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Traveling tips

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10 Tips to make traveling by airplane easier

1.  SIT AND POWER YOURSELF AND THE CHILDREN DOWN! Yes, we know you are excited about traveling to your destination; but keep the talking to a minimum once you have sat down in your seat after boarding the aircraft.  Excessive noise is annoying to others around you.  Turn off all power equipment including the cell phones!  Listen to the flight attendants and follow their instructions.  If you have small children, bring something small they can do on the plane like a search a word book, or book they love to read.  Keep them occupied and talk with them about staying seated before you board the airplane so they are aware of what is going to be expected of them. Nobody wants to be embarrassed by a screaming child or be reprimanded by the flight attendant.


2.  BRING A SMALL PORTABLE DVD PLAYER When you have children, it’s best to keep them busy or sleeping during the flight if possible.  If you have a small portable dvd player, you will be able to let them watch a movie during the flight.  Headphones or earplugs are another great idea to help block out the noise too.  Remind them of the quiet time and keep their voice to a tiny whisper!


3.  TAKE HEALTHY SNACKS Times have changed and the airlines don’t always give out snacks so pack something that will not make you over thirsty.  Small carrots are a great snack to have with you but not always available.  Pack light snacks, not sweets and you will feel better on your trip.  Some people say if they chew on gum it keep the ears from popping.  Just make sure you don’t toss gum anywhere except the trash can once you are finished chewing on it.


4.  HAND SANITIZER Lets face it, there are lots of germs out there and who wants to be sick when traveling.  Pack a very small container of hand sanitizer and be sure to use it.  Make sure to visit the restroom before your trip to help you so you don’t have to use the facilities on the plane.  if you have small children, this is a must as they can’t always hold their bladder like an adult.  This is also true with the elderly people.


5.  DRINK WATER Stay hydrated!  Pop and alcohol are not going to hydrate you.  They do just the opposite.  You can pack a small empty bottle to fill with water once you are past the check in stage; however you may want to plan to purchase water on the plane.  Keep yourself hydrated and if you can drink plenty of water before boarding the plane.


6.  PAY FOR INFLIGHT WIFI If you need the internet services while on the airplane, pay for this service in advance to save you time and headache.  Many business people use this service so be sure to ask when checking in.


7.  CHECK RECENT REGULATIONS If you haven’t traveled in awhile be sure to check the recent regulations for all carry on luggage.  Be sure to check the sizes of luggage and weight restrictions for carry on and check in luggage!  Each airline may be different and you don’t want to have problems before boarding the airplane.


8.   CHECK CARRY ON AT THE GATE The airlines have an area to check the baggage size so make sure the weight restrictions aren’t going to stop you from boarding the plane.  Check your luggage at the gate.  Follow the guidelines to prevent problems.


9.  KEEP YOUR CARRY ON ITEMS SMALL AND LIGHT! Most airlines want you to check in your luggage and they allow the purse, laptop, small container, etc as one of the bags.  This means only one other bag will be allowed in the overhead compartment, so if you don’t need it with you; check it in before boarding the plane.


10.  SLEEP KIT Take a sweater, shawl or small light weight blanket!  Keep it light.  You may be cold on the airplane and they don’t always hand out blankets or pillows anymore.  Although each flight is different, your comfort is all up to you!   Have a happy and safe trip to your destination!


Contributed by: Anne Shiever

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Orlando Florida or Bust!

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afem csrd best

Orlando or Bust!

Yes, it’s true we’re off to Orlando Florida to visit with the staff at Sea World, and hopefully speak to other agents who run Walt Disney World theme parks as well to include Sea World, Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, Epcot Center, Magic Kingdom, the two water parks and more.  After speaking with a member of the news media on-line via a blog post yesterday, I was told they treat members of media both freelance photographers and writers with great prestige!  So far,  I have had a very difficult time reaching a member of the publicity department as of yet; but I’m not giving up hope.  It is our goal to write stories of events that happen at Walt Disney World both as a travel experience and a dream come true.  I’m praying for a miracle and we haven’t stepped on the plane just yet so there’s always still hope!


