to the fullest. We all get busy with our daily routine, working, taking care of others, being a parent, having a family, taking care of our pets, etc. Yet still–we are able to love with all of our heart. We are able to trust! We have a glorious bond within our hearts. That my friend, it true friends.

In my life I have family and friends who I may not see for many years, for some, even decades but when we are together for one minute in that instant those feelings of trust, loyalty, sincerity, family ties, our roots, and everlasting friendship grow even more and the bond of friendship will always be there for our eternity on this earth. Thus the present forms a new exciting chapter of keeping in touch more frequently, living and loving life, caring and sharing, allowing love to nurture into something so beautiful words alone can’t describe the feelings inside.

What does the future hold for love and friendship? Well, when it’s time to move on–you will know. Someone who refers to you as a mere acquaintance really has no passion of becoming involved with you again, there’s absolutely no trust left, and what was– has died– because of a form of being stubborn, not communicating, not telling the truth! It’s their dear John letter to the grave, it’s finality that hurts you deeply because you still love and care for the person. It’s time to forget, even if you have forgiven–even if you have loved when it hurt, even if you did try once, twice, etc. but there was always something there you just couldn’t put your finger on until now, don’t waste any more time–move on.

Let love grow and bonds form where there is true and meaningful LOVE. In the end, those types of friends will be the ones who may be lonely because if they do it to you, it may be a pattern of how they treat others unless they are dying. Then, it may really be too late!

Let LOVE guide you to everlasting friendship, eternal peace, and the gift of embracing life. Move on with grace and God’s light, and pray for those who still don’t understand the beauty of a true friend!

Anne Shiever

Many thanks to the friend who taught me to move on with my head held high!

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We’re Up and Running Again! Look Out America–We Are Back and Better!

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Just a note for all of our very dear fans and friends to let you know why we have been out of touch for the past several months with articles and interviews. Due to family health issues, Darlene Mattas who was one of the editing assistants had a stroke in July of 2011 and still resides in a Nursing home about an hour away from us now. Also, during that same time frame a group of magazine stalkers “haters” decided to literally rob us blind at Rock Band events we were covering, and also try to steal our identity, make threats, etc. After the mind blowing events that took place the next few years, we had to back off a bit for financial reasons. We really can handle the stress of seeing scum–however, the wise choice is to be above that and avoid it whenever possible.

You see Afresh Entertainment Magazine has always been established with honesty, integrity, and professionalism! Unfortunately since we were never established as a profitable organization at first and we did everything for free to help the industry, competitors who are deceitful individuals thought by stealing, harassing, stalking, cyber-bullying, and slandering us they would weed out the weak. But once record labels, clients, musicians, artists, and society in general found out the real truth from their own terrible judgement and ridiculous actions, well then you can eventually put one step forward a little at a time and relax again.

Due to these chaotic nightmares we have had to do a little housecleaning, pulling out some of the weeds, and planting new flowers so to speak. Some of the volunteer staff members have moved to other states thus covering other stories of interest now too. We are in the process of writing different types of articles of entertainment–still focusing on music but venturing out more into all of the arts; thus we will still be covering events from time to time in different areas of the world as well as doing written, video and podcast interviews, photo montages, etc. while we are finishing up the perfect novel too!

{We will be charging a small fee for ads and written materials now and then to help pay for programming and expenses, but overall we will still try to give something wonderful back to those who bring entertainment to the world.}

So happily we’re up and running again, and look out because we are back, and better than ever before! We have a few bugs to work through with the updates on the program side of the site so bear with us while we get things tweaked! We hope those of you who support Afresh Entertainment Magazine will keep on reading and spreading the word as we are celebrating our 7th year as an entertainment resource for all ages. We love you all! From the heart!

Afresh Entertainment

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How does a Stroke affect you!

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I never knew how much I loved my own mother until she had a right side stroke on July 26th 2011.  It changed her life and mine.  Mother never fully recovered from the stroke although the specialists were very hopeful.  She now resides in a Nursing Home in Wilson Kansas called the Golden Living Center.

1-DSC_0012 Darlene Mattas



Mom was one of the hardest working women I knew.  I, the oldest of three girls had more responsibility than I ever imagined while growing up; and it continued as I got older.  I was the Power of Attorney of Medical for both my Step-father Ernest J Mattas and my mother Darlene for ten years before my step-father died.  On the day of mother’s stroke, she baked over 14 dozen Kolaches (Czech pastry) to get ready for the Wilson Czech festival event.  My mother-in-law Jacqueline Shiever and I stopped at the farmhouse in Wilson where I grew up to visit with mother on the way back from our trip to Longpine Nebraska.  My mother and Jackie are the same age–6 months apart!   I knew my mother looked very tired that evening but as she stood on the porch with her dog Buddy to wave good-bye I never in my life imagined it would be the last time my mother would remember everything from the past or ever be able to walk again.


My sister and I thought we made the best decision when we chose Golden Living Center in Wilson Kansas because she was only 6 miles away from the farm she lived on and raised us three girls.  If I had know what I do now; she would have been moved to Salina Kansas where I could see her everyday instead of driving an hour to see her while visiting in a little room or in a day-room surrounded by other elderly people.  it’s difficult reassuring her things “will be better” as she sits there day after day with nothing but time to think about things the way they were.  She can’t go on little outside events unless the Nursing Home takes her there and they only have enough people to support transportation to and from doctor visits.


