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AFRESH: What got this band together and started in this business?
Bleed Electric started when Silk and Siege came into my recording studio in Cardiff, Wales, UK ( to record their debut mixtape.  I was really taken by their abilities and organized a meeting with Silk and his Dad.  After much debauchery we decided to work on an album that I had already written (The Butterfly Effect – released end of 2010) and that has turned into a lot more.  Now Bleed Electric are a family, a collective and it amazes me how things like this happen in life.

AFRESH: Who writes and produces all the material for the band?
I am always the underlying producer because that’s what I do for a living.  Maybe call me the Executive producer if you will.  HOWEVER, we all write and produce everything we do.  I have written the majority of the music to this point HOWEVER SILK is also a very good producer and he has also been responsible for coming up with a bunch of our newest tracks and is becoming more and more of a force in the studio.  As far as production goes we all play a major part in it and it really is a collective.  I executive produce things to make sure it’s all to industry standards but we all produce it, plus we have been working with other producers and bands lately too.  What is awesome is that when we get to sessions lately we will all have new beats to play each other and we choose which one to work on on it’s merits alone.  Bleed Electric are grassroots and we write and produce everything you see and hear (from music to artwork to music videos).

AFRESH: The band played in front of or with any acts our readers would know from the Mainstream?
As it stands we are still very much a studio based project.  We have done a handful of gigs but never alongside anyone always on our own, to packed clubs that don’t actually really give a fuck about us.  We always win them over though!  At the moment live is not our forte or what we are concentrating on.  These days everyone is forced into playing live for money reasons but we aren’t doing Bleed Electric for that.  One of my biggest bands of all time is The Beatles and my favourite period they ever produced was when they officially became a studio band because it allowed them to look at things much differently and to produce the best music that has ever existed thus far.  I wouldn’t say that we are a studio only band.  We will gig and we will gig hard when we do but, for now we are happy keeping this studio based.  I don’t want this to sound cocky but I see Bleed Electric as a stadium band.  Our show wouldn’t suit the small gig circuits.  I would rather our time be spent in the studio than do that.  We have huge plans and hopefully it will all come to life as we have dreamed (I’m talking modern day musicals etc).

AFRESH: Where can people access your music on the web?
Well, the whole world loves Myspace (although less and less each day) so primarily check us there (  We always update that and put new music up.  We have a free covers album coming soon called “Pop Culture” which will allow people to appreciate our diverse musical influences and that will include two cover versions from each decade since Pop Culture existed.  Also you can buy our music on all the major retailers.  Right now we have on EP “The Last Night of 1989” with our second EP “So Sick” coming out on June 28th 2010.  This new EP contains 5 original tracks with many from The Butterfly Effect (for all the people following that concept story – you will love this EP).  “So Sick” EP and “The Last Night Of 1989” are polar opposites and as a band we want to show people we are MUCH more than they think and to be sure never to pigeon hole us.

AFRESH: Any embarrassing moments on stage?
As mentioned earlier we are still very infant when it comes to live shows HOWEVER, my favourite to date was when Siege was mobbed by girls on our first ever concert.  They jumped on the stage and were going after his junk – it was amazing!

AFRESH: Any good stories you want to tell us?
There are too many to tell!  Literally we have a blast every session we do, so much so we are thinking of video recording our sessions moving forward because it would make for prime time viewing!

AFRESH: Who is the bands musical influence?
This is the coolest thing about Bleed Electric, everyone’s musical differences are completely different.  Some of the stuff I listen to the other guys never would and vice versa HOWEVER Bleed Electric has opened all our eyes musically and we have all found new bands because of each other.  Bands and artists collectively that we would recommend at the moment are: Innerpartysystem, Drake, The Dead Weather, Lil Wayne, People In Planes – there are millions more but start from there.

AFRESH: What is your musical background like?
Me personally, I have been in bands since I was 14.  I first started recording when I borrowed (stole) my grandparents tape player because it had two jack mic inputs on it which allowed us to record vocals and guitar at the same time with their own independent inputs.  This developed into four track and then eight track.  The biggest band I was in during my teenage years was called Bluefur and we played the same industry showcase that saw The Stereophonics get their record deal.  Since then I have become a professional record producer and have produced all sorts of artists of all sorts of genres over the past years.  One day I am working on Welsh language pop music and the next I am doing a Death Metal album.  I feel confident in producing varying genres because I love all sorts of music.  Music I have produced has charted, it has been played on TV and won awards.  I personally play drums, guitar, bass, keys and trumpet and I would consider bass my favourite instrument.  I also own which is a highly respected musical resource that gives honest opinions on new music (some people hate us for our honesty).  The worst thing about running Altsounds for me is I can’t see what Altsounds thinks of my music!

In a nutshell, I live and breath music.  As far as Silk and Siege go these guys are wordsmiths in the truest sense of the word.   They have been rapping and writing since a tender age.  Silk produces music full time too and concentrates more on Hip Hop and R&B artists.

AFRESH: Any other members in your family that are musicians?
Pretty much everyone in my direct family (apart from my mother)!

AFRESH: What is the TOP reason why you want to play music?
I don’t want to, I have to.  This is my calling and I realized that years ago which is why I quit my Telecommunications Network Designer job and focused on music.  In the past, I helped major networks in major countries build their internet infrastructure.  I used to tell them how to better their networks and helped major telco’s in South Africa, Europe and North America prepare for 3G and the communication infrastructure that every one sees and uses today.  So your awesome (or shit) internet connection is, in part, to do with my design and my work!  Music heals my soul and I will forever be creating, playing or producing music.  I don’t want to be a part of music, I HAVE to.  This is my calling.

AFRESH: What has been your best show?
As mentioned before we are slim on the ground as far as live shows go HOWEVER, our début live show is thus far our best.  As it was in a nightclub we sadly did it with backing tracks but we slammed it with live autotune (which was unseen by a band of our level at that point).  What made it the best is the fact that we developed a live video which was projected 360 degrees around the club as we performed.   We had a prime spot and we went down VERY well.  I’m looking forward to hitting down with a live band though because the haters like to label us and don’t think we can actually play.  You just watch 😉 is all I will say.  When the time comes we are gonna rock all of your worlds!

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