Author’s Book Made into Reality TV Show

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Author’s Book Made into Reality TV Show

‘The Assignment: Journeys to the Extreme’

Debuts Sunday on Direct TV Channel 367

LOS ANGELES, CA – On Sunday, January 30, Author Karl Hargestam’s novel, The Assignment: Journey to the Extreme will debut as a television reality show on Direct TV Channel 367 at 7 p.m. EST and 9 p.m. PST.  The episodes are based on the novel released in April 2010 by Yorkshire Publishing.
The television show, ‘The Assignment:  Journeys to the Extreme,’ is filmed from the Ethiopian outback, where a team of eight Americans are dropped by helicopter amid one of Ethiopia’s most extreme tribes. While there, the crew must complete a number of dangerous missions before discovering the real meaning of the assignment. They face challenges, which test their stamina, their will power and their very desire to survive.
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Black History Feature: Healing of Black Families

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Black History Feature: Healing of Black Families

Former NFL Player Freddie Scott, II, author of “The Dad I Wish I Had,” says let’s focus on the future of our families

Nashville, TN (January 31, 2011) – If you could take a snapshot of the African-American family today and compare it to a snapshot of the African-American family of yesterday, you will see that someone is missing.  Over the years, more and more fathers are “out of the picture” when it comes to being a part of their children’s lives.  This problem is impacting the African-American legacy in a big way.
February is Black History Month.  Former NFL Player Freddie Scott, II is author of the book, The Dad I Wish I Had and says that one of the best ways to honor our past and preserve our culture and our future is to deal with the deterioration of the African-American family structure.
Scott is available to speak on the impact of absentee fathers on African- American communities and the American society as a whole.  He also has tips on how to get our families back to the strong model of hope that we once knew.
Scott speaks from his personal experience growing up without having his father in his life as he would have liked.
To arrange an interview with Freddie Scott, II, or for more information on the author, contact the publicist.
Media may request a free review copy of the book, The Dad I Wish I Had, by emailing
About the Author
Scott has a history as a player in the National Football League. He is a minister at Word of Faith Christian Center in Nashville, youth counselor, public speaker and author.  He is founder and president of Unlock The Champion, LLC., an organization dedicated to people raised in broken homes, especially athletes.  His most recent research has made him aware of the tremendous need, now more than ever, for strong fathers in America’s ever-changing culture and across the world.
Today, Scott travels throughout America speaking on such issues as family, character development, and personal goals. To date, Freddie has spoken to thousands helping to empower people to not be imprisoned to the pain of their past.  He is an NFL Spokesman for All Pro Dad, an Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle TN and the Dean of Word of Faith church’s Spiritual Growth Institute.  Scott is most proud of being a loving husband to his wife of 10 years, Tondalanea, and great father to their five children.  For more info on “The Dad I Wish I Had” or for more background on Freddie Scott, II, please visit
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Search Bar added to site

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We have added a new feature to the site to help make your browsing easier.  There is a search bar in the top right hand corner to help you search the posts by typing in simple keywords.  Enjoy 🙂

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Lines From Lydia–My SINGER

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For the past year, my little Singer sewing machine has been sitting on the side of my dining room table. . ever at the ready, should I need to stitch up my BOM quilt blocks.  The Singer has a vinyl cover over it when not in use which has saved it from pop spots, tomato sauce spots, Parmesan cheese sprinkles, salt & pepper, and a variety of other indignities.  It’s sat there through breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It doesn’t eat much, has impeccable table manners, and doesn’t speak unless spoken, too.

However, when it comes time to sew, that’s another story entirely.  My Singer turns into this Jekyl and Hyde character.  Quiet no longer, the sleeping giant awakens and it whirls, jiggles, runs flat out at top speed, and the thread flies.  Threads are everywhere, stuck to my hair, my clothes, the table top, the floor, the wall, and every nook and cranny that you can imagine.  It eats every type, every color of fabric that I feed it and spits it out with stitches and strings attached.  Manners are forgotten in the frenzy of attaching fabrics one to another. When the Singer has had enough, it sighs and switches its light off.