The results of the stroke have been horrible for her because she was always a get up and go person; even with a cane.  But I encourage people to enforce using a walker in the home instead of a three post cane for support to prevent falls.  Mother is handicapped now because her legs and knees are very weak.  She is non-transferrable unless a hydraulic lift is used.  She can’t stand for a very long time, and she can’t walk.  The health care doesn’t allow for extensive therapy unless there is a life changing event and then there is a 30 day window.  You learn so much and even then, you aren’t told everything you should know when you are a family member.  In her dreams she sees herself walking around on the farm doing things like planting roses, gardens, and baking!  She’s told me stories about things she can remember; however sometimes she doesn’t remember when my step-dad died 7 years ago or that my biological father died when I was four.  She remembers the present very briefly, too.


I have devoted my life to making sure I never miss any of her doctor appointments, and whenever she is in the hospital I am there with her as her POA over medical; yet I still don’t have all the answers to questions.  But I can tell you that some of the stories you hear about in Nursing Homes are very true.  There isn’t always enough staff to make sure everything is done in a timely manner.  Communications are terrible, and sometimes the family is still the last to know what may be very important.

In my own lifestyle; I gave up writing for a brief time, and taking photos of what I love because I didn’t want to miss anything regarding mom.  My mother wants me to do a book of photos from travels and write stories about the places I see, things I do, and memories to pass on to my own son.  She said “I wish we would have written down more things”.


Our mother gets extremely lonely and very depressed.  She’s stuck in a situation I can’t change.  Her stroke has affected me and all the family members who were close to her.  Twice she has been hospitalized for becoming severely dehydrated and she’s had close calls where I thought we were losing her.  I made a promise to her I would continue to write and take photos so now I tell her where I am going and what I am doing via phone.  I encourage other family members to please go see her, and write to her.  I just wish that employees who worked in the homes would stay with her long enough to make sure she can read her letters and cards as sometimes she has mail she has not opened for a month.  When her eyeglasses were lost in the Nursing Home and they had not ordered any like they said they would; my sister and I knew mom couldn’t see anything without those glasses.  When I got them ordered and drove them to her; she said “my gosh daughter, now I can see what I am doing.”  Your five senses mean so much, and without them things are difficult.  Make sure your loved one has their glasses, their teeth, and their hearing aids when they need them.  They are too embarrassed and upset to complain and it’s up to you to make things happen.


So please, look around you; and learn a valuable lesson before it’s too late.  Tell those you love how much you mean to them.  Cherish all those family moments, for once they change–they don’t come back.  The signs are not always there for us to see; but when your body tells you to rest awhile make sure you do.  Follow up with your doctor and don’t be stubborn.  It may cost you more than you think.


It’s difficult to have someone you love so much live in a Nursing Home; however unless you are quite wealthy it costs so much to have in-home health care round the clock.  File complaints when you need to and stand up for those you love because they lose their rights when you aren’t always there to protect them since someone else decides what is the best for them without your knowledge.  You may be treated like an outcast once you file the complaint; and the main offices only want to hear a part of your side until you threaten to take it to the news media.  Document everything from day one!  Protect your loved one and yourself.


It’s true–these nightmares happen!  Don’t let them become yours too.



Written By Anne Shiever

Salina KS Freelance Writer

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Dreams Come True

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DREAMS COME TRUE   A little girl’s dream comes true…   When my sister told her two children ages 9 & 6 she would take them to see a real live dolphin once she sold her houses, Lauren never thought her dream would come true!  Lauren was always fascinated with dolphins.  She loved watching movies with dolphins, collecting them, and even did a science project concerning Echo Location which she received a Bronze Metal for all because of the fascination and love of dolphins.

Lauren has a very unique collection of dolphin items that she adds items to frequently.  Her mother designed “the treasure box system” as a way to accomplish simple tasks for the children while growing up.  Positive actions are rewarded by collecting marbles and negative reactions cause the removal of the marbles from the children’s jar.  Once a specific number of marbles are collected an item may be purchased from the “Treasure Box”!  The remarkable reaction is children are taught the value of money using the marbles as well as the importance of helping their parents, positive behavior, doing their best in school, and showing concern and consideration of one another (no fighting).  Many of the treasure box items have been dolphin figures.

Once the movie Dolphin Tale was written about a true story–the dolphin named Winter, Lauren became even more interested in learning about dolphins.  The children love the movie and hope to meet Winter in person while they are in Florida.  Winter resides at “Clearwater Marine Aquarium” in Florida.  A surprise for the children has been added to the trip!  Lauren also did a project on Conservation using the Tree as a focal point in building a strong foundation in the family as well as conservation and the roots of where it all began.  Her poster won first place in Russell Kansas and has been submitted for Kansas State contest.  Lauren loves to do projects and she is a very talented little girl.  Now, she has been learning to mimic the sounds of a dolphin.  Lauren has several books on Sea Life, but the Dolphins are her favorite!

Lauren will be headed to Orlando Florida soon with her brother Jonathan, her mother, and her Aunt.  Once in Orlando, Lauren will be writing about her experience seeing a live dolphin for the first time as well as what it is like to have a dream come true.  I will be writing articles of interest from the land of Florida.  Make your dreams come true this summer!  Keep your family roots strong and conserve the love and blessings in your family.


Keep reading Afresh Entertainment Magazine as we bring you updates from Orlando Florida.


Written By: Anne Shiever Freelance Writer, Photographer, and Publicity Chair of Kansas Author’s Club

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Read this piece and then ask yourself how you would feel if the same thing had happened to you.  How do lies hurt others?  How many lies have to be told to cover up the real truth?  How do these lies affect your lifestyle?  How do they affect society in general?  Most of all what can we do to come forward when we become a victim of a vicious prankster?  Please share your comments and your stories with us.  Tell us about your adventures from social sites.  Did you find what you were looking for or has it been an issue to constantly deal with?  We want to hear from our wonderful readers.


