Blow Up Doll Launches Video Contest–October 4, 2010

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Blow Up Doll Launches Video Contest–October 4, 2010

An Inflatable Diva is Soliciting Videos as Part of Evil Plan to Take Over the World

Chatsworth, CA– The Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll has launched a video contest and invites fans and friends to make a video with her for a chance to win up to $1000 worth of toys and DVD’s courtesy of Burning Angel Enterprises and Topco Sales.

The Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll was modeled after the real Joanna Angel, who is a writer, director, actor and the CEO of Burning Angel Enterprises. While it all sounds like fun and games, the real Joanna Angel suspects an ulterior motive.

“I know she looks harmless enough with that deer-in-the-headlights stare and those out-stretched arms that seem to welcome you into an intimate embrace.

But underneath that plastic exterior is an even more plastic interior. That blow up doll is evil! She tried to take over my porn empire and this Blow Joanna Up video contest is part of her maniacal plan to take over my life and then…take over the world.”

According to Topco Sales Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Desiree Duffie, “This isn’t a plot to take over the world! It’s a fun user-generated video contest designed to promote the Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll.

Instead of people filming obnoxious videos of their pants on the ground or re-mashing Old Spice commercials, we’re giving them a real challenge. There are a lot of lame memes and parodies out there and we’re confident you can do more with a blow up doll than you can with Rick Astley—least that’s what Rick’s wife says.”

The Topco Sales Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll Video Contest invites consumers to submit videos to It solicits quirky and irreverent videos that are SFW and enjoyable to watch.

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Duffie explains, “So all you gotta do is make a video doing something whack with the doll. You know, introduce her to your parents as your fiancé, hide her in your friend’s dorm room and scare the crap out of him, send her flying across a field in one of those bungee-corded outhouses. That’s the sophisticated humor we’re looking for.”

The Blow Up Doll became animated during a freak accident at Topco Sales. Otherwise fondly referred to as The Dildo Factory, Topco Sales is a world leading sex toy manufacturer.

While on the assembly line the Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll allegedly came to life. The 2010 DVD “Doppelganger” documents what went on that fateful day at Topco Sales.

Duffie denies such allegations, “No such freak accident happened. It is a blow up doll. One of thousands of sex toys we manufacture. End of story. Now go enter the contest.”

The Blow Up Doll, however, issued this statement; “As a plastic-American I can tell you that I am real and should not be ignored! Power to the Plastic! As far as that ‘taking over the world’ line of BS, well let’s just say the real Joanna Angel is a little delusional. But don’t worry, we won’t have to deal with her much longer…”

You can follow the Blow Up Doll on Facebook, You Tube, MySpace, Vimeo and Twitter. While on Twitter use the #BlowJA hashtag to follow the conversation. To enter the contest and to vote on submitted videos go to:

The Topco Sales Joanna Angel Blow Up Doll Video Contest offers a grand prize of $1000 retail value in Joanna Angel Burning Angel Toys and merchandise. Two winning prizes receive $500 in prizes, and $800 in prizes goes to the fan favorite.

The contest is currently accepting video entries. Contest is void where prohibited. Employees of either Topco Sales or Burning Angel and their affiliates are not eligible to win. Complete rules available at:

About Topco Sales:
Topco Sales® is a leading global manufacturer for the adult novelty industry. For over 37 years Topco Sales® has based its business model on quality and innovation to create a variety of groundbreaking products and classic designs. With its headquarters in Chatsworth, California, Topco Sales® continues to grow with the most popular brand names in the industry:

Adam & Eve® Signature Toys™, Bottoms Up®, Cheap Sex®, Chi Chi LaRue’s Rascal™ Toys, Climax®, CyberGlass™, CyberSkin®, Danni’s Toy Box™, Fetish™, Flicker®, Glo-Glo a Go-Go, Grrl Toyz®, Hot Shots™, Japanese Silk Love Rope™, Jill Kelly Superstars Collection®, Joanna Angel™ Burning Angel Toys, Lex Steele™ Interracial Toys, Love Swing®, Lure®, My First™, Night Moves™, Noveltease™, Penthouse® Toys™, Playtoys™, Rascal™ Toys, Red Hots™, Sex Swing™, Sex Tarts®, Sinclair Institute Select™, Slimline G®, TLC®, Wildfire®, Wildfire® Celebrity Series, X-Rated® and the 69® Collection. For more information about Topco Sales®, please visit

About Joanna Angel:
Crossing boundaries and breaking new ground, Joanna Angel and her Burning Angel empire offer a refreshingly unique web cocktail of sex, rock ‘n roll, and pop culture. officially launched on April 20th, 2002. It has since exploded into a fierce indie company that has pioneered a new species of erotica, earning Joanna Angel the title “Queen of Alt-Porn.”

It’s unmatchable edge has claimed a burgeoning bi-costal community both in and out of cyberspace; host to an extensive hardcore video collection and photo gallery.  The site also features provocative interviews with a variety of both major and indie label bands, including Bad Religion, The Transplants, Bloc Party, and Marilyn Manson.

The website’s overwhelming popularity spawned a sister DVD Production company, Burning Angel Entertainment, to provide ironic, hip, funny, and award-winning cult classics. Joanna Angel and Burning Angel have been featured on Playboy TV’s “Sexcetera,” “LA Ink,” Fuse TV, Fox News, and KROQ/LA, as well as in numerous editorials, including The New York Times, The Village Voice, and Esquire UK.

The New York Post named Joanna as one of its “Top 25 Sexiest NYers” while HEEB magazine awarded her one of its “Top 100 Up-and-Coming Jews” along with highlighting her as their cover girl.

Press release by Topco Sales

This post was done as a test market project to see how many views will read the article as many people say “sex sells”.  Some of you might even decide to enter the contest.

Remember this is posted as fun for the adult readers, and not meant to harm anyone.  We want to get to know our wonderful readers.  We need to know what interests you.  Send us your comments, and spread the word about AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE online news.  Keep updated with us!

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