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Golf carts on the go, fans waiting at the fence line, security watching for trouble and nerves on edge.  The job it takes to put on the big show.  I had the privilege of attending Rocklahoma and watch AEG talents on pulling together a fantastic concert for Rock Fans.   Sometimes we forget the work it takes in putting together a show and it is left unrecognized in the music industry.  Booking the bands is half the battle in putting on a good show and it’s not just about location.  The different entities at work of organizing merchants, sound, lights, security, parking and staging that does not include the marketing.
Being a local Kansas City promoter, marketing concerts or local shows has become one of the biggest challenges.  Radio, newspaper ads, flyers and a street team sometimes it does not seem like enough to pull the fans to the show.  AEG coordinated a signed guitar auction event at Rocklahoma; this would seem to be appealing to fans.
The next biggest challenge in coordinating a Rock Show is the Musicians.  Booking musicians can always be negotiated but that is just the beginning.  With musicians there is always one in the show that is considered to be the WILD MAN or WOMAN.  There is nothing more nerve wrecking then watching a rock star being a stuntman before a show or patiently waiting for the rock star to show up.
At Rocklahoma, the environment and set up was so well thought out, it showed no sign of stressing out over musician itching to be trouble.  You know what they say about rock stars, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.  You just got to love them. Rocklahoma was the first event that I attended that showed flawless organizational skills and environment control which made it the best concert.  Hats off to AEG for putting on an outstanding show and we look forward to attending again next year.
(Coming soon interview with AEG from Afresh Entertainment Magazine and get a real inside scoop of how they do it.)

Christina Cook


Hats Off To You AEG, it’s people like you who allow the art, music, and entertainment industry continue to grow with a positive impact for the world to see.  Thanks again for letting us be a part of the wonderful event.  We look forward to another event soon!

Anne Shiever


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