Saying goodbye is never very easy

When you’ve been hurt a time or two

It’s time to let the world know now

Here is what I won’t ever miss about you

Three long hours, you yelling on the phone

No kiss, or warm hug, or nice little hello

It was just hurry up and get here baby

You’re late, and we have just got to go

Your stinking’ laundry clean or dirty

Now who would really ever know?

From all the papers and the nasty trash

Scattered everywhere from head to toe

As you doused yourself at night

With imitation “Cool Water” cologne

I got to know your wonderful brother

So I didn’t have to be there alone

I can remember shopping at the Sears store

Buying sets of sheets just to make a clean bed

Not knowing what else might be found

It was always something I would dread

Cock roaches, fleas, and the spiders

Who climbed all over the wall

Sleeping on your dirty sheets

That simply made my skin crawl

How could you live so dreadfully gross?

Your weekly bath always seemed to amaze me

Then you put on your crowd security uniform

From the dirty floor for all the world to see

I hated the mold from “science projects”

Those nasty dirty dishes scattered here and there

A thorough cleaning didn’t mean a thing

Cause you didn’t really even care

Bags of garbage I hauled downstairs

Many times I did this over and over again

Like “Mrs. Doubtfire” I never complained

But you couldn’t even hit the trashcan my friend

Mice scratching on the bathroom wall

Roaches crawling into the bathtub too

One loud scream but you didn’t hear me call

You said you had “better things to do”

I remember how I passed out once

Tossing water in my face without a care

When my migraine was so painful

It was more than any human could bear

I was always your knight in shining armor

Whenever you were physically or emotionally hurt

Playing taxi driver to get you some medical help

While you continued to treat me like dirt

When I met you on a MySpace page in 2008

From a magazine editor who thought you were great

You said you were calling me from a photo studio

But you were really just setting up the bait

I believed in someone who was said to be true

And that I admit was my biggest mistake

You have your story so down to a routine

It’s difficult to know that you are a fake

All of your profiles on social sites were lies

From the “crime scene photographer and instructor”,

To the ex-football player and the stripper too

But best of all a mistreated daddy and mentor

The abused husband and great security cop

A man of many unknown faces and disguise

Can you think of yourself as an honest man?

When all do you is live with more crazy lies

You knew that I was always honest and true

And you played a con game like a routine

Using your children who had been abused

Your sympathy pot was your greatest scheme

The truth should be told about how we met

As you completely lied to me through and through

You never finished high-school, don’t have a GED

Or any real training to actually compliment you

You told me you taught crime scene photography

Drove a police car and had to shoot a gun to qualify

But I found out law enforcement didn’t even know you

There was no class, cause it was all just a big lie

You didn’t even know the Chief of Police

You had a rap sheet in every surrounding county

I should have looked through court files first

But nothing you do will ever really astound me

You give the word Freelance a new meaning

Cause honey a Freeloader is what you really are

My gosh, you didn’t even have auto insurance

All those times you were putting miles on my car

If I had known the truth like I know now

I would never have wasted my time to meet you

You would never have been a friend

No matter what I was going through

You tried to talk me into buying a weapon

Telling me how bad you needed it for your work

But you had your weapon taken away from you

Because of what you really did, you crazy jerk

You’re constantly whining all the time

And your complaining almost everyday

I don’t miss the pouting and the silence

When things didn’t always go your way

And all of your violent temper tantrums

Whenever things didn’t go just right

Oh how many times I had to keep my mouth shut

So there wouldn’t be a terrible fight

I saw you alter several emails to forward them

To try to make you look like “a real prize”

Oh how I wanted to tell them all the truth

As the innocent read all your terrible lies

You took my pain pills from my suitcase

Yep, I know you’re a “pain pill junkie”

How many did you get from the streets?

Yeah, you’re really “a bad little monkey”

All those movies and CD’s I bought

And the childish games you had to play

All the meals I was forced to pay for

And all the gas expense along the way

I already had the experience that I vowed to learn

To start the online magazine in the year 2008

Oh yeah, you begged me to be a part of it

And everything was going to be just great

Truth be told you lied about the Metal Man

Who started a magazine with your stolen lap top

Using him to get into the concert shows

But when is this madness going to stop

You can still laugh at everything I bought

While you sit your dirty touché in my office chair

Everything to start a small business in KC

Then smile inside cause I won’t be there

All the business property you promised

Many times you were going to pay for

And your signed contract from May 2009

That’s something we won’t ever ignore

How you got me involved with the “metal man”

To get in good graces with “Live Nations” and “AEG”

Yep, you always think about your own self first

With no regard for what you all have done to me

You schemed, planned, and taunted my family

My friend, you play a vicious game so well

While you play the part of a broken hearted father

Who by his own fault may be doomed to living hell

You’re very demanding and self-centered

Well maybe you’re just “high strung”

Sometimes when I’d hear your pathetic voice

I’d hope someone would rip out your tongue

I hated how you used those three little children

Like they were just a pawn in a sick game

Playing the part of the innocent daddy

When the truth put most people to shame

What did you teach those precious children?