Last winter my sister and I saw the movie with Tom Hanks playing the part of Walt Disney as the story of Mary Poppins unfolded.  As we watch the actress visit Walt Disney world, I said…wouldn’t it be wonderful if someday we could go there.  My sister told me how she was there years ago while on a honeymoon and how breathtaking the trip was, the memories, and not being able to see everything and do everything.  Then she made a promise to her two children that someday they could see a real live dolphin.  Instead of driving to Texas this trip, we chose Orlando Florida to make a dream come true.


A little girl asked to see a live dolphin, and now that dream of hers is going to come true along with a very wonderful surprise in store for everyone on the trip!  I am excited to be a part of this trip of a lifetime and hope to be able to photograph some of the most wonderful events there to bring you some astonishing news and reviews about one of America’s favorite and greatest theme parks.  It is our hope to visit with the people at Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom,visit Epcot Center, see all the animals in Sea World, visit the water parks and More to share exciting stories from both children and adult view points.


We are encouraging youth to write at Afresh Entertainment magazine, so drop us a line or comment about your dream vacation or someplace special you have visited in the past and how your dream came true!  We want to hear from you as you are the reason for entertainment news.

So Orlando or we come! Off to Walt Disneyworld we will go……







Story by Anne Shiever   Contributing Magazine Freelance Photographer and Review Writer

Fax number is temporarily unavailable–please call us first before sending faxes!  You may also text Anne Shiever at: 785-577-2995


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How does a Stroke affect you!

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I never knew how much I loved my own mother until she had a right side stroke on July 26th 2011.  It changed her life and mine.  Mother never fully recovered from the stroke although the specialists were very hopeful.  She now resides in a Nursing Home in Wilson Kansas called the Golden Living Center.

1-DSC_0012 Darlene Mattas



Mom was one of the hardest working women I knew.  I, the oldest of three girls had more responsibility than I ever imagined while growing up; and it continued as I got older.  I was the Power of Attorney of Medical for both my Step-father Ernest J Mattas and my mother Darlene for ten years before my step-father died.  On the day of mother’s stroke, she baked over 14 dozen Kolaches (Czech pastry) to get ready for the Wilson Czech festival event.  My mother-in-law Jacqueline Shiever and I stopped at the farmhouse in Wilson where I grew up to visit with mother on the way back from our trip to Longpine Nebraska.  My mother and Jackie are the same age–6 months apart!   I knew my mother looked very tired that evening but as she stood on the porch with her dog Buddy to wave good-bye I never in my life imagined it would be the last time my mother would remember everything from the past or ever be able to walk again.


My sister and I thought we made the best decision when we chose Golden Living Center in Wilson Kansas because she was only 6 miles away from the farm she lived on and raised us three girls.  If I had know what I do now; she would have been moved to Salina Kansas where I could see her everyday instead of driving an hour to see her while visiting in a little room or in a day-room surrounded by other elderly people.  it’s difficult reassuring her things “will be better” as she sits there day after day with nothing but time to think about things the way they were.  She can’t go on little outside events unless the Nursing Home takes her there and they only have enough people to support transportation to and from doctor visits.


The results of the stroke have been horrible for her because she was always a get up and go person; even with a cane.  But I encourage people to enforce using a walker in the home instead of a three post cane for support to prevent falls.  Mother is handicapped now because her legs and knees are very weak.  She is non-transferrable unless a hydraulic lift is used.  She can’t stand for a very long time, and she can’t walk.  The health care doesn’t allow for extensive therapy unless there is a life changing event and then there is a 30 day window.  You learn so much and even then, you aren’t told everything you should know when you are a family member.  In her dreams she sees herself walking around on the farm doing things like planting roses, gardens, and baking!  She’s told me stories about things she can remember; however sometimes she doesn’t remember when my step-dad died 7 years ago or that my biological father died when I was four.  She remembers the present very briefly, too.


