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They say “50 is the “new 30”!  Women are becoming more wise, witty, and growing more graceful with  age.  They have accomplished great tasks and have learned when to “take charge” of a situation.

Remember this: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It goes beyond skin deep.” Be happy with who you are inside and out; then watch out world, cause the sky is the limit!


A woman can be….

She’s a complex little creature

A little bit mischievous

A little bit provocative

Somewhat sexy somewhat shy

Very virtuous & pleasing to the eye

With a touch of class

She moves with charm and grace

With a unique style that’s all her own

She will casually turn a few heads

And searching hearts all over the place

It’s very tough to guess her age

When she takes the center stage

She can be delectable, she may even be divine

Slighting alluring & very maturing

She can dress with dazzle or flair

And in her tight-fitting blue jeans

She still looks mighty fine

But finally get her alone

She’s a romantic flirt

A passionate bombshell

She’s intimate and imaginative

She can be racy and raw

Or maybe a little raunchy too

She might be a bit seductive

And when she takes the initiative

She’ll give with her all

She’s extremely articulate

Very creative, and reassuring

You had better watch out

Cause she’s mysterious and luring

You’ll fall right into her trap

Like a spider and her web

She will tease you and please you

With a tigress in your bed

Sometimes she’s quite emotional

And some say uncontrollable

She’s quite confusing at times

And totally unpredictable

But with just one kiss

From those ruby red lips

You’ll be madly in love

Since you can’t resist

Yes, a woman can be…..

The little girl of your dreams

But underneath it all

She’s much more than she seems

Now, you just better think twice

And you better look out

Ah….what magic….a woman can be

….a woman just like me!

Anne Shiever



From the moment that she is born, the aging process begins.

She must eat right to maintain good health,

And the wonderful condition of her skin.

While growing up, she learns from other women

That “real beauty” comes from within.

It comes from the warmth felt in her heart, mind, & soul;

Not just in the beautiful appearance of her skin.

By living her life to the fullest, greeting each day

With the cheerfulness of a tender smile;

Her amazing strength comes from deep inside,

Not just from “running a country mile”!

To know her, is to love her dearly;

From her head down to her toes

She’s an incredible “WOMAN OF STRENGTH”,

A woman in charge of her own destiny and goals

She meets each challenge that is bestowed upon her

As a new opportunity to capitalize all its great

Knowledge and vast wisdom, too

As she matures with that glow of radiant beauty,

She shares her spiritual awareness,

Life’s personal experiences and what she has learned

From many others that she once knew!

She’s a child, a student, a teacher, a lover, and a friend!

As she continues to grow older gracefully,

Her task on earth isn’t over until the day’s at end!

But she doesn’t ever stop!!!

She continues her life moving forward

Every day with magnificent self-confidence

To gain even more knowledge and experience,

Because she truly is, “A WOMAN OF STRENGTH!”

Anne Shiever

All POETRY contents under this post are under copyright of the author, Anne Shiever.  Get her book CAPTIVATED nominated for the best poetry book of 2005!  Available through the author.  Also if you are looking for some great photos for your special guy, check out Anne Shiever’s photography work.  She’s simply amazing!

……all great things


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