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Afresh: What is your name, and name your group/band/act?

Stuck On Stupid

Afresh: Where are the artists from?  What is their talent in the group? Albany, New York

Dom Brino- Singer, guitar/ Jake Rolhoff, lead guitar/ Garrett Damore, drums/ Adam Albright, bass

Afresh: How did the band get the name? Dom- I was helping my dad put up a ceiling fan and he ask me to get him a wood drill, so I went to the shed and brought him a drill. He asked me if I was ”stuck on stupid” for not bringing him a screwdriver. You have to know my dad, he thinks he’s funny.

Afresh: What (who) does your act/art consist of? Garrett-  We’re a young band and people think that we play heavy music so to get noticed we learned a lot of classic rock songs. At first we threw people a curve ball so to speak, but our love is to write and perform our own songs.

Afresh: How would you describe your music/art/entertainment for the public audience if they have never seen you before? In your face rock & roll

Afresh:  What do you feel distinguishes “an artist” from just a musician? We write our own killer songs!

Afresh: Where did you meet your group and how long have you been together now? Dom- We’ve been together a little over 3 years now. Well, Adam & I had a garage band in 8th grade, and played some talent shows together, then our drummer destroyed his set. My dad is a mailman, was talking to one of his customers and noticed a picture of Garrett sitting behind a drum set, so our dads brought us together to jam. We had a great time, and a couple years later we decided to fill out our sound so we added Jake, who we found on craigslist.

Afresh: What has been the biggest challenge for you or the group? Our age!

Afresh: Art & Music has an impact on both young and old.  Everyone loves a celebrity, so what advice do you have for the youth of today?           Jake- Find something you love to do and DO IT!

Afresh: What does your family think of your performance and do they support you? Adam- Our dads are our roadies, they travel with us & pay the bills. Are we lucky our what!

Afresh: What is your stance on how to get the public to support “live music” and see the shows?  Any ideas??? Dom- It’s really hard, but if you give them a really good show, they’ll show up!

Afresh: Do you have your own favorite type of music and is it any different from what you play now? Dom- loves jam bands & reggae/ Garrett & Jake love classic rock/ Adam digs polkas

Afresh: Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us? Jake- Girls, more Girls, oh did I mention Girls & Sports

Afresh: What has been your strong influence to continue performing? Garrett-  We love the crowds, love it when they sing along with us, but lately we see them singing our songs

Afresh: Who does most of the song writing/art/literature? Adam- It starts with Dom, and we add our parts as the song progresses, till we all like it.

Afresh:  Where would you like to see yourself within the next five years as an artist? Dom-World-wide tour & everyone wanting to open for us!

Afresh: Have you ever had any strange or stalker type fans that you are aware of? Jake- No stalkers yet, but we do try to make time for everyone.

Afresh: While getting ready to perform have you ever been interrupted by fans who snuck in to the dressing room/rehearsal? All the time!  It’s all cool!

Afresh: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment if you care to share it with us? Jake- We won’t talk about the most embarrassing but here’s one…I’m changing outside at the Midwest Rockfest, and hear some laughing, so I look up and there’s Adam with a camera pointing at me. So what else can I do but pose for him. By the way the shots are on our myspace site if you to see them.

Afresh: What is your wildest story with the group? Dom- We were in Plattsburgh, NY, playing a New Years Eve gig, Just finished a song and was tuning my guitar. The place was crazy and this hottie runs up to me and asked me how old I was. I said 18 and she sticks her hand down my pants and gives me a jiggle. I’m like damn, now the drummer is starting a new song and the girl disappears in the crowd. So I’m thinking I’m getting lucky, so I’m watching for her and later I see her leaving with some dude. I was like DAMN! That’s why I like friends with benefits!

Afresh: What is your wildest story with the group? Garrett- Yet to come!  Adam- If I told you I’d have to kill you.     Jake- I never kiss and tell!

Afresh: What are your up-to-date performance plans?  New releases?  Tours? News? We have some new songs we’re going to record, but keep in touch cause things happen pretty fast!

Afresh: If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive who would it be? Why? (Name up to three)

ACDC, Led Zepplin, Journey…would mean we’ve made it.

Afresh: What is the furthest show from your home that you have done? Midwest Rockfest! We do a lot of regional shows 3 to 4 hours from home.

Afresh: Have you been involved in any benefit performances? Many, we recently did a benefit for a girl that was killed in Afghanistan.

Afresh:  How do you think you would like to be remembered by everyone if you were gone? Garrett- I’m not going anyplace yet…I got shows to play!

Afresh:  If you had five minutes to chose a song and perform something that would leave a great impact on those who heard you, what song would you play and why? Dom- Our song “The Last Goodbye” because everyone has people go in and out of their lives and I wrote this song after a wake for a relative. We played it for this lady we met, and by the time the song ended, tears were rolling down her face, I knew we had something special.

Afresh: Do you currently have an agent, endorsement, record label, sponsor, etc.? Garrett- I’m sponsored by Ddrums and Dom is by OCD Guitars out of California! If anyone else wants to, contact us!

Afresh: Is this your first interview or do you have some other articles/stories about you posted somewhere for public viewing? Dom- There are many articles about us, google stuck on stupid band and you’ll see a bunch. We recently have a 1 ½ page story on us and performed a new song on our local radio morning show.

Afresh: Do you have any video links where people can see you? Adam- There are some on our myspace site as well as youtube.

Afresh: Do you have a website of any type? and were on facebook.

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