When you lie so much that I feel their pain

I know they’re in a much better place now

No need to let them know you could be insane

I loved those little precious children of yours

And all of your wonderful family members too

It’s really quite a sad moment in my life

When I think of what you put me through

The times I paid for other things

When I wanted to do something nice

Then I paid for a computer for the kids

Somehow I just kept paying the price

I should have looked at your criminal record

I would have never got involved with you

Or some of your master con friends

And the wicked games that they play too

I’m surprised they don’t check your performance

And watch how you really check the cars at night

Find out how you really did become so injured

Or how many times you may have started a fight

You take what you can while you beg for more

As you search for more female players on the net

You don’t know how much I’ve prayed for you

Cause you don’t have your act together yet

Those women better become more aware

Cause they really haven’t got a clue

Nobody will really ever understand

What it’s like being close to you

Your stories become greater and bolder with age

The lies have taken you in deeper and deeper

Looking at you is like seeing the devil himself

Being in a horror movie, waiting for the grim reaper

So when you talk on your cell phone

Use your blue tooth– gee I paid for that too

Ranting and running your demented and twisted tongue

Those minutes can’t add up to what I’ve done for you

You talk trash about the “bands” and record labels

You claim that “everyone owes you so much money”

Truth be told, it’s the other way around

But none of us think you’re very funny

Someday maybe they will search your backpack

Or catch you on camera as you so carefully steal

Oh one day soon, you will eventually slip up

While you search for the ticket of your next meal

You’ve altered photo passes at indoor concerts

You’ve even stolen lanyards right from the venues

You’ve taken things from your own work place

Yeah, honey you have even made the news

You tried to start a charge account using my name

With a photography store in NY over the internet

Don’t you know that fraud is a very serious crime

But this is something so dishonest that I will never forget

I have saved their letter for my evidence

In fact I have saved more than you will ever know

I even paid for your photography site on pbase

But really there is no studio for anyone to go

Yes I’ve saved all of your hateful emails

Especially your nasty phone text

And even on the ‘facebook’ walls

I never know what else I should expect

You create multiple accounts on social sites

You might even have one for each personality

But I have nothing to really hide from you

Yet, you still seem to want a piece of me

You’ve had several people you know threaten me

And many others who may want to do me in

But God knows I’m really not afraid of you now

He will guard me to guide me away from your sin

When I think of how you take advantage of your mother

Especially when she works hard to make ends meet

And how you sponge off of your dear brother

While you run your mouth and sit on your seat

It makes me feel so depressed and sick inside

You don’t seem to have any remorse

You’re a pathetic 40 year old child

Setting up a devastating crash course

I’m ashamed of myself for ever caring about you

Yes, that was my second big mistake

I shouldn’t feel sorry for the weak like I do

Life is not just a give—not just a take

I’ve built up a strong wall around me

And a solid foundation of great friends

With God to lead me on a better path

By the gracious message he sends

I met many women who you have used in the past

I’ve seen disturbing photos on your computer screen

Sometimes I wonder how long the next victim will last

As you stalk and plot against the innocent human being

Oh you may have the fools fooled for now

And your job probably doesn’t know the truth

But the evidence will all stack against you

And then watch the fireworks as they cut loose

I know you’ll just find a new “cash cow”

From all of those women you so befriend

But honey, I’m so done with you now

You get it– this is simply the beginning to an end

I guess you better work more hours to pay me back

I won’t be around to ever lend you a hand again

I still have impeccable proof and all of my receipts

Yeah honey, think fast…you owe me over “4 Grand”

While you TRY to destroy all of those around you

It’s all just simply just a matter of time

Theft, lies, vandalism, deception –what next

They’ll have all the proof to link you with the crime

You can tell people that I “sleep around”

Just to get “backstage” with all the bands

But when the law comes looking for you

It will be taken completely out of my hands

Go ahead and keep stealing my photos and things

You can say you’re a writer for many a magazine

Tell your side of the story to the news and radio shows

Just know— you’re the only one causing a scene

The more you try to do to hurt or destroy me

The more stories I’ll just have to write about

Your true colors will come shining through

Believe me—there’s absolutely no doubt!

It’s too bad the names had to be changed

To protect the guilty parties in this case

I’m really sorry that I ever believed in you

And I will never forget your changing face

You tried to turn my life into a terrible nightmare

When an “I’m sorry” would have meant so much

Though the more truth I’ve learned about you

Tells me there’s really nothing more to discuss

It’s time the real truth begins to show surface

But, I do hope you find a way to come clean

Before you find yourself and the gang locked away

And you all finally get to make the great jail scene

It’s too bad you and your little group

Don’t want to see the real complete truth

I was never seriously in love with you

But trying to get them to see it is no use

I’ve tried to keep you totally out of my life

Over and over again and again

You’ve got to start admitting your mistakes

Before you can move on my old friend

You never had anything more than just a piece of my heart

I know that you really never cared

Maybe it’s time for you to search your inner sole

Then remember the few good times we may have shared

You see you are nothing more than an ol’ memory

People can change when they get the help they need

You’ve got to focus on admitting your guilt from the lies

Before you are really ever going to fully succeed

I vow, if anything ever should happen to me now

Just think where they are going to look first

You may think you won the game this time round

Though now, you are the one who is forever cursed

You see you can take away material things

You can rant to low life trash like yourself

You better start seeing a professional doctor

Cause you’re not an idol for anyone’s shelf

Yes, I know about your anger management

It’s the violent nature of the savage beast

And the court file documents can always be seen

But you don’t seem to worry in the least

So how many times did you lose your kids?

Wow, you even got booked twice on “Jerry Springer”

You try to follow in your father’s footsteps

But honey, you’re actually an awful singer

Maybe we should find the old show archives

Then put them all up on you tube to see

But I couldn’t ever do something like that

To cause hurt to your many great family

You tried to upset my own son many times

You even threw your outrage at my spouse

So if you know what is really the best choice

You’ll keep your gang away from my house

You can constantly talk trash about me

As my family and friends keep movin’ on

You’ve tried to bring negative drama to pull us down

But we know we are dealing with a sick con

I gave up many a dear friend over the likes of you

Though friends may all come and go

Those who know me so very well

Say that “you will eventually reap what you sow”

If you think you are someone invincible

You better think long and hard again

Spend some time and go back to high school

Then start a new life my old dear friend

Yeah you are the great KC photographer

Oh we know how “you manipulated the vote”

