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Band: AMIAMuse

amiamuse-rAFRESH: What got this band together and started in this business?
Shear dumb luck. We could say that hard work, lots of practice, and strong musical influences were the main reason but in reality those are requirements, not exceptions.  Many musicians overly excel in these areas without ever finding the right people to complete a full band.  Drew, Chase, and Justin had been playing together for over 5 years off and on and had never really found their place until the addition of Collin our other guitarist and finally Tharen our Lead Singer who’s also by far our biggest promoter.  Although Tharen and Collin are the most recent additions it’s quite obvious that without them this band would have never been.

AFRESH: Who writes and produces all the material for the band?
Tharen Slane-Vocals/lyrics
Justin Ronk-Lead Guitar/Vox
Chase Anderson-Bass/Singing Vox
Collin Clark-Guitar
Andrew Jacobs-Drums
Dustin Ridder @ Bullet Ride Productions is our producer.

AFRESH: Has the band played in front of or with any acts our readers would know from the Mainstream? We have played 3 shows so far. The World We Knew, Stray from the Path, Shag Harbor, and Legions and 2nd show was with Winds Of Plague, Periphery, and Untapped Market.

AFRESH: Any embarrassing moments on stage?
Yes, Justin dropped his guitar cable, and Collin Broke his string first song at April 4th with “Winds of Plague and Periphery”! He had to borrow someone else’s guitar.

AFRESH: Any good stories you want to tell us?
We plan on having a full documentary that will blow you outta the water. We mean business when we play our music, but we are a band who is about having a good time.  We get cranked and make the impossible happen.

AFRESH: Who is the bands musical influence?
After The Burial, All Shall Perish, Beneath The Massacre, Between The Buried and Me, The Black Dahlia Murder, Born of Osiris, Burning the Masses, Chon, Conducting From The Grave, The Crimson Armada, Despised Icon, The Faceless, My Bitter End, Lil Jon, Painted In Exile,Parkway Drive, Protest the Hero, The Red Shore, Texas In July, Veil Of Maya

AFRESH: What is your musical background like?
Justin: I have been in 6 previous bands, played bass, sang, and played guitar. Self taught although I do know a bit of music theory, I have been playing for around 8 years. I started off with pop punk and progressed to funk, blues, alternative, then finally metal where I find myself grounded today.

Chase: Originally started playing drums and picked up a guitar a few years later. Drew and I played on drum-line in high school together as well as formed a band called into pieces. After that fell through, I focused on my own musical progression; participation in all the top choirs and symphonic ensembles in both high school and college. I still perform with the wsu madrigals and a capella choirs. I’m in my sophomore year of college and have attained a minor in music. Started playing bass effectively when when I joined amIAMuse.

Collin: I have been playing guitar for 8 years. I started off with blues, ended up playing everything from funk rock to finally find my love of metal. I have played in several bands during high school but this is the first recognizable one.

Drew: I PLAY THE DRUMS….. My parents bought me my first snare drum when I made the percussion section in 5th grade, then drum-set in 6th. WOW! I joined the jazz band and took lessons all through middle/ high school where I also participated in the drum-line and numerous jazz ensembles. Justin and I started jammin’ together around my 8th grade year, then started a band shortly after when we found chase. After that was over we all took a break for a few years and one day randomly this happened.

Tharen: Started playing the bass when I was 17, never really had the time to excel in it.  I started making beats on the computer with different music recording programs; which got me into playing the Keyboard and Synthesizer.  I started creating anything from trance to rap to metal.  I’m also self taught and I’ve sang in 1 other previous band.

AFRESH: Any other members in your family that are musicians?
Justin’s Uncle and Grandma have been playing guitar for 35 years plus. His Cousin also plays guitar, and he’s a slick rick! Drew’s dad whipped out the guitar every once in a while.

AFRESH: What is the TOP reason why you want to play music?
We want to be that down to earth metal band that’s open to change and can show the world that by drawing inspiration from all genres, you can create some unforgettable melodies. We’re sick of hearing metal bands that has their first album identical to their latest release. While we love the idea of keeping your style original there’s always room for innovation. Trust me when I say that every song you hear of ours will be very different than from the previous one, we want you to feel as if you’re on a carnival ride of chaos yet be able to show you other, more melodic side of things. We feel that a perfect balance of the two make the “brutal” portions sound more distinct and our overall sound unforgettable.

AFRESH: What has been your best show?
April 4th with Winds Of Plague and Periphery


AFRESH: Where can people access your music on the web?

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AFRESH:  Thanks for the awesome interview.  We wish you the best and much success on your musical journey!

Also thanks for your support of Afresh Entertainment Online Magazine, rapidly becoming one of the hottest music magazines on the net today thanks to those like yourself.

Keepin’ it fresh, live, real & rockin’…to all great things! We appreciate YOU!!!!!

Anne Shiever

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