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GRIMSTONE Band Review/Interview

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Grimstone is founded by Mark Grimstone starting the band 5 years ago. It wasn’t until this past year that Grimstone found the true connection building an energetic band.  Meeting Russ, Mark, Rob, D.K. and Mike was an unforgettable experience as these musicians leave their mark.  Their mix of music is best described by the band as “old mixed with modern day rock” giving the music their own unique style.

I asked Grimstone what makes them different then other bands. Jokingly they replied, “Some bands think they are good, and we know we are good”.  Their dreams might be similar to other bands but their personalities separate them from everyone else.  Russ’s heart-felt words of saying “It means more to us when fans applaud because they like our music then the money made at the door” leaves a positive impact on the music scene.

The written lyrics from Grimstone have an unwritten rule “No heart break, love, crap”.  In reality, the lyrics have a spiritual meaning that hits the hearts of people that believe there is a higher power, the life strengths and demons we all face.

Their best memory of the band seems to be in agreement that the Record Bar was the happening place for them.  They all smiled reflecting back with the Record Bar filled with fans, perfect sound and a flawless performance.  The next goal is to perform at Uptown Theatre and finish recording their first album!

Grimstone will be performing on November 20th at Harrah’s Voodoo in Kansas City, Missouri.  Their website is

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