Black History Feature: Healing of Black Families


Black History Feature: Healing of Black Families

Former NFL Player Freddie Scott, II, author of “The Dad I Wish I Had,” says let’s focus on the future of our families

Nashville, TN (January 31, 2011) – If you could take a snapshot of the African-American family today and compare it to a snapshot of the African-American family of yesterday, you will see that someone is missing.  Over the years, more and more fathers are “out of the picture” when it comes to being a part of their children’s lives.  This problem is impacting the African-American legacy in a big way.
February is Black History Month.  Former NFL Player Freddie Scott, II is author of the book, The Dad I Wish I Had and says that one of the best ways to honor our past and preserve our culture and our future is to deal with the deterioration of the African-American family structure.
Scott is available to speak on the impact of absentee fathers on African- American communities and the American society as a whole.  He also has tips on how to get our families back to the strong model of hope that we once knew.
Scott speaks from his personal experience growing up without having his father in his life as he would have liked.
To arrange an interview with Freddie Scott, II, or for more information on the author, contact the publicist.
Media may request a free review copy of the book, The Dad I Wish I Had, by emailing yorkshirepr@gmail.com.
About the Author
Scott has a history as a player in the National Football League. He is a minister at Word of Faith Christian Center in Nashville, youth counselor, public speaker and author.  He is founder and president of Unlock The Champion, LLC., an organization dedicated to people raised in broken homes, especially athletes.  His most recent research has made him aware of the tremendous need, now more than ever, for strong fathers in America’s ever-changing culture and across the world.
Today, Scott travels throughout America speaking on such issues as family, character development, and personal goals. To date, Freddie has spoken to thousands helping to empower people to not be imprisoned to the pain of their past.  He is an NFL Spokesman for All Pro Dad, an Ambassador for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Middle TN and the Dean of Word of Faith church’s Spiritual Growth Institute.  Scott is most proud of being a loving husband to his wife of 10 years, Tondalanea, and great father to their five children.  For more info on “The Dad I Wish I Had” or for more background on Freddie Scott, II, please visit www.thedadiwishihad.com.
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