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Afresh: What is your name, and name your group/band/act?

ETD: My name is Anthony, and the name of the band is Even The Dogs

Afresh: Where are the artists from?  What is their talent in the group?

ETD: We are based out of Tulsa, OK.

Afresh: How did the band get the name?

ETD: It comes from a statement Jesus made to a Gentile woman in the bible. She came to have Jesus heal her daughter and Jesus told her He had not come for the Gentiles yet, and her response to him was “even the dogs eat from the masters table”

Afresh: What instrument do you play now? (If applicable)

Afresh: What (who) does your act/art consist of?

ETD: Eddie Green, Lead Vocals, Jerry Rivera, Guitars, David O’Dell, Bass guitar and backing vocals, Anthony Hinton, Drums

Afresh: How would you describe your music/art/entertainment for the public audience if they have never seen you before?

ETD; We are a metal band – our fans have coined the term “Groove metal” for us…it’s heavy but you can move to it.

Afresh: Give me some details about the group/act/art?

ETD: Even The Dogs, or ETD as they are affectionately called, was formed in 2006. ETD brings together members from local bands from across Tulsa who enjoyed either moderate local and/or regional success. After the dissolution of Recycled Souls, members from this band went on a mission. The Mission was to go in a different direction musically than experienced in previous bands, and they had an idea of what they wanted to accomplish. With Anthony on drums, Eddie on vocals, and David on bass guitar, these three set out to find a fourth and final piece to not only a band but also a musical soul mate. Acting on a promise Anthony made to a guitarist from another band, he suggested to the other members to try out Jerry on the guitar. The try out would prove to be a very wise decision, as Jerry was accepted as the fourth and final piece of the puzzle. For fans of Killswitch Engage, Sevendust, All That Remains, War of Ages, Demon Hunter, and Hatebreed, ETD will have you chanting the words to their songs by the second chorus. Known for their amazing live performances and catchy hooks, they are the perfect poison of melody coupled with mayhem.

Afresh: How long have you been performing live or making art?

ETD: Our combined experience is A LOT of years…ha-ha.

Afresh: Where did you meet your group and how long have you been together now?

ETD: We have been together four years. This is still the original line up.

Afresh: What has been the biggest challenge for you or the group?

ETD: Right now getting out and playing in the areas we need to be in. Distribution released our CD on the east and west coast and not any in our region. So, we have to figure ways to get to these areas.

Afresh: You’ve heard of the term “starving artists” before, how do you cope with major obstacles?

ETD: Right now we all have regular day jobs until we can tour enough to replace them.

Afresh:  Do you feel the economic crunch has hurt the industry, or do you have some other promotional tips to help support your music?

ETD: People aren’t buying physical CD’s anymore, except at the shows…with the advent of mp3 and it being the dominant source of media now we have to make sure we have a great digital presence.

Afresh: Art & Music has an impact on both young and old.  Everyone loves a celebrity, so what advice do you have for the youth of today?

ETD: Stay true to who you are always. Don’t let a little recognition change you from the person you were before people found out who you are. We are that band that adores our fans. They want someone real, not some untouchable, we are known for being the nice guys of metal. We truly LOVE our fans and supporters.

Afresh: What does your family think of your performance and do they support you?

ETD: We are blessed to have the support and backing of family. They come to shows, work our merch table, take photos for the websites etc.

Afresh: What is your stance on how to get the public to support “live music” and see the shows?

Any ideas???

ETD: That’s a hard one. The economy has really taken a toll on how much disposable income people have now. Promoters need to realize this and start having shows more people can afford to come to. If it’s going to cost a prompter $15.000 to bring an act in they need to have the show at a venue where they can keep the ticket prices down. Meaning instead of holding the event at venue that only holds 500 people maybe they should try to hold the event at a venue that will hold 750.

Afresh: Thinking back, did your family carry on the same musical/artistic interests?

ETD: I know for, Eddie, the only person in his family that really did anything musically was his mom’s brother, My uncle Del. He had a 50’s style band called The Flashbacks. He would sit in his grandparent’s house and play acoustic and sing. I thought that was so cool. My dad ended up buying an acoustic guitar and taking some lessons, so of course, that’s what he learned to play on. His mom sang in church choirs and such, his sister played trumpet for the high school, and his brother rapped. No one ever pursued music as a career until he did. Anthony grandmother played piano, he has a cousin who played drums.

Afresh: Do you have your own favorite type of music and is it any different from what you play now?

ETD: I think if you ask any member o f the band this question we would all say we like music period. We tend to listen to music based off how we are feeling. Anthony listens to a lot of Motown and old R&B at work. Eddie listens to everything under the sun…metal primarily, especially what’s new…but I agree with Anthony on that one, whatever I’m in the mood for…it plays. I think as a musician, you have to be open minded. Music is the biggest adventure you can ever go on.

Afresh: Do you have other interests or talents you would like to share with us?

ETD: A couple of us are into body building, one is into photography.

Afresh: What has been your strong influence to continue performing?

