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Boiled Eyesocket Disfunction is:
Brad the Blastimic Butt Burgler – Drums, farting, fetus related noises

Kaptain Karl (supposedly with the Klap) – Demon Bass, Insane voices, multiple personalities.

What got this band together and started in this business?

B.E.D.: We all worked together at a busy restaurant, in fact, all of us (this was when we were still a 4some), had been working in restaurants for 10 or more years apiece. We decided enough was enough, and took the negative energies spawned by years of being overworked and underpaid, and put it into learning music, and playing as a band. We lost 2 of our members to personal issues, and decided after much discussion, to proceed as a 2 piece.

Who writes and produces all the material for the band?

Band: We tag team things. We have both written lyrics, and continue to do so. Kaptain Karl does most of the lyrical arrangements, and music, beings that theres only 2 of us, is a collaboration.

Has the band played in front of or with any acts our readers would know from the Mainstream?

Band: We have payed with The Roman Holiday, The Cast Pattern, Saint Diablo, and most recently, The Tards! I dunno about mainstream, but Saint Diablo just wrapped up their latest tour and are in the studio recording a new cd (I think).

Where can people access your music on the web?

Gigootz, Myspace, and . We are going to be on iTunes, and Amazon and all those places pretty soon as well.

Any embarrassing moments on stage?

Yea, and its on YouTube. I actually called the wrong song name for one of our songs, but I guess thats not bad since that’s the ‘most embarrassing’ thing so far.
Any good stories you want to tell us?

We think its kinda funny that after tormenting our neighbors in Hutch for 4 years, and not getting a single show, withing 2 months of moving here to KC we were booked for 2 dates, and we just played our first show in Hutch, almsot a year after moving out of there.

Who is the bands musical influence?
Our influences are wide and varied, including, but not limited to, Overkill, Carcass, the Dead Kennedys, Primus, Cannibal Corpse, GWAR…..Ill stop there. Kaptain takes influence from everything around him, not just ‘music’, but sounds in general.

How did the band get together?

By working together. I had actually never played bass until BBBB approached me and Ridiculous Bastard (original guitarist) with the idea. We picked up the fourth on the bottom of my boot, and a short time later scraped him off with a putty knife. I bought a Peavey Fury 5 string, and a 10 watt amp, and off we went!

What is your musical background like?

I started playing music when I was a kid, harmonica for several years, then alto sax all through high school ( I was even in the jazz band). I stopped playing regularly after high school, but had wanted to play bass since I was 12, so I figured fuck it, I’ll play the bass.

Brad played drums for a bit when he was in high school, and had fiddled with guitars for awhile as well. After we disposed of Lance (the dirty hippie first drummer, I’ll never tell you where….) BBBB decided to step up and take the throne. He now blasts away at the leathers, and is continuing his education in destruction with none other than Casey Miller, formerly of Cassiopia.

Any other members in your family that are musicians?

The Mic:What is the TOP reason why you want to play music?

Because music is life for both of us, and at this point, I’ve seen enough of the same shit over and over and over, its time for a change. So we are doing what we do, and people so far are loving it. We both use music as a positive outlet to negative energies, of which there is generally plenty. Anger, frustration, humor, its very raw, and we plan to keep it that way.

What’s your stance on file swapping?

Im all for it, for the right purposes. I like to listen before I buy, but alot of people don’t buy. However with the explosion of iTunes and all the other pay to download mp3 sites, file swapping isn’t really an issue any more. Besides, didnt ‘tape swapping’ used to be a big thing? How is file swapping any different than selling or trading or giving of bootlegged copies of concerts and albums. As long as people hear it, we don’t really care. But then again, I think money is more of a pain in the ass than anything, can we bring back the barter system?
What is the process of making a cd?
We haven’t actually recorded a full length cd yet, though we do have the materiel for it. Unfortunately the writing process has stalled for the moment, but I think there’ll be new songs soon. Not that it matters, our old songs, some of which are 3 and 4 years old, are still new to everyone. It will be painfull when we get to writing a new cd’s worth of stuff, painfull, tortureous, and downright fun!

How do you get the word out about your music?

We use the internet like a couple of diseases infested hookers whos goal in life is to infect every of their customers with Gonnoreah. Seriously. I also have a habit of running down random people in the street and giving them cd’s and stickers and shamelessly plugging Boiled Eyesocket Disfunction at any given opportunity. You know what, quit reading this and go to and listen to our songs NOW.
How is your local responce to your music?

So far so good…save one person….who will remain un named. All the bands we’ve played with have really enjoyed it as well. Our cd doesn’t do our live show justice, the intensity is….well…riveting…so we’ve been told.

What is the furthest you have traveled for a gig?

So far only a couple hundred miles, but thats going to change this summer. We have plans, including tenatively Flagstaff AZ, and Des Moines IA. Have van, will travel.

What tune on the cd are you most proud of?

Well, everyone loves the fuck out of ‘Chainsaw Rape Victim’, Brad’s personal fave is ‘Popcorn Fetus’, and I love the way ‘A Perfect Murder, Complete’ turned out.

Thanks again for the interview! Send me a link to the mag, and a banner if you have it I’ll put it on our myspace and whatnot. We’ll be in Salina…some time, still waiting to hear from the Goat as to when, but they’re working on it. See you later,
Kaptain Karl, BBBB,

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