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Move the Crowd: Scooby Vercetti & Bob TyranT (Dirty Dolla Entertainment)By Keith Courage

Loyalty, Longevaty, Determination. Now a days this is what the Rap game is missing.  Seems like you can walk through your local mall and if your dressed right and have an 8th grade education, you too can be an emcee!!  You think back on artist like Run DMC or even LL Cool J (remember his DJ and the guy that held his radio?  He is still cool with them!!).  So what happens when two best friends, a St. Louis Native and a Topeka, Kansas native Relocate to ATL, Georgia with nothing but their families and there dreams?  A better reality than any of them would have imagined!  I sat Down With Scooby Vercetti and his artist Bob TyranT do discuss music, and MOVIE ROLES?**

Keith Courage: State your Stage name/Group name and your latest project.

Scooby Vercetti: Out in the world I go by Big Scoob, but as far as my recording name I go by Big Scoob Vercetti.  I am the CEO of Dirty Dolla Entertainment.  Right now I am currently working on two mixtapes.  The 1st one is called “Hoarding”, and the 2nd is still untitled.

Bob TyranT: Bob TyranT, as far as music goes, my next project is titled The Antidote which promises to be very controversial and relevant the today’s hip hop scene.  My record is currently on the back burner in support of Scoob Vercetti’s projects and during my pursuit of the roll as Tupac Shakur in his biopic being filmed in a few months.  You tube Bob TyranT to check out my audition and then check out everyone else’s, then you can tell me who should get the part.  LOL

Keith: When did you first fall in love with hip hop

SV: It was when I was watching “The Box” and Eazy-E’s “Real Muthafuckin G’s” came on, and by the end of that video I knew hands down I needed to rap.

BT: In 1993, December 25th after hearing Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Style record which I got for Christmas on cassette, I was 12 years old.

Keith: How long have you been rapping

SV: I been dipple dabbling with rap since I was about 13, but I didnt start believing I had a chance till I was around 15 at which point I started polishing my skills.

BT: My own rhymes?  Cause I’ve been kicking other niggas rhymes for years!!  LOL I started taking rap seriously in early 1998 though, so about 12 years or so.

Keith: How would you describe your music in your own words?

SV: Just good all-around music, for all aspects for what you do.  Its good riding     music, good club music, good chill music.  Nothin too left field, I just like to make music that folks can put in and roll out to.

BT: Relentless, emotional, revolutionary, and inspiring to sum it up correctly.  An urban poet, who is not afraid to tell the truth or give you my inner most thoughts and fears.  I lay it all down, point blank.

Keith: Where can the fans hear your music at?

SV: Right now, you can catch my music at Jay’s Music record store in Winder, Ga.  The new mixtapes I will have available for free download on a few dozen sites, but you’ll have to follow me on twitter at to find out what sites those are and for the release dates.

BT: Http:// and Http://

Keith: How do you feel about your local music scene vs the industry?

SV: Depends on where you talking, because I’m from St. Louis but I’m in Atlanta right now.  And if we’re talking STL the local scene is bad, and I dont mean the artists, I just mean there arent any outlets in the Lou to be heard.  Now if you talking ATL, the local scene is just like the industry because a local cat can get big buzz, alot of radio plays and $5000 shows without a major deal.  So if I’m talking ATL local scene, we good down herre.

BT: In Atlanta, local music is world wide!  Most cats here sound just like what you hear on the radio everyday.  You’ve got your swag music, trap music, gangsta rap smoke on a bag music!  It’s a lot more diverse here from where I’m from in Topeka Kansas which is much more west coast influenced.  A bit rougher and definitely too hard for any radio or commercial play.  We tend to get a bit light too but its either too hard or too soft in the “Top”.  A few stand out though.  Industry music is seriously lacking if you haven’t noticed lately.  Most hot rappers today glorify senseless violence, show no compassion towards those less fortunate, claim to be real but in one way or another advocate snitching and domestic violence AND they lack any real substance!  Again though, a few stand out and I’m really liking the new crop of M.C.’s coming out lately.

Keith: Do you feel that your local radio station is showing enough love to local stations?

SV: Once again, depends on where you talkin.  Because in STL they only give local artists somewhere around a half-hour to shine on the radio.  Where herre in ATL the locals run the radio.  Its more local cats with no deals on the radio than industry artists.  Dont get me wrong, I love the STL music scene, its alot of folks down there with talent, they just dont get the support of radio station that they deserve, ya feel me?

BT: Yes, there is a strong support system within the air wave mechanics.  Certainly better than most cities as far as big city’s go.

Keith: Name your top 5 artist past present, dead or alive!!

SV: All time favorite and to me, the greatest rapper alive would be Twista, #2. Scarface #3. Eminem   #4. T.I. and #5. Brotha Lynch

BT: You’re putting me on the spot now!  You can tell ALOT about a person by the type of shit they listen to.  Some would argue me down but it’s very true!  Ask medical personnel and therapists.  My list would be:  2Pac, The Game, Scarface Eminem and T.I.

Keith: What Lable/Management/Production/promotion Companies are you signed with?

SV: Label and promotion I’m signed with myself Dirty Dolla Entertainment (CEO), management company I’m signed with I_was Management.  For anybody out there lookin for a feature or want booking info, you can hit my manager Ike at 404-808-7991 or email him at  or myself at

BT: Dirty Dolla Ent. managed by CEO/artist Scoob Vercetti.  A conflict of interests for sure but I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else NEVER!! He has a great heart and he know what he’s doing with his label and artists.  For booking info contact Scoob Vercetti at

Keith: Besides yourself, who do you think is the next artist to blow up in your city?

SV: I would have to say my homeboy RITTZ who just signed a deal with Yelawolf’s Slumerican Records and Bob TyranT of Dirty Dolla Entertainment who is also goin out for the role of Tupac in the upcoming biopic.

BT: Definitely RITTZ and Scoob hands down!!

Keith: Industry or Underground which route would you go and why?

SV: If I’m basing that off where I’m at now, it can go either way.  But if it’s a major, best believe its gotta be a joint with my company.

BT: At this stage in the game I’d stay as far away from pop music as I could get!  With more creative control I’d say industry but you can make money in the underground if you grind correctly, especially right now.

Keith: Why Should people buy/play your music in 10 words or less?

SV: All around good ass riding music to live by PERIOD.

BT: I’m something you’ve lost a long time ago, Real Hip Hop!!

**Bob TyranT is in the running for the 2Pac Biopic and is actually being noticed by Afeni Shakur and all of 2pac’s people!!  Check out his auditions and all of DDE’s Actics @

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