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Spell out your feelings towards Nature….

Landscape is a clear view of all the environmental surroundings which are naturally present around us like river hills, plains and plateau. So, in order to have a clear view one must have a hearted felling of capturing the landscapes in the finest way as possible.

A good photographer screens out landscape by capturing right image in a particular frame at right time. While going to a hill station with family or friends we often capture river flowing in between and hills and Mountains etc. so that we can see whenever we want to rewind our memories and this can only be done when you take a right picture at right time. It is not at all necessary that a landscape picture can only be taken by going outside or any other place rather it can be captured by simply making up the mind and start capturing the neighboring environment like birds sitting on the tree, sunset, sunrise etc. Seems lovely right…?

There are certain Digital Photography Lessons in order to take a better landscape photos.

1) Proper visibility or light effect

In order to take a perfect picture one must keep in mind that there should be a proper visibility or we can say proper light effect like in the early morning when the sun rises or when the sun sets (in camera – night – mode or sunset – mode are available or automatic modes which respond accordingly as per the time.

2) Proper angle

One must not make any rough angle for clicking on camera; one must have to be fully in a right position and angle so that a proper view can be captured.

3) Using high resolution camera

Photos can be captured with any camera but in order to take a good landscape photo one must have a fine resolution camera with auto focus, zoom in, zoom, out etc so that one must have not to move closer to the area in order to take photo.

4) Interest

One must have full interest in order to capture view of landscape and it may also vary from place to place.

5) Tripod

In order to avoid bad pictures clicking due to some reason like handshaking, get struck by someone or not having proper height to capture the view one can use the tripod along with the camera for capturing superfine landscape image


One must have a proper balancing of all the elements in the frame from point to point. One must take care of the distances from the subjects and should view that while capturing, image should be balanced it must not be heavier.

7) Photo Lenses

There are telephoto lenses which can be used to make the thing look closer, they also reduces the distance between the different elements.

In order to have a well landscape photo many companies have launched a very high range and large variety of cameras with high resolution power which can capture a picture from larger distances like Canon XSUS.

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New phenomenon of digital camera auctions hit the World Wide Web

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New phenomenon of digital camera auctions

hit the World Wide Web

Digital camera is an astonishing invention of modern technology. These little pieces of machinery are proving to be a truly valuable gift for professional photographers, movie makers and even common men. They have been a gift to many industries specially movie makers. Editing pictures and making movies has never been easier before the emergence of digital cameras, digital slr cameras and camcorders.

There is a whole new range of digital camera and camcorder brands available these days but some of the most well known names are Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Carl Zeiss, Olympus, Lexer, Pentex, Sony, Yashica etc. However Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Pentex are well known for digital SLR professional cameras range.

Since the introduction of new generation of digital, digital SLR cameras and camcorders, the whole world of sizzling images is now just click of a button away. Since these powerful gadgets are easily available to everyone, saving your memorable moments for the coming generations has never been easier. As the technology keeps evolving and new features are introduced to digital cameras every forth coming day consumers will now need more and more time to shop for the right one, considering the required features and available budget. Most of the modern digital cameras come with standard set of features such as LCD viewing screen, resolution settings, digital and optical zoom, lenses, image stablisation, sound and video recording, night mode, photo editing, auto-timer etc. These features play a very important role in ensuring the quality of digital cameras.

Visiting local dealers will give no detailed information to you. If you are looking the best store that offers camcorders on sale then online is the best option to purchase them. You can get a transparent picture about features of camcorders displayed for sale. You can also get to wide varieties of models available and make a choice among them.

You are done with ensuring the quality of the product, next is affordability, where do you get affordable camcorders for sale? The place is none other than online auction. Have you ever wondered, if the sale price of digital camera you purchased is real sale price? I know your answer would be no. This will happen if you go for an online auction site that offers digital cameras for sale.

Either you want to go for purchasing a digital camera or put camcorder for sale, online auction sites are the best avenues for both buyer and seller. There is no need for you to run through renowned stores to purchase a quality product at the cheapest price possible. You will be exposed wide varieties of models at one go. You will have option to fix his budget and can go for the product only when it limits your budget. You will relived from the head ache of marketing experts who try to convince you to take the camera for higher price.