I have devoted my life to making sure I never miss any of her doctor appointments, and whenever she is in the hospital I am there with her as her POA over medical; yet I still don’t have all the answers to questions.  But I can tell you that some of the stories you hear about in Nursing Homes are very true.  There isn’t always enough staff to make sure everything is done in a timely manner.  Communications are terrible, and sometimes the family is still the last to know what may be very important.

In my own lifestyle; I gave up writing for a brief time, and taking photos of what I love because I didn’t want to miss anything regarding mom.  My mother wants me to do a book of photos from travels and write stories about the places I see, things I do, and memories to pass on to my own son.  She said “I wish we would have written down more things”.


Our mother gets extremely lonely and very depressed.  She’s stuck in a situation I can’t change.  Her stroke has affected me and all the family members who were close to her.  Twice she has been hospitalized for becoming severely dehydrated and she’s had close calls where I thought we were losing her.  I made a promise to her I would continue to write and take photos so now I tell her where I am going and what I am doing via phone.  I encourage other family members to please go see her, and write to her.  I just wish that employees who worked in the homes would stay with her long enough to make sure she can read her letters and cards as sometimes she has mail she has not opened for a month.  When her eyeglasses were lost in the Nursing Home and they had not ordered any like they said they would; my sister and I knew mom couldn’t see anything without those glasses.  When I got them ordered and drove them to her; she said “my gosh daughter, now I can see what I am doing.”  Your five senses mean so much, and without them things are difficult.  Make sure your loved one has their glasses, their teeth, and their hearing aids when they need them.  They are too embarrassed and upset to complain and it’s up to you to make things happen.


So please, look around you; and learn a valuable lesson before it’s too late.  Tell those you love how much you mean to them.  Cherish all those family moments, for once they change–they don’t come back.  The signs are not always there for us to see; but when your body tells you to rest awhile make sure you do.  Follow up with your doctor and don’t be stubborn.  It may cost you more than you think.


It’s difficult to have someone you love so much live in a Nursing Home; however unless you are quite wealthy it costs so much to have in-home health care round the clock.  File complaints when you need to and stand up for those you love because they lose their rights when you aren’t always there to protect them since someone else decides what is the best for them without your knowledge.  You may be treated like an outcast once you file the complaint; and the main offices only want to hear a part of your side until you threaten to take it to the news media.  Document everything from day one!  Protect your loved one and yourself.


It’s true–these nightmares happen!  Don’t let them become yours too.



Written By Anne Shiever

Salina KS Freelance Writer

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Dreams Come True

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DREAMS COME TRUE   A little girl’s dream comes true…   When my sister told her two children ages 9 & 6 she would take them to see a real live dolphin once she sold her houses, Lauren never thought her dream would come true!  Lauren was always fascinated with dolphins.  She loved watching movies with dolphins, collecting them, and even did a science project concerning Echo Location which she received a Bronze Metal for all because of the fascination and love of dolphins.

Lauren has a very unique collection of dolphin items that she adds items to frequently.  Her mother designed “the treasure box system” as a way to accomplish simple tasks for the children while growing up.  Positive actions are rewarded by collecting marbles and negative reactions cause the removal of the marbles from the children’s jar.  Once a specific number of marbles are collected an item may be purchased from the “Treasure Box”!  The remarkable reaction is children are taught the value of money using the marbles as well as the importance of helping their parents, positive behavior, doing their best in school, and showing concern and consideration of one another (no fighting).  Many of the treasure box items have been dolphin figures.

Once the movie Dolphin Tale was written about a true story–the dolphin named Winter, Lauren became even more interested in learning about dolphins.  The children love the movie and hope to meet Winter in person while they are in Florida.  Winter resides at “Clearwater Marine Aquarium” in Florida.  A surprise for the children has been added to the trip!  Lauren also did a project on Conservation using the Tree as a focal point in building a strong foundation in the family as well as conservation and the roots of where it all began.  Her poster won first place in Russell Kansas and has been submitted for Kansas State contest.  Lauren loves to do projects and she is a very talented little girl.  Now, she has been learning to mimic the sounds of a dolphin.  Lauren has several books on Sea Life, but the Dolphins are her favorite!