ETD: Being able to provide our listeners with something positive. Metal tends to be filled with negativity; we want to deliver a positive message to people. So many musicians lose sight of the fact that people look up to them. Regardless of whether they “signed up for that” or not. We want to be a positive influence in people’s lives. Show them about hope, mercy, grace, and love, instead of judgment, condemnation, hate, and unforgiveness.

Afresh: Does anyone in particular influence your artistic/musical talent?

ETD: Too many to list actually. Everybody and everything I listen to has influenced me at one point and time.

Afresh: Who does most of the song writing/art/literature?

ETD: The band as a whole writes most of the music; Eddie and David write the lyrics.

Afresh: If you had to change one thing about your music/group what do you feel would be the

best change to benefit the group overall and why?

ETD: In all honesty, we don’t think we would change one single thing about the structure of this band. In 4+ years, we have never had a major disagreement that is so rare in this industry. Bands are always filled with internal conflict, but we are truly brothers. We have a signature sound, unique personalities and tastes that all come together to make a delicious Even the Dogs stew. There are always going to be better musicians, better bands, better writers, and better performers everywhere you go, but there is truly only one Even the Dogs.

Afresh: Have you ever had any strange or stalker type fans that you are aware of?

ETD: Not that we are aware of so if you’re out there, stay hidden!!! Ha-ha. We have very devoted fans but none have that “stalker” quality.

Afresh: While getting ready to perform have you ever been interrupted by fans who snuck in to the dressing room/rehearsal?

ETD: Well this one time at band camp ha-ha. No. We have closed rehearsals that are our work time, so unless it’s scheduled nobody is coming in. We are very focused at being the best we can be as a band. We avoid interruptions at all costs.

Afresh: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment if you care to share it with us?

ETD: Early on in Even the Dogs career, we were playing this international battle of the bands competition called Emergenza Festival. We had written a new song, called Love/Hate Relationship. For some reason, this song proved to be a massive mental block for Jerry not the whole song, just the intro section. We normally will never play on a song on stage until we can play it backwards, forwards, and in our sleep. So we are in front of the judges and I intro the song and the band starts playing, and we don’t know what Jerry is playing at all he finally just gives up and STOPS! I turn and look at the crowd and say,”Well I guess we’re not going to play that one here” Horrible.

Afresh: What has been the most bizarre thing (thrown) on the stage with you?  How did you react?

ETD: No one has ever thrown anything at us! Let’s keep it that way.

Afresh: What is your wildest story with the group?

ETD: Now here is where everyone needs to get their pens out and start taking notes…you guys are expecting this totally outlandish adventure that skyrockets bands to legendary status for their wild stories we actually don’t have anything “wild” to report here gang. We’re pretty level-headed family guys that just love to play music.

Afresh: What has been the worst nightmare for the group?  How did you get through it all?

ETD: Nightmares, having to sleep in the same bed as your band mates that has to count for something! We have been blessed thus far our nightmares would be pale to most.

Afresh: What are your up-to-date performance plans?  New releases?  Tours? News?

ETD: SoulShaker, our debut release from Driven Music Group is out. It released worldwide on May 25th and we are out playing festivals and shows in support of it. We want to be in your city call us, and we will come!

Afresh: If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive who would it be? Why? (Name up to three)

ETD: 1: Killswitch Engage, we are such HUGE fans of that band and so heavily influenced by what they do. That would be a dream come true.

2. Demon Hunter – same deal as KsE….love what they do.

3. Lastly, could be a toss up for any of us…everyone from Prince, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Al Green, Marvin Gay, The Beatles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, Judas Priest….the list could go on forever.

Afresh: What is the furthest show from your home that you have done?

ETD: Even the Dogs is just getting out there…we have plans to go to the metal festivals in Europe next summer, and a full US tour in support of SoulShaker starting in August.

Afresh:  How do you feel about file swapping?

ETD: Some will say it’s a necessary evil, but the concern here is if we as a band are not willing to buy another band’s CD why should we expect people to buy ours? We know it happens all of us have had a burned cd at one point and time. One view is that it’s exposure; another is that it’s stealing. Color it whatever color you like if you love the band, you’ll support them by actually buying the cd. We hope you love Even the Dogs!

Afresh: Have you been involved in any benefit performances?  What was it and how did you become involved?

ETD: We do them from time to time. We help in any and every way we can. Of course, as a business, we can’t always play for free, but as musicians wanting to make a difference, you need to do those benefits shows too. Promoters just call us, ask us if we’re interested in helping out if we can we do.

Afresh: Do you currently have an agent, endorsement, record label, sponsor, etc.?

ETD: We are signed Driven Music Group and distributed by Warner/ADA. The label is owned by Brian “Head” Welch former guitarist of Korn. We have endorsement deals pending, so we won’t name names till we sign on the dotted line.

Afresh: Is this your first interview or do you have some other articles/stories about you posted somewhere for public viewing?

ETD: All press can be found on our electronic press kit:

Afresh: Do you have any video links where people can see you?

ETD: Yes it is

Afresh: Do you have a website of any type?  (Name all options)


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