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NaNoWriMo–Novel Writing Madness

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NaNoWriMo–Novel Writing Madness

Is this some strange new language or is this in fact English?  It is, in fact, English.  “NaNoWriMo” stands for “National Novel Writing Month”. (Check out the link in “links of note”).  During the month of November, people all over the world attempt something that is nearly impossible, maddening, and highly stressful.

They try to write a 50,000 word novel in a month.  Not a complete manuscript by any means, but a roughly rough draft.  This year I am attempting to do the same.  I am going to join with a group at the library and we are all going to attempt this feat of modern novel-dom.  (I do believe that novel-dom should be right up there with “truthiness”.  If Stephen Colbert can create words, than so shall I!)
To get ready for my attempt at “NaNoWriMo” I completed a project that I called “30 poems in 30 days”.  I wrote a poem a day for 30 days during the month of July.  I had a general theme and diligently wrote a poem everyday single day for 30 days.  I enjoyed it so much and my momentum was such that I did not want the project to end.

I currently am revising and editing these poems and I hope to publish them.  Several exceptional poems came out of this writing frenzy that don’t fit the theme of the book, so I am going to send those off for publication as individual poems.  What’s interesting about the ones that I’m going to publish outside the book, is that they more or less arrived complete and have required little or no editing.
By the end of year, I will be editing my novel (if all goes well during “NaNoWriMo”), editing my book of poetry, and the other night I happened upon a children’s book that I wrote several years ago.  I entered it in a contest years ago.  It didn’t win, but I think with some work it could become something great.  (Or not, who knows)
As if this isn’t enough, I came across a “mystery crochet afghan” project.  (Check out the link for Bernat in “links of note”).  It runs through the end of the year and I may just take that on as well.  I have not forgotten about the mystery quilt block challenge from this past year.  Watch for more on this on Monday.  If technology cooperate,s there will be photo’s.

Check out more Lines From Lydia soon!

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Dear Friends,
We are excited to announce publication of a new book, humorous fiction by Max Yoho, With the Wisdom of Owls.
Max will have his first book signing on Fri., Sept. 17, Hastings @ Fairlawn Plaza, Topeka, 6:30-8:30 PM.
The book is 6×9″ trade paperback, ISBN 978-0970816054, $11.95 retail.
We’ve been busy getting the book to retailers in Kansas. Here is a list of them so far:
Emporia, KS: Town Crier Bookstore, 716 Commercial
Lawrence, KS: The Raven Bookstore, 8 East 7th St.
Topeka, KS: Hastings Books, Fairlawn Plaza, 5317 SW 22nd Place
Topeka, KS: Kansas History Center Gift Shop, 6425 SW 6th Ave.
Topeka, KS: Lloyd Zimmer Books & Maps, 117 Southwest 6th Ave.
Topeka, KS: Washburn University Bookstore, Washburn campus
Wichita, KS: Watermark Books, 4701 E. Douglas
Wilson, KS: Kansas Originals Market, I-70 Exit 206, or Topeka turnpike rest area
You can also purchase books on-line from or by searching for the book’s title or “Max Yoho” as author.
We are working to get this title available to order at any bookstore, and will keep you posted as to when that will happen.
Reaction from readers so far has been positive. Here are some reviewer comments:
We hope you’ll add this book to your personal library and tell your friends about it, if you enjoy the work. Max welcomes your comments in person ( — or publish your opinion on

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When a person dies, a library is lost

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“When a person dies, a library is lost”

Lines from Lydia….

Right now, there are hundreds of books being written by the people in this photo, by those of you reading this, and by everyone around you. When one of these people has gone, their library is lost.

Collecting these stories is incredibly important. While I know that it is impossible to collect all the stories that are within everyone, and really who would want too. It would become boring and monotonous. However, hitting the highlights of people’s lives can be just as important, maybe even more so. Those highlights are infinitely more exciting.

A rare treasure is hardly rare or a treasure if you have multiple amounts of something, but just a slice of someone’s life can be great treasure. They can live on with that one slice and the library is not lost for lack of effort.

I hope you will join me by leaving me a “slice of your life”. A story about a part of your life that is unique to you. Or a story about someone you know, a family member or a friend. Photo’s are also welcome. Until next time. . .