But we saw all the angry and disturbed faces there

And news media was sure to take note

Keep living your lies like you are doing,

In sweet denial of all you do so wrong

Someday you’re going to be an old lonely man

Singing your same ol’ sad and sorry song

Oh sweet little man with the baseball cap

And the cargo style blue jeans doused in cheap cologne

Sit there and stare back at your computer screen

Then ask yourself “how does it feel to be alone”

I’ll never really miss you my old friend

Truth is you’ll never succeed in anything

So just lie.. lie.. lie.. like Pinocchio did

And then reap all the sadness you bring

Some people call you the “butt hole” of KC

Since they only see a small “stack of crap”

Like a mouse going after the cheese

Watch the springs bounce back from the trap

Even if you changed your attitude

Or you had a complete “remake”

Those of us who already know the truth

Would still see you as ‘the great fake’

Men like you are a dime a dozen

Honey, you’re not even a nickel’s worth

Now it’s time for me to fly so free

While you sit here and rot on this earth

Yes, I’ll never miss you my old friend

When I am gone your legacy will live on too

The true stories will spread like a wild fire

And that will be the last straw for YOU!

I guess you could call this piece, “a closure”

As I continue writing the chapters you seek

Sending scripts to others for safe-keeping

But honey, you won’t ever get a sneak-peek

You can call it your “chance at fame”

It may really only last a great minute

Now tell your goons to stay off my back

Cause their may be others written in it

They say “watch what you say to a true writer”

Cause your words verbatim may be in their next book

Suspense, thriller, romance, mystery, or more

No doubt, the world will have a new outlook

You see when you tell a lie you can’t go back

Then the drama you created just gets bigger

You could be responsible for someone’s own life

If the wrong person decides to pull the trigger

I don’t believe you will really ever come clean

Though for your family’s sake I wish you would

It would take one of God’s great miracles

For you to live by the truth like you should

Oh Yeah, I’ll never miss you my old friend

No matter where time may lead you to go

But “honesty will always be the best policy”

This is something that everyone should know

There’s one more thing I really need to add

Try learning to say I’m sorry and mean it when you do

Stop telling so many slanderous lies to others

Then turn to God to make the right choices for you

When you live by lies only hate and distrust

Is what you will gain by your disgust

You’ll never make it in the professional scene

Once word is out and you’ll see what I mean

Keep talkin’ your smack to put other’s down

Someday you will learn when there’s nobody around

I’ve said all I can for now but there’s more

Cause nobody knows what God has in store!

I’ve added this verse just for you my old friend

Since you care so much to read and vent

YOU were a project to see how con men live

And what I share now is Time Well-Spent

I’m sorry I never could love you back

The way your imagination thought I should do

Someday with God’s help you will get back on track

Forgiveness is divine when you can find that part of YOU

Dedicated to: My little Camera friend in the KC area…..I will pray for you!!!  May GOD help you.

About this piece—I hope my readers will learn something wonderful from it!

*  Watch out for internet scams. There are too many out there and innocent people get their lives turned upside down. Find out everything about the person before you ever meet them. Make sure that your involvement with them doesn’t cost you the important things like family and friends. Material things don’t really matter in the end, and you never seem to get back everything that you have lost. But stay safe—no matter what it costs.

*  If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably isn’t worth it. When people talk trash about you, those who are truly honest will get to know you before they pass a harsh judgment. You may hurt and go through living hell for awhile, but stay strong and ask God to help you. We learn by our mistakes, and sometimes they teach others too.

*  True friends will always come back to you and stand beside you when things get tough. You will learn about those who really became your friend just to use you for something that might benefit them. Although you may shed many tears from living in a nightmare, you’re not alone. Look for support groups if you need to, or talk to a medical professional.  You have to admit your mistakes before you can move on, even if they are just a simple mistake of caring about the wrong person.

*  Always, watch your back. Get to know your surroundings, and if you have to keep some evidence with you for protection then do it. Alert the police if you are traveling somewhere that someone might want to hurt you. Ask for an escort if you need to, or don’t travel alone. Stay alert! Stay alive!

*  When you receive threatening emails from other people who believe the lies then ask yourself what type of person they are and try to just ignore them too.  They are all just useless people trying to pull you and your family apart because they have a “sickness” and they all need to “seek help from medical professionals”.

*  Keep documentation of everything, and remember that even if you erase something from a computer; it can be found and traced. You will be caught if you continue doing wrong.  The FBI, KBI, and other Law Enforcement people will back you.  They are there to help and they want to catch the cons!  Internet stalking is a crime,  Internet threats are serious business.


Looking back at this experience helped me to know that there are many people who end up with sadness, threats, destruction, and more because of bad internet friendships.  You may never get the truth out there to the world, so just keep believing in yourself and do the right thing.  Stay honest.  Live by the golden rule!  Ask God to lead you and guard you and guide you.

For the people who opened their homes and their hearts to me, I will never forget how wonderful you were.  I will always love you even if I never speak to you or see you again.  Sometimes ties aren’t worth keeping but the great memories will always be there in spirit.

Don’t be so quick to trust someone. Find out if they have been completely honest with you. Sometimes goodbye really is your “second chance”!


If you are reading this article and the lengthy little poem but you also know a person who lives in a world of lies or fantasy dreams, then try to see some good in them.  Learn this from the article!  Don’t hate the weak, or the troubled minds for they need to get professional help.

I’ve been through vandalism, threats, thefts, and lots of terrible things in the past two years because these horrible people just won’t leave me alone.  “Cease and desist” meant nothing to them, and I continually get threatening emails and comments to posts.  I have been called the “jilted lover”, the “woman who is old”, the one who “should stay out of the Media world”, ” a certified crazy bitch”, “a girl gone mad” and even much worse by them and their followers.