Lauren will be headed to Orlando Florida soon with her brother Jonathan, her mother, and her Aunt.  Once in Orlando, Lauren will be writing about her experience seeing a live dolphin for the first time as well as what it is like to have a dream come true.  I will be writing articles of interest from the land of Florida.  Make your dreams come true this summer!  Keep your family roots strong and conserve the love and blessings in your family.


Keep reading Afresh Entertainment Magazine as we bring you updates from Orlando Florida.


Written By: Anne Shiever Freelance Writer, Photographer, and Publicity Chair of Kansas Author’s Club

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KAC Contest–Enter NOW!

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For all Kansas Adult Writers Contest opens April 1, 2014 and closes June 16, 2014, postmarked

2014 THEME CONTEST: “Salt of the Earth”

(Be creative in capturing the spirit of the theme!)

Theme contest pays $100, $50 and $35, with two unpaid honorable mentions. All other categories will be awarded three places: $25, $15, and $10, with two unpaid honorable mentions. Awards for best poet and best prose writer will be selected by the contest chairs.

Categories Note: There will be a variation in categories from year to year based on quantity of entries and input from judges and club members.

PROSE CATEGORIES (word limit on all prose categories, 2000 words)

  1. Theme Contest: Salt of the Earth
  2. Short Fiction
  3. Memoir/Autobiography
  4. Inspiration
  5. Story for Children, preschool to Grade 5
  6. SciFi/Fantasy
  7. Erotica/Romance

POETRY CATEGORIES (limit poems to one page)

  1. Theme Contest: Salt of the Earth.  40-line limit, any form.
  2. Classic Forms:  Sonnet (14 lines), Blank Verse (iambic pentameter, unrhymed, 40-line limit), Sestina (39-line as per structure), all other forms (40-line limit).
  3. Free Verse: 40-line limit, no rhythm, no rhyme.
  4. Narrative Verse: (40-line limit, tells a story, may be rhymed or not).
  5. Whimsy: 20-line limit. Light, humorous, limerick, shaped, or nonsense.<
  6. Japanese Form: Haiku (3-lines, 17-syllables with 5, 7, 5 per line), Tanka (5-lines, 31-syllables with 5, 7, 5, 7, 7 per line) or Renga (restricted to ten sentences/lines and need not rhyme).
  7. Song Lyric: Three or four verses, one chorus/refrain, 40-line limit.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR ENTERING (Please read and follow all instructions prior to submitting your entries to the contest. Entries that do not follow guidelines may be disqualified from the contest.)