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I went to a wonderful festival in the park over the weekend. There was music, by well-known and unknown musicians; there was fine art and crafts; art installations being created while I watched; all types of unique foods (alligator?); and lots of people. I spent most of my time “listening” to what people had to say.
Everyone has a story unique to them. Sometimes it was a family story passed down (I heard from a grandson about his grandfather who was Amish and had the first underground Amish party band) and sometimes it was a personal story (I heard from a man who in his younger days kept running into a country music star through his travels and eventually this country music star wrote a song about the fact that they kept crossing paths).  Truly everyone has a story to tell and all of us are entire libraries unto ourselves. I decided then and there that someone needed to be write these unique stories. So, if you have a story to tell, I want to hear it. Write it here on my blog and share it with me. When I have plenty of stories, I will collect them together into book format and publish it.  Your story could live forever between the pages of a book or within electronic media format.
If you’d like to be part of my ‘Your (his)story project’ leave me a post.I can’t wait to hear from you!!!

Check out more “Lines from Lydia” one of our newest staff writers.  You can leave comments here for our writer or simply check out her blogging page:

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FRANK COTOLO “The Amazing Writer”

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Frank Cotolo, the wonderful man with many hats! (PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED!)

Frank Cotolo is “The Amazing Writer” as you will see with each article that we publish here at Afresh Entertainment Magazine.  Be sure to tell your friends that Frank is here to share all of life’s little blessings, tributes, rants, and them some.  Here is a place you won’t want to miss, as Frank is one of the most influential artists in the world today!  Although some of the articles may seem a bit “harsh” it will fit most of the readers who love adult humor and memoirs, so please use parental caution for younger readers.  Thanks for getting to know Frank Cotolo and spreading the word about his works!

FRANK COTOLO “The Amazing Writer”

Few, if any, internet-based performers are as prolific or versatile as Frank Cotolo. Soon he will celebrate his 40th anniversary as a professional creative entity (PCE to you). After almost four decades, he continues to produce material as a songwriter, author, poet, lyricist and an award-winning journalist at a breakneck pace because, he says, “somebody has to do it.”

His many incarnations over the decades have astounded reviewers, spiritualists, quick-change artists and certainly other performers. While most internet-based artists are struggling to complete their next track, Cotolo pulls CDs out of his hat, often changing voices and styles quicker than a rat can scale a palm tree.

There is not one medium Cotolo hasn’t been involved with professionally on some level in his storied career and this is something no other internet-based artist can claim. Even as you read this he is breaking ground on internet radio with a unique program, the Cotolo Chronicles, as well as he writes a madcap ever-growing popular daily column and Read More→

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Wine-lovers’ Paradises

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Wine-lovers’ Paradises

By Frank Cotolo

Anyone who knows me knows I am a wine-lover, so I am apt to chase my passion to wine regions across the world.

I think kindly of Napa Valley, California, where there is superb wine and there are still women whose lovely feet dance upon the grapes that produce some of the finest Cabernet Sauvignon, even if a toenail floats to the surface here and there. There are hundreds of wineries in the area; I once counted fifty before blacking out. Also, the Mediterranean-like climate is perfect for producing Zinfandel, since it is the only region that produces grapes shaped much like Anthony Quinn’s head.

Tuscany, Italy, has recently become a popular area for wine, adding to it being the knife-fighting capitol of Europe. Tourists crave its Chianti and Montalcino, which is also the name of Tuscany’s most adored comedy team.

I quickly become a snob at Geaux Bordeaux in France. What a pure menu of reds and whites can be consumed there, where the cleanliness of the local whores is equally praised. It is the home to the most expensive bottles in the world, as well as there are inexpensive table wines you can lick off of inexpensive tables.

Few think of Australia as a healthy wine region but the Barossa Valley is a special spot, known for its robust varieties of red. Red-wine connoisseurs never leave here sober and are often arrested for being lewd with vegetables in its rolling, vine-covered hills.

