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Afresh:  First Off, who are A&Z Fun-time Designs T-Shirts?

Anne:  A&Z Fun-time Designs T-Shirts is our “Brand” name we (my husband Zane and I) use to sell t-shirts on Amazon.  We wanted a Brand that fit us, so A&Z stand for “Anne & Zane” as well as “Amazing & Zaney”.  Fun-time is for t-shirts to make you smile so people can express themselves with some humor to brighten someone’s day.


Afresh:  How did you both get started as A&Z Fun-time Designs?

Anne:  I think I will let Zane tell the first part of that story.

Zane:  Anne did lots of drawing while she took care of her mom.  I thought she should put them into a book or do something with them to share them.  Then I heard about an opportunity through Amazon so I put my name on the waiting list.  I checked out some other places and I was very impressed with Amazon.  I told Anne to brush up on her Photoshop skills.

Anne:  My husband Zane worked hard to get our foot in the door with Amazon two year’s ago after extensive research with designing t-shirts and uploading them to Amazon to sell.  He saw a potential when I was drawing over 100 Owls and other images by looking at photos or scenery on tv while my mother, Darlene Mattas was so sick.  Mom wanted me to keep drawing and using talents God blessed me with before she died October 9th 2016. I promised her I would do that as my gift to her.  Zane searched for ideas where I could start using my drawings plus get paid for my artwork; and do something as a team to build a new future business for us someday.  So here we are now.  I think mom would be really proud of both of us.


Afresh:  How long have you been actually designing t-shirts?

Anne: We started in December 2015 at level one with Amazon but we could upload only 25 t-shirt designs until we sold 25 t-shirts.  It took us well over a year to do that cause you are constantly competing with over thousands of artists and t-shirt designs on the market.  Getting your own design to show up on page one or two after a search really takes some serious thinking so people will find you.  That’s why I personally feel it’s better to stick with your own Brand Name until they love your work and just shop specifically for Your Design Styles.  We get paid back in Royalty fees for our work when a t-shirt sells.  If it doesn’t sell within 90 days, it is dropped from Amazon’s listings so you are always creating new t-shirts.  Over 30 years ago I hand painted t-shirts for my son to wear to school.  I also hand-made a few to sell in my own store Anne’s Collectibles and Gifts but nothing ever as cool as this is.


Afresh:  What types of t-shirts do you design or have for sale now?

Zane:  We have a variety of Positive Attitude tees, Big Dill Pickle Tees, Motorcross/Motorcycle Tees, Wine Lover & Beer Drinking Party T-shirts, Outdoor’smen T-Shirts, Black Friday tees, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentines, and other seasonal holiday T-shirts, numerous silly Pun T-shirts like our Rats Ass T-shirts, Occupational T-shirts like our Corrections tees, Sports, Graduation, Big Rat Party tees, Country & Gardening,  Author/Writer, Reader tees and even a few Sarcastic t-shirts too.  We’ve made lots of different styles the past two years.  There’s something for everyone from youth to adult in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes.  We have over 300 designs currently for sale on Amazon.  You just have to type our Brand in Amazon’s search bar: A&Z FUN-TIME DESIGNS T-SHIRTS for them to show up easily.  Then start shopping!

Anne:  Our designs are great conversation starters, and a really super cool way to get noticed by someone too.  I always try to design in bold vibrant colors to capture a brilliant personality.  I want them to stand out and be read.  I want people to “feel good” when they wear them!


Afresh:  How often do you design new items?

Anne:  Oh gosh, everyday!  I have to draw something each day.  We try to upload new t-shirts daily to Amazon, too.  It varies anywhere from one to ten t-shirts a day or whatever Amazon sets our limits to.  Everything has to go through their own approval process first.  It’s a constant effort to keep trying to think of something new, classy, and trendy for people to wear that they will love to add to their own wardrobe or give someone else as a gift.  You have to do lots of research for trademarks, copyright, logos, etc.  Everything has to be your own idea and design!  It’s a big challenge.  People who think it’s easy have no idea how difficult it can be sometimes.

Zane:  Now it’s a dream we both want to be successful with.  We’re determined and I think our designs are looking even better than a year ago.

Anne:  It does make you feel good when someone says, where did you find that t-shirt?  When you can say, “I made it.  I sell them on Amazon”.  You hope they are interested enough to find out how to buy their own and you can hand them a business card explaining how to find the t-shirts.


Afresh:  Do you plan to design more than just t-shirts?