  1. This contest is open to non-member writers residing in Kansas and to all members of the Kansas Authors Club, regardless of residence.
  2. All entries must be original and not published in print or electronically in any format including web-based or individual blogs, websites or other electronic means, or publicly broadcast in any media before the 2014 State Convention.
  3. Entries that have won first, second, or third place in previous KAC State contests are not eligible to be entered again. District awards or Honorable Mentions in State Contests may be entered.
  4. No more than five entries per category may be entered. An entry may not be entered in multiple categories.
  5. FEES: $4.00 per entry for KAC members. $6.00 per entry for non-members. Check or money order must be made out to Kansas Authors Club and included with entries.
  6. Entries to the Prose and Poetry divisions of the contest (and payments) must be made separately to the contest chairs designated below. All entries within each division (prose and poetry) should come in one submission, however. Do not send single entries if you are making multiple submissions to one division of the contest.
  7. Manuscripts must be typed on 8-1/2” by 11” paper, double-spaced, except for poetry which should be single spaced to keep it on one page. Font size of 12 is recommended. At the top of the page give the following information: KAC contest, category, total number of words (for prose) or number of lines (for poetry). If a manuscript is more than one page, number the pages. Put the title on each page. Submit only ONE copy of each manuscript. Each poem must be typed on a separate sheet. DO NOT put contestant’s name on entries.
  8. Include separate 8-1/2” by 11” cover sheet (download, above, or look for a copy in your spring newsletter) for PROSE and POETRY with your name, address, district number (members) or NON-MEMBER KAC. List entries by category and title, first line of Haiku or other untitled entries. All prose entries must be listed on one cover sheet and all poetry entries must be listed on one cover sheet. All entries should be mailed FLAT to the appropriate contest manager in one 9”x12” envelope.
  9. Enclose a 9”x12” self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for return of manuscripts. If you believe you will be attending convention to pick up entries, please paperclip appropriate postage to enclosed envelope just in case your plans change. Prizes awarded will be mailed by KAC, but manuscripts (which may include judge’s comments) will not be returned without SASE.
  10. Judges will not be members of KAC. Prizes will be awarded only if judges find entries of sufficient merit. Judges decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into concerning manuscripts. Keep a copy of your original manuscript. KAC cannot be responsible for lost manuscripts.
  11. Manuscripts will not be accepted with postage due.
  12. Entries will be accepted April 1 to June 16, 2014,postmarked no later than June 16.

Mail Prose Entries to: Alan D’Souza, KAC Prose Contest Manager 652 North Poplar St. Wichita, KS 67214

Mail Poetry Entires to: Ronda Miller, KAC Poetry Contest Manager 214 Lawrence Ave. Lawrence, KS 66049-1900

NOTE: All 2014 Adult Contest prizes will be awarded to members and non-members at the 2014 Kansas Authors Club Convention inHutchinson on Sunday, October 12, 2014. Prizes will be mailed after the convention to those unable to attend. Manuscripts will be returned to those unable to attend the convention ONLY if a SASE is enclosed.

Categories Note: There will be a variation in categories from year to year based on quantity of entries and input from judges and club members.

kids grow as they practice writing skills 2014 Youth Writing Contest  Contest deadline is June 30, 2014 Send along the 2014 Youth Writing Contest Entry Form [PDF Download] —Get Adobe PDF Reader FREE—

PRIZES: Medals and certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each age division and each category. Certificates for Honorable Mentions (awarded at judges’ discretion). Publication in book format of entries winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places and Honorable Mentions, with each winner receiving a copy of the book.

(KAC retains the right to edit the published entries but the entries themselves will remain the property of the individual authors.)

Prizes will be awarded Friday, October 4, 2013, at the 2013 KAC Convention in Wichita, Kansas, or mailed if the winner is not present.

Print your own 2014 Youth Writing Contest Guidelines [Below & PDF Download] —Get Adobe PDF Reader FREE—

2014 Youth Writing Contest Guidelines: Contest open between April 1, 2014, and June 16, 2014 Five Age Divisions: Grades 1-2Grades 3-4Grades 5-6Grades 7-8Grades 9-12.

Three Categories (any subject):

  • Poetry (to 40 lines; any form, including rhymed verse, free verse, haiku, classical form, song lyric)
  • Fiction (to 800 words; short story, chapter of a novel, drama)
  • Nonfiction (to 800 words; essay, research paper, factual narrative or drama based on real events and people).

Official Rules:

  1. Contest open to all youth, grades 1-12, residing in Kansas and to student members of the Kansas Authors Club (KAC) regardless of residence.
  2. All entries must be the youth’s original work and unpublished.
  3. No manuscript may be entered in more than one category.
  4. Only one author per submission (no co-authors allowed).
  5. All entries must be typed on 8 1⁄2 x 11 white paper. Fiction and nonfiction must be double-spaced. Poetry may be single-spaced.
  6. The contestant’s name should appear only on the contest entry form for the entry and NOT on the entry itself. If an entry is more than one page, each page should be numbered and the title of the entry should appear on each page.
  7. A contestant may submit up to two entries per category. The contestant must use a separate contest entry form for each entry, listing the following:
    • Contestant’s name
    • Home address, including zip code (Please do NOT use school address.)
    • Parent’s home and/or cell phone number, including area code
    • Parent’s e-mail address, if available. No school e-mails, please.
    • Grade level of the contestant as of April 1, 20143
    • Title of the entry
    • Contest Category of the entry (Poetry, Fiction, or Nonfiction)
  8. Submit entries postmarked between April 1, 2014, and June 15, 2014.
  9. Multiple entries may be mailed in a single 9 x 12 envelope. Enclose: contest entry form (or coversheet) for each entry, manuscript(s), and, for each contestant, a self-addressed stamped envelope with a first class stamp. (The envelopes are for notifications to winners and/or copies of next year’s rules.) Manuscripts will not be returned. Entries with postage due will be disqualified.
  10. By entering the contest, youth writers and their parents give KAC permission to use their names and submissions in print form.
  11. Mail entries to:  Youth Contest Manager Susan Kinney-Riordan, District 4 2037 Roach, Salina, KS 67401785-825-9163, send email to Susan

PRIZES: Medals and certifcates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each age division and each category, and Certificates for Honorable Mentions (awarded at judges’ discretion). Publication in book format of entries winning 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and Honorable Mentions, with each winner receiving a copy of the book. (KAC retains the right to edit the published entries but the entries themselves will remain the property of the individual authors.) Prizes will be awarded Friday, October 10, 2014, at the KAC Convention in Hutchinson, Kansas, or mailed if the winner is not present.

Return to Top of Page

See also: William J. Karnowski

2013 William J. Karnowski Youth Poetry Contest  —Funded by William J. Karnowski for Youth ages 5-18 (Note: Separate from KAC youth contest, above. Students are encouraged to enter both contests. Entry deadline is June 16, 2014 Print your own 2014 Karnowski Contest Rules [PDF Download] —GetAdobe PDF Reader FREE—


  1. Send submissions to your KAC district Vice-President by June 16, 2014. (Mailing address are below, #9.)
  2. Vice-Presidents may submit their three choices for consideration to Bill Karnowski by August 15, 2014.
  3. Poetry may be on any subject, in any style, with any structure, and any length.
  4. On the back of each entry write the contestant’s name, address, phone or email contact, district number, age on August 15, 2014, and grade level for the 2013/2014 school year.
  5. All poems will be returned to the poets if a self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed. Otherwise entries will not be returned. If possible, keep a copy of your original poem as a back-up.
  6. Three prizes will be awarded: First $100.00, Second$50.00, and Third $25.00.
  7. The awards will be presented at the 2014 Annual Convention and Writers Conference in Hutchinson, Kansas on Friday evening, October 10, 2014.
  8. By entering the contest, youth writers and their parents give KAC permission to use their names and submission in print form.
  9. Mail entries to the Vice President of the Kansas Authors Club District in which you live. (See your 2014 KAC Yearbook or visit our Districts page to find your district, determined by Kansas county.)

District 1 Vice President Evie Green, 4741 SW Twilight DrivE, Topeka KS 66614 District 2 Vice President Jack Kline, 34461 Rockville, Louisburg, KS 66053 District 3 Vice President Louise Click, 503 Spruce Street, Coffeyville, KS 67337 District 4 Treasurer Kristine Polansky, 1925 Bluestem Terrace, Manhattan, KS 66502 District 5 Vice President Louise Z. Pelzl, 10147 SE 80th Ave., Pratt, KS 67124 District 6 Vice President Doris Schroeder, 2521 E. 44th St., Hutchinson, KS 67502 District 7 Vice President Millie Horlacher, 750 W. Pine Street, Colby, KS 67701

These represntatives will submit up to five entries from each district for consideration by August 15, 2014 to: William Karnowski, 20500 Pauling Run Rd., Wamego, KS 66547

Article submitted by: Anne Shiever Publicity Chair, Freelance Writer and Photographer

see more on the new KAC website:

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