But I think they forget the type of job I have to do every day and these words are just what they are…dirty words.  They don’t have the affect on me that these predators would like them to have.  I’m ready for whatever they want to dish out next!  It will be more paperwork for the courts.

I know these sad and confused drama seekers don’t have a clue because they want to stick up for this individual and the “gang of cons” that they all are.  Honesty is REAL!  Keep it real, and learn the truth before you spew your spit and end up in court .

Don’t throw your pearls before swine.  Don’t ever be ashamed to tell people the truth for you may be saving another person’s life.

I think the saddest thing is that you reach a point where you don’t care anymore what they say to you.  Lately I’ve been threatened again to be “sued for telling the truth, writing about the truth and trying to warn people before there is another victim”, but as you can honestly see when you read this article that there are no names posted here, and the author is also unknown !!!!

This is the true story of a man who is very manipulative and unless you have been personally involved in a business or personal relationship with him; YOU CAN’T POSSIBLY KNOW WHO HE IS! Those who have come forward with their own stories are helping this case everyday.  All I really want is to be able to do what I am doing without having to constantly look over my shoulder to protect my family and me as we continue to move forward doing what we love by helping others and spreading good words to bring comfort.

Eventually even their small group of followers will begin to notice when things are corrupt, and good people will not want to be dragged into a court battle because some man keeps trying to haunt and taunt.  Most important, it takes years to build a solid case against a criminal but when you do they will have plenty of time to regret the things they have done.

The problem with all of them is that music, art, and entertainment is a “drive”. Vow to tell the truth no matter how much it hurts!

I pray for them in the hopes more lives won’t be destroyed because of their hateful and childish acts.

You see, I work where people have done wrong and they hit “rock bottom” after it’s too late.  I have seen people saddened when they are alone because their family and friends have abandoned them.  I have heard the cries of many.  I bear my own pain in sadness, but I gain strength from my prayers.

I have found that doing right will pay off, and when you work with an honest competitor both businesses are extremely successful. It’s those that think they are better than others and have placed false judgment on good people that will fail in the end.  You eventually learn to make something positive out of all the negative that you keep running into, and you know if anything ever happens the law will know right where to look first.

Each day, I pray for these people because somehow they need to reach deep into their hearts, minds, and souls and move on. My family and I are closer than ever now because of all the drama they brought into my life. We are more aware of who we trust and we do our research before getting involved.  I hope that God blesses each and every one of my enemies and that they learn when to just give up and let me live my life with the man I love, my husband and best friend.


Note:  People will be amazed at how violent the internet can be when people use it for all the wrong reasons.  Tell us your stories!  Share the POSITIVE COMMENTS that will help others.  If you come here to rant negatively with your hormones outta wack,; save it for court because it will be among the paperwork sent off already.


Lastly….camera friend, I don’t hate you!  I hate what you do!

Because of you, the man I of my dreams and I share the most wonderful life of love where two hearts beat as one.  I hope someday, you can ask for forgiveness and truly repent for what you have done to me and other women like me.  There’s hope…..find GOD!  Remember this to:  Words really don’t mean a thing to me cause I know of what you are, and no matter what you do; you’ll never go very far!  Change my friend!  Tell the truth!  Just BE HONEST!

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Pack of traveling with Fido experts available for interviews

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Pack of traveling with Fido experts available for interviews

FIDO Friendly magazine experts available

Marsing, IDFIDO Friendly is the only magazine dedicated to the Travel & Lifestyle of our canine friends and according to APPA, (American Pet Products Association) spending on pets has increased from $34 billion in 2004 to $47.4 billion now, partly because people are spending more to travel with their pets. The Travel Industry Association of America says 78% of the pets taken on vacation are dogs, with cats coming in second at 15%.

Now in our 10th year, each bimonthly issue of FIDO Friendly includes hotel and destination reviews along with health and wellness topics, dog training advice and the latest fashion trends. Our pack of experts scours the latest in Fido trends, topics, places to explore and health issues Read More→

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November 20 & 21, 2010

Champion Colored Bull Terrier and New Jersey Dog “Rufus” serves as Therapy Dog Ambassador for The National Dog Show Presented by Purina©

OAKS, PA –Rufus, the greatest Colored Bull Terrier in dog show history, will appear at the Kennel Club of Philadelphia’s Dog Shows the weekend of Saturday, November 20 and Sunday, November 21, with The National Dog Show Presented by Purina taking place on Saturday at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.
Owned by Barbara and Tom Bishop of Holmdel, NJ, Rufus earned Best In Show at both The National Dog Show Presented by Purina and The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 2005. The highly decorated canine boasts 35 Best in Show awards and 138 Terrier Group First Place finishes. He has retired from the show circuit to work as a therapy dog with Angel on a Leash, interacting with children and adults at schools, hospitals, nursing homes and animal rescue leagues.
Rufus serves as Therapy Dog Ambassador for The National Dog Show Presented by Purina. He will be introduced in the stadium show ring Saturday at around noon and will meet and greet his fans on Saturday from 2-3 p.m. and on Sunday from 9-10 a.m. at the Purina Pro Plan area.
After several years in various locations, The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Shows will be held in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center for at least the next three years.  This year, over 2,000 dogs will compete each day in the AKC-sanctioned all-breed dog shows. They are benched shows, which means the dogs and handlers must remain on-site through the weekend, allowing dog lovers close encounters with over 160 breeds. The owners typically celebrate the origins of the breed with decorated exhibits that teach about the breed’s history and unique attributes.
Take-part in family-friendly fun with live agility, flying disc and diving dogs over two great days: November 20 & November 21, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, located off the Oaks exit of PA Route 422. Just 20 miles from Center City and just five miles from King of Prussia.
WHERE:              The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA, 100 Station Avenue, located just off the Oaks exit of Route 422, 20 miles from Center City Philadelphia and just five miles from King of Prussia and Valley Forge.
TICKET INFO:      Adults: $12, Children 12 and under: $6
HOURS: Saturday,  November 20      8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, November 21         8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
LODGING INFO:   Please visit
Directions and discounts are available at
Visit us on Facebook at
Visit our Twitter page at
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Meet them at The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Shows on November 20 and 21 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