Anne:  Oh yes!  I am also a writer, so I am working on a series of ‘Owl Coloring Books’ and my husband Zane has already made really cute ‘leggings’ to sell on Etsy to go with our t-shirts and enhance other clothing pieces in your wardrobe.  There’s no telling what ideas may come to us next.  In fact LOVE OWL WISE COLORING BOOK is available right now on Amazon and it is an Adult Coloring book with inspirational quotes and some of my own poetry; however suitable for all ages to color.  It’s images of fantasy, fun, and real owls doing their own thing.  All of the Owl illustrations had my mother’s approval before she died.  I promised her I would publish them so eventually there will be four Owl books, then others in the future.  I’m really getting more excited about that too.


Afresh:  What other art mediums do you and your spouse enjoy?

Anne:  We both draw.  Zane is extremely talented as a metal artist.  He has won several awards too.  He’s great with wood working but it is very time consuming.  We both had fun with Polymer and PMC Clay art for awhile too.  Both of us design and make jewelry. Zane also takes care of our Ebay store:  AnnesCollectiblesAndGifts where we sell all sorts of things on-line so he is very busy with that.  We both really enjoy photography and doing interviews, making videos, etc.  We have our photography studio where he takes photos of the items we sell on Ebay.  We loved going to Rocklahoma.  Zane took photos with Tom and I did interviews with Christina.  Looking forward to doing that again sometime.  I paint, draw, do crafts, all kinds of photography, interviewing other types of artists and making videos.  I write and have several published books archived in the Spencer Library and Museum in Lawrence Kansas.  I still have a poetry book on Amazon called Heart Mind and Soul.  I’m also writing some children’s stories and doing my own illustrations for the books.


Afresh:  Do you have any great marketing tips or tricks?

Anne:  I tried the social site sharing thing on my personal page; however people don’t really get it.  Even family members don’t understand.  Likes and shares help posts show up on other feeds to reach other people that don’t know something.  Sharing doesn’t cost anyone anything and it could be giving someone a chance at change in their life.  Wouldn’t you want to be part of something so wonderful just by a simple share.  My mom always said the world needed more love and understanding.  She was very wise.  I keep trying though.

Zane:  It’s hard for any type of artist to make it until people see the product for themselves.  So in this case, until they buy at least one t-shirt to see how cool it is we have to trust people we know to tell their friends and hope word of mouth gets around quick.  We’re still looking into other marketing ideas but, unfortunately they cost money too.


Afresh:  From our discussion you both keep very busy so I have to ask, is your t-shirt sales your main source of income?

Zane:  We both work full-time jobs like most people; but it takes extra money to make it.  Sometimes you wonder if you will ever catch a break, but you have to keep trying.  You can’t give up.

Anne:  We are hoping that’s what the future will hold for us as our Brand Name gets out there or if the public loves what they see with the finished product.  Amazon’s t-shirts are a wonderful product.  We have several t-shirts ourselves! They wash and wear very nice.  The colors hold up great!  I love the bigger sizes for sleep shirts too.  They are so soft and comfortable, yet I was never really a t-shirt sort of girl.  They look really cute with skirts or leggings too besides the normal jeans and shorts thing. It’s a cool way to express yourself.  They make awesome gifts.


Afresh:  Did you go to school to learn the designing techniques?

Anne:  Zane and I did not go to college to become graphic designers however I can draw by hand.  I illustrate or draw in pencil and pen to create a character for a t-shirt idea.  Then we take it to the computer to various programs to color and enhance it to make it print ready.  It’s a slow learning process, but we work together as artists so we love it.  We have also joined groups of artists who are doing similar things to get feedback and keep up with the various trends.  We’ve also attended a few on-line classes too.  I want a chance a change if I am ever going to be able to retire in a few years.  I turned 60 in June, and sometimes I can really feel the age with my job walking on concrete 12 hours.


Afresh:  Do you worry about someone stealing your work?

Anne:  I’ve been stalked before by some really bad people.  I’ve had my own photographs used without my permission before by a crazy person.  She went so far as to put her own copyright over the top of mine even though I have all my original disks if I ever had to take someone to court.  Just like each one of my own drawings, they are unique and my own handwork!  It’s not like an sd card file with a digital photograph.  I draw it out on paper with my hands.  If someone steals from Amazon, they will be dealt with by Amazon first.  I don’t think I would want to have a Big Company like that after me for something insane like that.  They are very protective of their artists work; however I also keep all my originals with everything I create.


