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The past is simply the past. Cherish those great times, magical moments, fond memories, precious photos, and the beating of the heart! But dwelling on some incident from 5, 10, or 20 years can leave you nothing but grudge holding– wasting away good living on a daily basis! There is too much pain and suffering in the world to let something eat at you for decades but you never tell the person until years later when they tell you how much they love you so you just slap them in the face with the mere “acquaintance saga”. You may have tears, you may be hurt beyond the normal. But it’s better the truth has finally surfaced and you know who you friends really are, or who may be a sheep in wolves clothing; so don’t throw your pearls before swine anymore–time to let it go!

Would you want to strengthen a friendship when there is so much bitterness hidden in the cracks? Where would you try to begin again and would it really be wise? Would you be able to form a mutual trust after being told you are really nothing to them so to speak? How do you feel after you poured your heart and soul from your feelings to them? Where do you go from there. Reality just set in–it is Not beautiful like you hoped for. It hurts even worse when they were once family to you, now doesn’t it?

In today’s world when you see an old friend who you haven’t seen in years and you hug them with tears forming in your eyes, you know you have found a true everlasting friendship!. When you can pick up the pieces where you last saw each other, and talk about everything in between there’s a closeness that’s so remarkable you embrace it. love it, feel it deeply within and you know that’s what real love and friendship is really all about. It doesn’t matter how much time has passed– the feelings of love rise above all. No words even have to exchange when the smiles or tears say it all. It’s called living life to the fullest. We all get busy with our daily routine, working, taking care of others, being a parent, having a family, taking care of our pets, etc. Yet still–we are able to love with all of our heart. We are able to trust! We have a glorious bond within our hearts. That my friend, it true friends.

In my life I have family and friends who I may not see for many years, for some, even decades but when we are together for one minute in that instant those feelings of trust, loyalty, sincerity, family ties, our roots, and everlasting friendship grow even more and the bond of friendship will always be there for our eternity on this earth. Thus the present forms a new exciting chapter of keeping in touch more frequently, living and loving life, caring and sharing, allowing love to nurture into something so beautiful words alone can’t describe the feelings inside.

What does the future hold for love and friendship? Well, when it’s time to move on–you will know. Someone who refers to you as a mere acquaintance really has no passion of becoming involved with you again, there’s absolutely no trust left, and what was– has died– because of a form of being stubborn, not communicating, not telling the truth! It’s their dear John letter to the grave, it’s finality that hurts you deeply because you still love and care for the person. It’s time to forget, even if you have forgiven–even if you have loved when it hurt, even if you did try once, twice, etc. but there was always something there you just couldn’t put your finger on until now, don’t waste any more time–move on.

Let love grow and bonds form where there is true and meaningful LOVE. In the end, those types of friends will be the ones who may be lonely because if they do it to you, it may be a pattern of how they treat others unless they are dying. Then, it may really be too late!

Let LOVE guide you to everlasting friendship, eternal peace, and the gift of embracing life. Move on with grace and God’s light, and pray for those who still don’t understand the beauty of a true friend!

Anne Shiever

Many thanks to the friend who taught me to move on with my head held high!

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