OAKS, PA–Six new breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) will make their national network television debut at The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Shows November 20 and 21, 2010 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, 100 Station Avenue in Oaks, PA. More than 160 AKC-sanctioned breeds will compete for Best in Breed, Group Winner, and Best in Show honors. The prestigious annual cluster of shows Read More→
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Copyright infringement laws—Protect Your Fans & Yourself

From The Thieves!

Let’s face it, on-line magazines and newsletters are sprouting up all over the web today!  Thus this makes it harder for the people who are doing this for the right reasons to keep things fresh, live, real, and rockin’ .  Positive promotions work!  Networking with the right people creates successful business for both parties.

Why is everyone “trying to do it”????  First let’s look at the “big picture”.  Everyone seems to think, “hell, that’s easy I might as well just do it too”.  Well it’s not as easy as you think if you are being truly honest with your readers.

As a writer first, it takes long hours of research and development to build good writing techniques.  As a photographer, it takes a unique focus on the subject matter to create that masterpiece.  As an artist, we know how long and hard it is to finish a product.  Building a website may be easier these days with templates set up that you just fill up with content; however the content is what makes your own work stand out.  This is what brings the fans and readers back to you.  Have you ever been to an arts and crafts show and saw someone take a piece of work and try to turn it upside down and inside out to “do it themselves”?  Why do people do these kinds of things in the first place?  Well, to sum it all up, everyone thinks they can do what someone else has done “better, or cheaper, or just because”…. It’s human nature to want what someone else has, and it shows the beast we have hidden within us.  There’s that little thing called “greed” that makes us become “monsters”.  But what about the “right thing to do”, that little thing called “ethics”.

Ask yourself this.  How long do you want to write content for a website?  How much time and effort do you want to put into building a business?  In a sense, you are building a business and a partnership with your clients whether it is that first interview, written article, video, photograph, etc.  Each piece should have a purpose.  Each thought should be original as the idea when it popped into your mind.  Your readers focus on you because they like you and they love what you are doing.  They understand what it takes to bring them the best articles and they come back for more!

Why do you want to build an on-line site?  Is it for good intentions, positive promotions, getting your name out there, fun or a hobby, a real business?  As long as you are being honest with yourself first these are proper reasons to proceed with your project.  If you are doing it to “get free stuff”, “go to a free concert”, “party like a rock-star”, “cause hate and discontent”, then you might want to put your reputation on the line first!  What kind of person are you…inside and out?  What kind of a legacy do you want to leave behind someday?  A good editor knows that honesty is the best policy.  A good writer knows that a great story has to come from the heart or the root of the idea; not somebody else.

Ask yourself:  How will you feel in 10 years?  What will your family think?  How will what you do affect your child?  Are you telling the truth?  Would you want people to remember you this way?  How will you feel if you have lied and it caused a hardship on someone else?  Do you have true ethics?  Can you be professional at all times?  How will your work reflect upon someone else?  Are you simply a “copy cat”? What do you really hope to gain with your project?  Protect yourself from the thieves!  Here are some rules about copyright you should know:

  • The length of a copied document does not matter, nor does the amount you may have copied; even a copying a small portion of a document may cause you to be liable for copyright infringement.  If you like the article, then write it in your own words and not just copy someone else’s work!  Where are your ethics and morals????  Are you being honest and true to YOUR fans, readers, and followers????  Are you being TRUE TO YOURSELF!
  • A copyright notice (i.e. ©) is generally not required for a work to be protected by copyright law.  If you write it down, it’s YOURS!  YOU own IT!  Once you have put your thoughts on paper, it’s your copyright.  It’s yours.  But it has more protection for you if you need to present the evidence in court when you actually go through the copyright process.
  • Distributing documents containing copyrighted content without the copyright owner’s permission is a violation of copyright law even if you give the document away for free.  So be careful what you are sharing, if you care about the reputation and the professional ethics of a true business person then you will do the “right thing”.  There’s no real achievement in being unprofessional!  Eventually you will lose the fans you have, and possibly the friends or business acquaintances you have made.  Nobody wants to be shafted, and people don’t like being a victim of a thief.
  • There is no exception for private copying in U.S. law. Even if you share a work with only a small group of your friends or family, you could still be liable for copyright infringement!  (This means copying content on any website, forum, etc. and using it as ‘your own content’ without the written permission by the owner, company, business, etc. and/or without the link to the originator’s site….bascially, you are simply being a thief just to create an on-line magazine!) So why don’t you write your own content if you are serious about becoming successful.  Otherwise, you are just another con/scammer on the net!  It will catch up to you sooner than you think!  If you had a good reputation when you started, it will soon be tarnished beyond repair.
  • You can still be held liable for copyright infringement even if you give attribution to the owner or Author of the copyrighted content!  Stop stealing!!!!  This can be confusing when many sites have the “share feature”, but this was intended to spread the word with a positive impact on the root source. It’s always best to get written permission first!
  • Even if you used your creativity to make a new document that contained another person’s copyrighted work, you may be liable for copyright infringement.  Get original, or get out!!!  Stop being a “fake”!
  • Even if there are documents on the site similar to the one you uploaded, you may be liable for copyright infringement if you upload an unauthorized document!  Get the owner’s permission in writing first, and stop being so ignorant!  All of your hard work will go right down the ladder of success once people know the truth about you.
  • The only way that you can know for certain that a document does not infringe anyone else’s copyright is if you created the entire document yourself (including any images) without using anyone else’s copyrighted work.

