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What is your name?
Mark Alan Healey

Where is the artist from? What is your talent?

I am from Oakvile, Ontario, Canada – born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and am an independent Recording Artist.

What do you play?
I currently don’t play any instruments, but dabbled a bit with a recorder in elementary school and the saxaphone during my High school years.

What does your act consist of?
I currently work with a songwriter, producer and engineer. Songwrite, Chris Casciato of MadRiver music, Sound Engineer, Garrin Carter of 16 Recordinig Studio and mixer and editor, Tony Wallace of Heuristic Music. all have been a source of inspriation for doing what I do, and without their assistance, I don’t think I could continue.  They are invaluable and although  not it’s not easy, I sometimes take for granted that they know what they’re doing.  I am somewhat impatiente and often times, want things done sooner rather than later.

How long have you been peforming or making art?
Please keep in mind that I am very new to the industry. I tend to be very impulsive and most of what I want to do comes out on a whim.  I have a full time career and devote my time to recording music on a very part time basis. I haven’t performed live but there is some talk of performing at local clubs or ever at a resort or two.

What has been your greatest challenge?
I guess that would be having to learn about this industry very fast and choosing the right songs to sing. I don’t know if I have gotten it right, but regardless, I am having loads of fun! I still have a very long way to go as an artist and up until a few years ago, I hve taken on the notion that what I am doing, could not be done!  It is amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind into motion….the rest always tends to fall into place if you have a vision.

Everyone loves a celebrity, so what advice do you have for the youth of today?
I would hardly consider myself a celebrity – far from it!  However, if I had to give any advice for today’s youth, it would be to follow your dream; be true to yourself. Follow your heart and don’t listen to ANYONE who tries to persuade you that you cannot set certain goals for yourself.  Those who don’t have a dream, usually have nothing.

Does your family support you?
For the most part, my family supports me. I think they’re a little surprised that I would take up the art of recording music this late in life! I think they’re fans though. My dad was a musician himself so he understands my need to go out and perform.

Do you have a favorite type of music and is is any different from what you play now?
This is an interesting question. My favourite type of music is mostly stuff from the 70’s. I think groups such as “The Carpenter’s” were such a great inspiration to me. Their music had so much meaning… much depth…even people today can relate to thier music and it is so much alive even today.  Music was simple back then…if you listen to some of my recordings, you will see that I am trying to bring back that kind of sound.  I try to keep my singing simple – I never try to over sing a song….less is always more.

What has been your strong influence to continue performing?
I listen to all kinds of music on a daily basis. I have my ipod wherever I go and I find the more I listen, the more I learn. I never want to duplicate anyone’s style…that would not be right…I listen mostly for effect purposes….and try to see what I can bring to my own work.

Does anyone in particular influence your artistic/musical talent?
Well, having artistic talen has yet remained to be seen ( and heard..LOL!)  but, I think listening to “The Carpenter’s ” and other 70’s music has helped me grow as an artist.  As an artist, I concede to be like no other…developing one’s style takes time.

Who does your songwriting?
A producer/songwriter friend of mine, Christ Casciato pens the vast majority of my tracks. His songs bring true meaning and they are songs anyone can relate to. He is brilliant…I don'[t know how he does it. I have also had the pleasure of covering a Carpenter’s song and I wish Richard Carpenter could hear it for himself. Song writers David Shire and Carol Connors have also bee a great inspiration to me as well.

What are your up-to date plans? New releases?
My album is just about complete. There are three songs already available on Itunes – my signature song, ” Let’s fall in love before we make it” …the rest of my songs will be available for download either later this spring or this summer.

If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive, who would it be?
Just two people  – Richard and Karen Carpenter. Karen had a one in a million voice and Richard was a musical genius…I could’ve learned so much from both of them!

Do you have an agent or record label?
NO agent….it is just me and my entourage of producers and songwriters. Although welcomed, ” The BIG TIME”  can be a pretty scary place! Please feel free to visit my website at

I would also like to personally thank the following people:

Tony Wallace
Garrin Carter
Chris Casciato
Glen Tilley
Grey Doug Little
Lisa Budin
David Shire
Carol Connors
Kevin Schoensee
Mark Music
Sue Wale
Rick Ivanoff
Susan Boyle
Catherine Page
Cheryl Neill
Christine Mann
And last but not least, my family


” I feel a song coming on!

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