Afresh:  Do you have any hobbies for relaxation?

Zane:  Sometimes we go for a drive and listen to music; maybe take a few pictures, but we usually end up talking about t-shirts or a new idea.  We like spending time with our son and other family members.  Life is too short so you have to get some fun-time in.  We like watching movies and spending time with our two dachshunds Katie & Missy.

Anne:  I am a member of the Kansas Author’s Club so I attend meetings when I can, and I’m on the State Board.  I promised mother I would keep doing that.  She loved going to the first convention with me and listening to me read my poems in a group of authors.  I’m a people person, so I love meeting people and making new friends.  I also love spending the day with our son Kevin Jr.  He’s one very special young man.  Family means everything to me.


Afresh:  Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Zane:  Go to Amazon, check out A&Z Fun-time Designs t-shirts in the search bar and shop!  We also have a facebook fan page you can like to follow us and get updates from on new t-shirts.

Anne:  Tell others about my LOVE OWL WISE Coloring Book at Amazon and get several books for stocking stuffers. Join us on our Facebook Brand Page and give us some feedback as to any ideas of a t-shirt you might really like to wear.  I’m hoping Amazon will add larger sizes especially in men’s like 4, 5, and 6x in the near future even if they had to add a couple dollars more to those sizes; I think it would be worth it.  I know my own son said there are t-shirts he would love to buy but they won’t fit someone his size.  He needs the big and tall sizes.

Zane & Anne:  Have a Merry Christmas and very Blessed New Year too.  Keep reading Afresh Entertainment Magazine.  Take time to tell people I love you, and thank you for reading the article.

Afresh:  Best of luck with your future.  May 2018 be an Amazing year for the two of you in all of your endeavors. Thanks for doing an interview with our magazine.  Keep it fresh live real & rockin!



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Christmas is just around the corner and as we count down the days til the big day celebrating the birth of Jesus, many people love to express themselves wearing something joyful to bring laughter to the table, meet new friends or start up a great conversation.  Here is a preview of some of the best t-shirts ever that we found at Amazon by the brand A&Z Fun-time Designs t-shirts on sale right now.

These t-shirts make some of the best stock stuffer ideas for all ages.  They come in youth to adult sizes with 5 colors to choose from so all you have to do is follow the drop down menu at amazon tp pick your selection.  The designers Anne & Zane did tell us that although the women’s sizes are very nice; if you want a better fit for the more full-figured gals choose the men’s sizes for more length and room.  If you are one of those women who love sleep shirts, you will find the comfort is amazing too!  Get yours while they are hot off the press.  Buy two and get free shipping on orders over $35 at Amazon too.

Check out more designs at Etsy for leggings under A&Z Fun-time Designs!

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Kansas Author Releases New Coloring Book

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Kansas Author Anne Shiever is one of the first Authors in Kansas to release a New Coloring Book for all ages on Amazon just in time for Christmas 2017!  Order you book now!  Just click on the red link here:




LOVE OWL WISE features fantasy, fun, and real owl illustrations to color as well as uplifting poetry and inspirational quotes in one magnificent book! Anne wrote the poetry and illustrated all of the Owl images while caring for her mother through one of the most difficult times of her life before her mother died.  She promised her mother would she would continue using the talents God blessed her with and she would publish her drawings someday.  After making several hundred images, she chose to do a series of four Owl Coloring Books as well as others in the near future.  Be sure to get your Love Owl Wise Coloring Book for this holiday season. The book makes a wonderful stocking stuffer idea especially for someone who loves OWLS!

Create an amazing gift under the tree with a great coloring book, and some accessories.  Add an awesome t-shirt by Anne or a pair of leggings you can find at Etsy by the artist and her husband Zane, and you have a cute outfit to wear anytime, too.

Everyone knows coloring is one of the best ways to relax and relieve some stress in every day life so hurry and spread the word. You’ll want to buy two or three to keep one for yourself. Enter a mind-scaping adventure to relaxation and mediation to motivate and inspire the spirit.  Feel the love the artist felt as she drew each piece of art for her own mother’s approval.  Share a piece of the artist’s heart and friendship in every page.

Remember free shipping at Amazon on orders over $35 so buy three and take advantage of the free shipping! This book is simple Amazing!  Anne also illustrates her drawing skills in her wearable art on Amazon.  Be sure to check out the brand A&Z Fun-time Designs T-shirts found at Amazon and Etsy and enhance your wardrobe all throughout the year with t-shirts to make someone smile.



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