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AFRESH: What got this band together and started in this business?
CHARLIE (WKM): Really Good timing. Will Killmore was in its infancy
looking for a new drummer and I had just left my old band. It wasn’t
more than 48 hours before I contacted guitarist James Digangi thanks
to a myspace classified. I tried out the next week and the rest is

AFRESH: Who writes and produces all the material for the band?
CHARLIE (WKM):  We all contribute to the writing Process and
Producing. Our guitarists James and Steve do most of the writing while
I along with bassist Brian Daniell work with arrangements. Our singer
Joe writes all the lyrics.

AFRESH: Has the band played in front of or with any acts our readers
would know from the mainstream?
CHARLIE (WKM): Individually we’ve all shared the stage with world
renowned acts while playing in other bands. As far as being in Will
Killmore I wouldn’t say we’ve played with “Mainstream” bands but we
have played with internationally know acts such as God Forbid, In This
Moment, Waking The Cadaver, Motionless In White, Carnifex, The Empire
Shall Fall, Full Blown Chaos, Arsonists Get All The Girls, The Number
Twelve Looks Like You, and as a matter of fact we are direct support
for Unearth March 21st at Crocodile Rock in Allentown PA. That show is
going to be insane.

AFRESH: Any embarrassing moments on stage?
CHARLIE (WKM): Nothing that I can recall. I guess you’d have to ask
the other guys. I think we just go out every night and have a blast.
As long as you’re having fun how can anything be embarrassing? Shit
man, we have a song called “Droppin Loads.”

AFRESH: Any good stories you want to tell us?
CHARLIE (WKM): This one time at band camp… Well actually back to this
“Droppin Loads song… It’s about “Nasty” Nick Manning. When Steve came
to rehearsal with the tune we were all stoked that this was going to
be a great technical metal song along the lines of The Faceless. About
two weeks later Joe came to the studio with the lyrics. One line read
“Can you see my kids flying through the air? Please put up your chin
so they have a place to land.” He then told us the tune was about
“Nasty” Nick Manning (a porn star known for his catch phrase “Droppin
Fuckin Loads.”) He’s been made famous by Howard Stern.

AFRESH: Who are the band’s musical influences?
CHARLIE (WKM): We all have a wide range in musical influences. I know
as a band we really look up to At The Gates, In Flames, War Of Ages,
The Faceless, August Burns Red, The Haunted, Black Dahlia Murder,
Unearth, Death, Deftones, Metallica as well as all the metal legends.

AFRESH: What is your musical background like?
CHARLIE (WKM):  I got started on the drums at a young age. I was nine
years old. I was trained in concert band, jazz band, and later studied
drum kit under John Hvasta. I’ve played in a few local metal bands getting
my chops up. Now I find my style and approach to drumming drastically
changing by studying and receiving knowledge from my friends and
colleagues Jon Karel (The Number 12 Looks Like You) and Bob Minton.
These guys are no joke and have shown me a new way to appreciate the
art of metal drumming.

AFRESH: Any other members in your family that are musicians?
CHARLIE (WKM):  My mother was a singer and guitar player. She had the
most unbelievable voice. She actually used to make grown dudes cry
just by singing. Everyone always loved her voice. She is the sole
reason I play and love music today. Ever since I can remember my
grandmother always told me stories about my grandfather and how he
took drums lessons from drumming legend Buddy Rich. She actually
bought me my first pair of Vic Firth Buddy Rich signature sticks. They
are the same style stick I use to this day.

AFRESH: What is the top reason why you want to play music?
CHARLIE (WKM): I think I can honestly speak for the whole band on this
when I say it’s our passion. We all hate working a 9 to 5. But tell us
to work 12 straight for Will Killmore and we jump at the chance. We
are a high energy band. Every time we play live or rehearse we play
like we’re playing at Madison Square Garden. It’s that rush and vibe
that we all live for. Music is all we’ve ever known and all we’ve ever
want as a career.

AFRESH: What’s your stance on file swapping?
CHARLIE (WKM): It’s a double edge sword. On one hand it’s great if you
are a band like us. We need all the promotion we can get. Yeah it
sucks that we spend a ton of money to record and kids just download
the album without paying. But that’s the game these days. We just want
to get our name to as many people as possible. Build a fan base and
tour the world. As of 20 minutes ago our EP “Oh The Humanity”
has been leaked on something like 60 file sharing sites. And to us
that’s a real good sign seeing how we are a newer band.

AFRESH: What is your process in making a CD?
CHARLIE (WKM): Spending lots and lots of money. It’s tough but so fun.
Basically we go in with the songs completely arranged and finished.
Lay down the drum tracks, argue, followed by bass, argue, guitars,
vocals, argue, mixing, arguing, mastering, completion. Honestly it’s
grueling but it makes us all better players and more insightful at the
end of the process.

AFRESH: How do you get the word out about your music?
CHARLIE (WKM): We use every medium that is out there. Facebook has been
very nice to us. Myspace, last fm, flyers, going to other shows,
etc…Social networking sites have become an amazing resource for
musicians to connect all over the globe with fellow musicians and
fans. With the release of our EP we are in the process of getting both
online and FM radio play.

AFRESH: How is your local response to your music?
CHARLIE (WKM): Overwhelming. We’ve managed to sell out two local
venues. Ever show that we roll into a town for we are met with sick
pits, and kids going nuts. That is a great thing especially if these
kids have never heard or seen Will Killmore before.

AFRESH: Where is the furthest you have travelled for a gig?

CHARLIE (WKM): Delaware and Pennsylvania.

AFRESH:What tune on the CD are you most proud of?
CHARLIE (WKM):  “Droppin Loads” is great for the shear fact that it is
both technical as well as hysterical. I’m also really proud of “Aim
ForThe Dead” and “Snatch.” Just wait to hear our newest material that
didn’t make the EP. It’s a whole new level of pure metal.

AFRESH: Where can people access your music on the web?
CHARLIE (WKM): Well as of right now kids can hear three leaked tracks
off our upcoming EP “Oh The Humanity” on our myspace or our official
Also our entire album is available as a live stream on our producer’s web site.

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Anne Shiever

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