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AFRESH: What got this band together and started in
this business?
None of us enjoy having real jobs haha.  There’s no real reason other than the fact that our lives are completely consumed by music.  It’s the most important part of each day, it means alot to us and we want to share it with other people.

AFRESH: Who writes and produces all the material for
the band?
Every song is a collaborative effort on everyones part.  We all play an equal part in the writing process. It also helped having Jason Thompson of Militia Studios, during the recording process to help us build on ideas that were there but not fully developed.  He definitely pushed us to grow as a band and as musicians.

AFRESH: The band played in front of or with any acts
our readers would know from the Mainstream?
Yes, we’ve shared the stage with Texas in July, My Children My Bride, Lower Definition, Four Letter Lie, Vanna, and many more.

AFRESH: Where can people access your music on the web?
We’re available on facebook, myspace, purevolume and reverb nation.

AFRESH: Any embarrassing moments on stage?
Actually, in one show not only did our guitarist, Evon, break the neck of his guitar in the FIRST song by the end of the set he’d hit Brandi in the head with a microphone.  She ended up having to get stitches in the alley next to the venue. Shewolf roll hard dawg.

AFRESH: Any good stories you want to tell us?
Haha, this has nothing to do with us on stage but,  We were dropping off a friend at his house and happened to stumble across a yard full of flamingo’s.  We couldn’t leave empty handed so of course one of us hopped out of the car and grabbed a flamingo.  As soon as we go to pull off someone is yelling and running after us, we peel out and ditch the flamingo down the road just in case we get pulled over.  A little less than a week goes by, and they described us on crime stoppers.

AFRESH: Who is the bands musical influence?
We all come from very different backgrounds in music.  Every person brings a different style and influence to the table which in turn helps keep a very creative enviroment.

AFRESH: What is your musical background like?
Again, our background is so diverse that its hard to pinpoint any single genre, or bands. We listen to anything and everything and draw from all those things.

AFRESH: Any other members in your family that are musicians?
I’m pretty sure that we all have at least one other person in our family that plays music.  We all grew up in musically inclined households.

AFRESH: What is the TOP reason why you want to play
It’s all about stayin’ fresh dawg, that’s what shewolf’s about. There’s nothing better than hanging out with your best friends and doing the thing you love and seeing people diggin’ you and enjoying yourself at the same exact time.  It’s like falling in love every time you’re on stage dude, pure bliss.

AFRESH: What has been your best show?
Well, there are two places. Springfield and Lynchburg VA are definitely like 2nd homes to us.  Always a good turnout and always an amazing response from kids.  We def love playing those places any chance we get.

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