A fresh content takes lots of hard work!  If you are just stealing someone’s work for content, then you obviously don’t want to share your real talents with your readers.  If you are a “fake”, “con”, etc ; it takes time but when you are discovered for your lies and deceit it goes a long way with the honest people who want to see some respect and hear the truth.  Some people believe they can smell a rat a mile away, and I know that as a personal rule I choose to distance myself from people who are dishonest.  Personally I don’t understand why anyone would want to go to the trouble of imitating another person unless they had good intentions and wanted to merge into a long lasting friendship.  Some of the best partnerships are made because of business people doing the right thing, living with ethics that are good solid characteristics, and showing the enthusiasm it takes to build stronger to last longer!

You have to stay professional at all times!  Even if you don’t like what the other person is doing, let them fall flat on their face.  Stop spreading hate as you are only hurting the industry you are trying to preserve and promote.  Do not use their ideas and change your pages to look like theirs.  Compliments are one a form of flattery, but stealing is stealing!  Be original!  Stay UNIQUE!!!  Do your own thing and then be proud of it.  Focus on using your energy to work smarter.  Show your enthusiasm, and new ideas will come to you.  Be able to have a sense of worth deep in your heart.  Feel good about what you are doing at all times.  You never know when someone will pull a skeleton out of the closet.  Be your best.  Do your best.  Stay real, stay honest, stay strong!

Use professional services to get your content if you can’t do it on your own!  Get involved with the fresh writers who want to contribute, and make sure to “search their credentials” as a writer.  Many times you will find that people in personal media have sites set to “private”.  These people are usually not “professional media” and they probably do not have the best intentions.  If they are truly on the up, they will want people to see what they have written, done, etc.  It’s the same with an artist, photographer, journalist, etc.  You just don’t steal someone’s work and put your name on it as your own.  This is why it is always a good idea to do a web search or background check first.  Find out who you are really dealing with!  (Ex:  Did you know you can take parts of a sentence and “google” it to find out the sources?  It may even surprise you as to where it actually came from.  You may discover copyright infringement.)

If you use press releases for your content, list them as such on your site.  Put a PR (Press Release) page on the site for world news.  The people who send you these things do it because they trust you and your business.  They want to build a positive working relationship with you.  Do the same in return!  If you are using a shared site’s information, put a segment of the piece on your site to take them to the “real article” to compliment them for their work.  This will pay off better for your business in the long run.  If you are in an affiliate or partnership program, then you already know your ground rules.  Network with the right sources.  Build a strong fan-base by doing things with good intentions!

Another thing, when you have a “verbal contract” (between two or more people and it is agreed upon) do exactly what you said you are going to do or you can be sued personally as well as a business!  If you use any photo(s) to build your artist, band, personal, etc. banner, logo, social site, professional website but you do not provide the link to the owner’s work and/or you do not put the owner’s name on their work, you can be sued for breach of contract and copyright infringement, even if you share those rights!

Don’t ever post any photos anywhere without putting the owner’s artist name on each piece!  If you upload photos without giving the owner the credit they are due for their work, you have violated copyright law!  Make sure the people sharing your content know who actually did the work.  Give them the credit they deserve.  They own it, not you!  You may think you have “nothing to lose”, but you have already lost.  You just don’t know how bad, yet!

This means watch what you use as your own on social sites, (Ex: facebook, myspace, flickr, photobucket) and other photo sites, business sites, etc.  Remember always, business is business and sometimes you have to separate friendship from business.  Pull out those weeds, and let the flowers bloom!  Please be true to your readers, artists, record labels, media, other competitors, etc.  If you can’t be honest, then you’re just not real.  You aren’t helping anyone in the long run. 

Using someone else’s work to build your content on line just to get into a “free show” is childish, immature, and morally wrong!  Going through the “back doors” to sneak into a venue is dishonest.  Telling lies about other media to make your own self look better is unprofessional, unethical, and downright dirty!  You will look like the fool once the truth comes out!

Play the game right, or just don’t play at all.

If you read the true facts from the prominent business world, you will find that working together with the competitor(s) brings great success to everyone!  Networking and other marketing tips that really work well can be found through various resources.  Build a better community by surrounding yourself with great people.  Get to know people who started small and worked their way to the top.  Listen to those who have been in a business relationship before.  Check out the facts.  Do your research.  Write your own content!

Compliment each other and share the success so everyone climbs to the top!  Stop violating copyright laws.


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This our Lifestyles Page where you will find amazing articles regarding culture, religion, every day living, home improvements, and things to make you feel better.  Live a healthier lifestyle.  Show people you care.  Share your hero stories with us!

At Afresh Entertainment Magazine we’re not only bringing you the best in entertainment, music, and art but we’re also giving you tips from successful living around the world.  If you know someone you would love to see us interview, just drop us a line today.


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Want to be an A Feature at Afresh Entertainment Online magazine? Now you can contact us to be considered for the 'ARTIST OF THE MONTH!' It's your time to shine! Be our cover story!


ANNE SHIEVER PHOTOGRAPHY - Specialist in all types of photography from A-Z! _________________________________________ Now see even more photos by Anne Shiever at: Be sure to visit Anne Shiever on facebook & myspace as well as our new AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT On-line MAGAZINE fb fan page too.

Music brings people all ages together, and sometimes people call it the center to the soul for “WHEN WORDS SPEAK IN A WHISPER, MUSIC SPEAKS LOUD AND PROUD!!!”