When a seller puts digital camcorders for sale through online auction, He also will benefit in many ways, he will have an opportunity to fix the price by scrutinizing the market price to fetch more profits into the account. There is no need for him to give a detailed description of the product to the customer and there is no bargaining. Both the seller and buyer will be benefited from the transaction only when they find a right platform like that can get them in tact.

For More Info Logon to:

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5 Tips for Conserving Camera Battery battery

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5 Tips for Conserving Camera Battery battery

Running out of battery power can be one of the most annoying aspects of digital photography.

Too many times in the past have I experienced taking the time to set up a shot or needing to use my camera in the heat of the moment, only to find that the battery didn’t have enough power left to capture the moments that I wanted to photograph.

You can imagine my frustration when I miss the photo opportunity because of the camera battery.

Bosch 2607335280 drill battery
Ni-MH,3.0Ah,24V only £74.79


Now, instead of carrying spare batteries with me in case this happened, I decided to research into the area of conversing camera battery power. I share what I learnt with you in this article in the hope of helping you to avoid such annoying situations!

Tip 1: Keep LCD Use to a Minimum

The part of your digital camera that uses up the most power is without a doubt the LCD screen. Every time you open up this digital display you are presented with a view of what the camera sees in real-time, meaning that the display has to be refreshed multiple times every second to show you a fluent-moving picture. Keeping usage of the LCD screen to a minimum will definitely help a freshly charged battery last much longer!

Tip 2: Manage Photos While Your Batteries Charge

Another easy way to cut down on the amount of power drained from your batteries is to wait until you can plug your camera into an AC adapter before you start to manage your photos. This is an important tip to remember – you may enjoy cropping, deleting, and viewing your photos on the go, but it will leave you with much less power to take photos if you do so.

Tip 3: Try Not to Use the Memory Card

This tip goes hand in hand with the previous one, but also plays an important factor in keeping enough juice in your camera batteries to take those important photos! It uses up a lot of power every time that you access the memory card, so keep this in mind before reviewing every photo that you take while relying solely on battery power.

Tip 4: Don’t Mix Different Types of Batteries

Keeping the same types of batteries together can help to conserve power in digital cameras as well as most other battery-powered devices. This is mostly because the performance of older batteries will not be as good as newer ones, and they will drain much faster. Another important reason to remember this tip is that mixing different types of batteries can be dangerous – the batteries can become damaged and even leak, which in turn could end up damaging your digital camera.

Tip 5: Let Batteries Run Out

Letting batteries completely run out of power before recharging them can help them to last longer as well as increase their performance. Something that people tend to forget is that just because your batteries aren’t holding enough energy to run your camera it doesn’t mean that they are entirely empty of power. You can make sure that your batteries are as empty as possible before recharging them by leaving them in an old radio or a flashlight that is turned on until they run down.


Hopefully this article has offered you some new suggestions to help you conserve digital camera battery power. It may first seem annoying to not immediately review all of your photos as you take them, but after a while you will most likely find that you get more photos taken this way, and using this in combination with some of the other tips will help you become more efficient at using your digital camera!

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Stock Photography Grows at Pure Creative Commons with New Education Collection

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Stock Photography Grows at Pure Creative

Commons with New Education Collection

Pure Creative Commons, a free stock photography website, added a new Education photography collection. Offering hundreds of new professionally-taken creative commons photos, this collection includes a wide variety of educational settings and supplies, both current and antiquated. Within the stock photo collection are many educational subcategories covering themes both inside a school and home studies.

Free stock photography of elementary and high school students as well as extensive learning materials and school supplies can be found at Pure Creative Commons (PCC). From blocks and puzzles to student planners and loaded backpacks, from early 1900’s report cards to jump drives, these unique stock photos cover intriguing aspects and concepts of the education field.

“At Pure Creative Commons we try to select topics that are relevant to current news, conversations and controversy. Education is an emotional topic on many levels today. This new free stock photography collection brings endearing shots of children writing stories, walking to school many still life shots educational supplies,” says Elizabeth Willford, Pure Creative Commons Representative. “We think these stock photos offer a great deal of variety and choice for use in blogs, websites and print.”