My favorite spot is La Rioja, Spain, where the wine flows like … wine. It has three regions: Rioja Alta, Rioja Alavesa, and Rioja Baja, all from the Rioja family of adjectives. There are outstanding reds here. In fact, Jack Reed visited early in his career and became inebriated by an aging oak, almost choking on vanilla flavors.

Back in California, I love the Sonoma Valley, which author Jack London labeled the “Valley of the Moon.” When he realized it was too difficult a task to find a label large enough to paste on the area, London changed his name to Paris and left. I am just another one of the legendary writers who goes there to drink, dance, drink, have sex, and drink. To tell you the truth, I barely notice the moon on any given night.

Finally, I love Chile’s Valle Central. It is close to the Chilean capital, Santiago, among the Andes Mountains, adjacent to the Amos Mountains. The wine is thick, rich and Maipo Valley’s Cabernets are often poured by naked waitresses, as well as the Curico’s Chardonnays are great to suck from their bottles’ corks.

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Oklahoman Cindy Morrison

is a Candidate for Oprah’s Network

Former Evening News Anchor and Author Cindy Morrison is a candidate for a talk show on Oprah’s new network.

Tulsa, OK – “We’re looking for people who have ‘it,’ infectious energy, a unique sense of humor, personality galore—pair that with a fun and creative idea and you could end up with your own show,” Oprah Winfrey said.

Cindy Morrison certainly fits the bill. Her new book Girlfriends 2.0 is a fun flirty guidebook for women, it outlines how women can build their own indestructible network of Girlfriends, and how they can help you with your career, family and fashion!

Go to and vote as many times as you can to help this author and perky TV personality become the next big star on Oprah’s new network, O.

Cindy W Morrison – 12 year veteran television anchor, entrepreneur and author

was recently on Your Time with Kim Iverson. You can hear the interview here.

Her new book – Girlfriends 2.0 – is available on Amazon

or directly from her website –

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So you’ve written a book, what do you do now?  Let us do an interview with you.  Tell us more about your writing skills.  If you are a poet, it’s hard to become a best seller but it can be done.  You have to sell yourself and your work as an author.  People like to know where the writer came up with the ideas, how they got started writing, etc.  As a published author myself I understand how hard it is to make money with book sales, doing talk shows and readings, getting out into the public world, etc.

Let us help you promote your book.  Send us a free copy for a review, and then give us the opportunity to interview you and tell your story.

Contact Anne at: with author in the subject line.

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Author’s Riveting Fiction Questions Fate and Destiny

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Author’s Riveting Fiction Questions Fate and Destiny

Have you ever thought to yourself,

“things just seem to work out for that guy”?

Perhaps you know someone who

seems to have everything in life line up just so…

Tulsa, OK – Author Walter Borotto, who writes under the pen name Michael Bronte, brings you the thought provoking journey of an average American boy who becomes a soldier – then a politician and leader – all the while drawing unexpected strengths from every angle as life presents him with one challenge after another in his new book Presidential Risk.
Imagine if the world around us is actually just the setting for a supernatural game of Risk.  Presidents and power brokers who have passed beyond our world are still moving armies, forming alliances, and creating havoc down on earth.  In Presidential Risk – the author weaves political intrigue and science fiction in an intricate web of conspiracy, ambition and fate.  Will the real life characters survive the rolls of the dice, or will the supernatural game claim them as players…
In the end, it’s all about leadership, and the books dynamic character -Pauli Campo – emerges from his meager existence to lead his country in the fight to avert a world war that could lead to the deaths of millions of people. This is the ultimate Game, and the struggle for world domination continues with each roll of the dice in PRESIDENTIAL RISK.
Possible Interview Questions:
  • There is a guiding force that moves throughout your character’s lives – what is it that I as the reader will recognize as this force in my own life?
  • The hardest thing for anyone to admit is that they are intimidated – how does your main character move past that obstacle and can this quality be learned?
  • Have we – in this confusing world – lost the desire to stand up for what we believe – can we get past this obstacle in order to protect those we care about?
Michael Bronte is the pen name for Walter Borotto, a graduate of Union College in Schenectady, New York, and George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He is the author of one previous novel titled The Dealership. He has two children, and lives with his wife of thirty years in Gaithersburg, Maryland.
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