Effective immediately (November 1, 2009), it is with great sadness to announce that MR. (William) WILLIE PARKS is no longer accepted or established as a volunteer staff member ‘associated or affiliated with AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE in any type of media form!


For privacy and security issues regarding the best interest of the magazine and staff, please email the editor immediately regarding any attempt for media admittance or photography opportunities/events representing Afresh Entertainment Magazine that have been requested in behalf of Mr. Willie (William) Parks in any form!

Thank you for your help! Email:

{It is our hope that Mr. Parks will continue to show support of the wonderful people at AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE including the volunteer staff members, the magazine’s best interests and growth with a continuous positive enthusiasm!  We also hope Mr. Parks achieves what he is so deserving of with warm wishes in finding whatever he is searching for.}




Due to fraudulent activity by possible internet hackers, All photography photo/media requests for AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE will come only DIRECTLY from these email accounts: or

Contact via phone will be from our main office numbers: 785-577-2995  or 785-826-2526fax

If there are any other requests made for photo opportunities to attend any event/show on behalf of AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE, please contact the editor at the above email accounts immediately with a forwarded copy of the email.  Since we run a respectable business built on the strong ethics of professionalism and everlasting friendship, we encourage your help! Thanks for reading this notice to keep us informed.  We appreciate YOU!

Our staff members are “volunteer staff members”who dedicate and devote their own time helping all art, music, and entertainment industries with a positive and professional manner to bring out the best for all art, music, and entertainment!  We want to thank those who make this possible as we continue with positive enthusiasm to help others in the growing industry of art, music, and entertainment.  Remember to spread the word about: AFRESH ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE.

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