Because all of the stock photos are taken by Pure Creative Commons, we can guarantee that these new education photographs can be used with no risk of copyright violation. Like all photography on this site, these creative commons photos can be downloaded free. PCC only requests that an attribution link is also downloaded with the photograph. Full details about how to include this link are available on the website. This new Education stock photography collection can be reviewed at

Pure Creative Commons, LLC is a privately held stock photography company in Columbus, Ohio that provides reliable, 100% free stock photographs. Available in high, low and web resolutions, these free downloadable digital images can be shared, copied, distributed, modified or adapted, even for commercial use, without any copyright violations. All Pure Creative Commons photographs are organized logically in a Honeycomb Archive Digital Asset Management library so users can search, find and download files efficiently with no random or irrelevant images that complicate or impede the search.

Elizabeth Willford
Pure Creative Commons

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2010 International Photography Awards

Announces Winners of the Competition

WAJAHAT IQBAL was awarded an Honorable

Mention in Special – Travel/Tourism,Nature,People


2010 International Photography Awards Announces Winners of the Competition

WAJAHAT IQBAL was awarded an Honorable Mention in Special – Travel/Tourism,People,Nature category for the winning entry “The Last Shangrila -Bhutan,Sunset in different places,Faces of people in the World”

About Winner:

My name is Wajahat Iqbal and my native place is Kashmir in India.I am a Amateur photographer and have been doing Photography since 19 Years of Age.My first Camera was Agfa Retina.Now I use Canon Rebel and Nikon D 300 Cameras with assortment of Lenses (Wide Angle,Telezoom etc).I Love to photograph Nature,Lanscape,Architecture,People and places.I love photography and it takes away my Stress from my Job of Project Manager in IT Industry.I presently Reside in Kingdom of Bahrain.

My work has also been acknowledged and published by the likes of National Geographic in their Stock Images collection and Boulevard of Photographer’s Photography Anthology of 2010.

About IPA:

The 2010 International Photography Awards received nearly 15,000 submissions from 103 countries across the globe. IPA is a sister-effort of the Lucie Foundation, where the top three winners are announced at the annual Lucie Awards gala ceremony. The Foundation’s mission is to honor master photographers, to discover new and emerging talent and to promote the appreciation of photography. Since 2003, IPA has had the privilege and opportunity to acknowledge and recognize contemporary photographers’ accomplishments in this specialized and highly visible competition. Visit for more details.

Photographer’s WAJAHAT IQBAL:
Website :
Mobile : +973 39691355 /39542646

IPA Contact:
Sarah Cho
Competition Director
IPA | Lucie Awards

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A better photograph is one which has high resolution

and more clarity. The photograph should have good colour composition

and should contain high pixel numbers.

The main steps which are needed to be followed for

a better photograph are:

1. Read the camera’s manual properly: the

photographer needs to go through the manual of the camera properly. It

helps him to master the camera properly and capture the photograph more


2 Set the resolution of camera to high: the high

resolution provides a better quality of the Photograpy.

3 The very first step is to clean the camera lens

as it is possible that some dust or lint may tamper your image.

4. Avoid taking pictures in low light.

5. Avoid the bright reflections and other

“hot-spots” as they can ruin your picture.

6. Avoid anything that requires tight focal length

because their focal length is short, and due to this leads to blur


7. Avoid mirror shots-that mean avoid shots of

mirror because they end up confusing auto-focus mechanism.

8. Set your camera to the high resolution for

image quality.

9. Before taking the picture turn off the frame

setting and any extra effect-sometimes frame can ruin your picture. You

must apply frames afterwards, as framing requires lowering of


10. If your camera allows the “White balance”

feature – as our human eye adjust to the scene and light effects it

usually see, like ways our camera also adjust to all kind of lights,

and give you a high quality picture.

11. Flash must be used sensibly and judiciously-if

we are using flash because our scene is not properly prone to light we

must keep in mind that anything completely by your camera’s flash light

will look unnatural, this leads to low picture quality consequently.

12. Frame your shot carefully-make sure everything

you want to be in your picture is there because, in a single word,

satisfaction is more important than quality. Somewhere if your picture

is not properly shot then it’s worth nothing.

13. After keeping all points in mind finally click

the image keeping camera as still as possible.

14. After all this points save the image in your

camera and as if desired save it ….

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Since the inception of digital SLR cameras,

the photography industry has undergone

tremendous changes.

We can use a digital SLR film cameras can not do a lot of jobs that, this is an undeniable fact. Shooting itself this easier. Many digital SLR camera inherits the basic structure of film SLR camera, the operation also has a lot in common. For Canon EOS series used to use the film SLR camera users, the master operating Canon digital SLR camera does not take too long. For those who have been able to grasp the small digital camera for people who just have to learn digital SLR cameras and knowledge of the unique mode of operation, so that they want freedom to shoot the photos is also not difficult. It can be said, anyone can easily learn to use digital SLR cameras.

Able to immediately confirm the shooting finished, the user’s photographic technology will progress rapidly, even in a short time into the intermediate level. Moreover, the characteristics of digital SLR cameras is the ability to change the maximum lens, which makes the broader world of photography. The EOS DIGITAL series cameras can use lenses and other accessories are very rich, so learning to use the series SLR photography is no better choice.

People with a variety of handy paragraph 60 above the body and the lens will be provided for the user’s photographic career, strong support. If the book is placed in hand, watching science, I believe everyone in a very short period of time is not lost to professional photographers capture the dden-el2 battery
Photos in stark contrast to the expressiveness
Digital SLR camera:
Compact digital camera:
The size of the image sensor is completely different
35mm film:
Full frame image sensor:
APS-C size image sensor:
Small digital camera’s image sensor:
Image sensor area
The influence of falsified effects

Digital SLRS compared with small digital camera, not only the exterior differ, more important is the basic structure of the internal differences exist on the fundamental. The main difference is used for light, accept the image sensor size image. And usually adopts 1 / type image sensor 2.5 inches of small digital camera, digital SLRS generally USES the image sensor size – C APS has 13 times the area. Therefore in the electronic performance also has many advantages. The photo imaging visual effect, the main difference lies in the background, and can be derived effect of digital SLRS lens replacement on this small compared with digital camera, also has the obvious advantage. Image sensor size to melt with the focus lens effect difference is very big. Image sensor area is smaller, lens is shorter (tend to wide-angle), resulting in a satisfactory effect. Others background, When using a digital SLRS for filming, feel with the usual photos with different, the size of the image sensor has a direct connection of different.

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Route 66 Photobooths offers a photo booth to capture your guests’

personalities. Our portable photo booths can be delivered to your site

in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, or Fayetteville Arkansas!

Whether you are planning a corporate picnic, a back to school party or starting your new life as man and wife, we have a perfect way to make your special occasion unforgettable. Route 66 Photobooths offers your own photo booth to capture your guests expressing their individual personalities. Our portable photo booths can be delivered to your site. Whether you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma; Oklahoma City; Dallas, Texas; or even Fayetteville, Arkansas, we can help you party like a rock star!

Our photo booths can capture each guest or group of guests expressing themselves with our great dress up gear. Do you have a diva on the guest list who loves tiaras and boas or a down home boy who wants a cowboy hat to express who he is? We have multitudes of options that will help you and your guests make the special event all the more memorable and enjoyable.

If you are looking for wedding photo booths, we offer special packages to make your special day all the more special. Traditional photography is great to capture professional poses and special moments, but you want something more. Something that will give your guest a way to remember your wedding as something truly special and give you a way to see everyone that came to celebrate with you! Whether you are getting married in Tulsa, OK or Arkansas, Dallas Texas or Oklahoma City, we will get your wedding photo booths to your venue on time with professional delivery.

We also offer party photo booths that spice up any get-together. It offers a party favor for your guest as well as a CD with all the images for you, so you can remember all the guests and their individual personalities. If you’re looking for something a little different, try our sticker photo booths, which print out stickers instead of photo prints. It’s perfect for children’s birthday parties, mitzvahs or pre-prom bashes. You will show your guests that you know how to party like a rock star!

Route 66 Photobooths are more than just a party favor. We offer photo booths for corporate events as well as wedding photo booths and party photo booths or our unique sticker photo booth. We offer professional delivery whether you are in Arkansas or Tulsa, Oklahoma; Dallas, Texas; or Oklahoma City, we will get your portable photo booth to you with time to spare. Our fast, high-resolution prints will keep your guests talking, or our sticker prints from our sticker photo booths will keep your guests smiling and going back for more! Lucky for you, the prints are unlimited, so keep your guests and your pocket book happy! Our portable photo booths offer something special—the chance to truly make your special event memorable for you and your guests and give you the ability to party like a rock star!

If you need any information on any of our portable photo booths, please do not hesitate to call Route 66 Photo Booth at 918-694-7113 or visit our website at

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